Celtic Fans In Fits Of Laughter At Ibrox Fan Site’s “£50 Million Cantwell” Fantasy.

Image for Celtic Fans In Fits Of Laughter At Ibrox Fan Site’s “£50 Million Cantwell” Fantasy.

“Todd Cantwell excitement grows with £50m Premier League links still fresh” was the headline on the site. An Ibrox fan site, although that could easily have come from one of the tabloids as we all know very well.

Here’s the thing; this was not even from one of the barmier fan-sites, but the one that calls itself Rangers News and takes itself seriously.

But my, oh my, how can you take that seriously?

If this guy was a £50 million player would he have had interest from exactly nobody else but Ibrox? Would it be the SPL in which he was currently plying his trade. These Peepul inhabit their own universe.

Maybe nobody clued them in to the damning “praise” he received prior to signing; this guy will stroll around Ibrox on an afternoon against modest SPL opposition but don’t ask him to play on a wet Wednesday night where you have to battle for the ball.

If you’re willing not to look too hard a guy in a public park playing kick-about with his kids and running rings around them can look like a world beater even if he’s 20 stone and almost having a heart attack. When teams sit off you and you let you stroll around the pitch with the ball you can play the occasional pass that makes you look a class act.

Celtic fans laugh at this stuff. Openly. Contemptuously.

In some disbelief it has to be said.

Because, let’s be honest; it’s barmy.

This guy has played a handful of games and they have him as a world beater.

You could not make this up, and you don’t have to.

This is what these cretins do to themselves over and over again; they get their hopes up.

They build even the most mediocre players up into superstars, and then they spend the rest of their time trying to pretend that they live up to it … until they can’t maintain the illusion anymore and it all comes tumbling down.

Then the love-in turns to a hate-on.

Whatever this guy proves to be, a £50 million player he ain’t. I can say that with the complete confidence of someone who is holding four aces. But I’ll tell you this; I wouldn’t mind a bit of whatever these clowns are smoking.

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  • Voice of Reason says:

    If this guys a £50M player then FUDBOOK BENNYS A TIM LOL! Mind ur carers STILL LOOKING FUR U BENNY.. KERCHING!!

    • Scud Missile says:

      Lol I’m still living inside your head you can’t get enough me posting about me and I haven’t even posted,a think you might be a troll.

      • Voice of Reason says:

        Ur the TROLL BENNY & Al bet u look like wan as well! Ur patters SHITE FUDBOOK.. We aw kno ur a HUN.. Jog on NUMPTY!!

        • Scud Missile says:

          Lol it’s mind over matter,I don’t mind and you don’t matter.

          • Voice of Reason says:

            No that AULD CHESTNUT Patter again BENNY! Ur not the Wordsworth are u BENNY but u are a HUN BASTARD as every Tim on here knows!! Drag ur Knuckoz doon the Copeland Rd BENNY, ur Union Pussies have lost their leader!!

  • Bennybhoy57 says:

    Can’t wait for Cantwell to get awake up call when he turns up at Celtic park.
    Let’s see how he copes when a proper team takes him to the cleaners.
    Calmac will have him in his back pocket.

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Whit can ye say about that !? Even for their usual standards its fkn out there haha.

  • Lawrence macdonald says:

    He couldn’t even get a game for Norwich he was that good ??

  • JimBhoy says:

    I believe ‘you CAN make his up’.

    The other area the rangers board can use this hype is when they can play the narrative of big teams coming in for him etc (ad nauseum) but they manage to hold onto him, especially when Celtic are making real headlines or their recruitment budget is in fag coupons.

    They will excite the more gullible of the Klan with crazy player values and at the same time pimping them out to any club who will show interest increasing the sale price 4 fold. The only time they got lucky and actually had the true sale price was the boy to Ajax and they will punt him soon for a fraction of that taking a hit, cos he’s no that good.

    Their one big story may come in a few months if they can hold onto Morelos and/or Kent. True headline buster right there, no smirking at the back. I think they may keep Morelos cos he knows he wont get the same wedge at any other club and he’d need to get off the pies and work hard. Why should he.

    They are the only club I know who wants to punt their better player to try to stay relevant and keep up with the Champions.

    Currently rangers have no players of real value and no money to get on the market and out of the bargain basement. They are offering to pay up in installments players costing a few hundred grand.

    They need that CL money, they know that but unfortunately they have a very formidable opponent in a club that’s run very well and has true player assets and cash in the bank.

    Once the luck/ref/Var honest mistakes run out they will be found wanting. They have around 9 of their first team squad at contract end in May and a manager who is a blow-hard.

    Hard to spin all that in a positive. HH

  • Johnny Green says:

    Just wait for the euphoria when he actually scores a goal, his valuation is bound to double 🙂

    • Voice of Reason says:

      He couldny score in the Savoy lol! There’s NONE so Gullible as the Gullibillies, the Knuckodraggaz, the FILTH, the SCUM.. They’re on a Different Fukin Stratasphere!!

  • John S says:

    50 Bob one day. 50M the next. How did the world of football miss that one ?

  • Bob (original) says:

    There are some stupid bears over at Ibrox.

    They’re just repeating the Morelos PR playbook.

    And that means that come the summer,
    every club from Real Madrid, Barca, EPL clubs, Lille, that Chinese club, etc.
    will be ‘queuing up’ to have a look / eye up / scout, etc. Cantwell.

    Eyes down: Cantwell Bingo is on its way. 🙁

    But just like Morelos: it Cantendwell. 🙂

  • Scot Tiger says:

    Stop laughing at us he ment 50 million for the team & stadium

  • Thomas Daly says:


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