Celtic Ladies Smash The Ibrox Club And Get The Weekend Off To The Right Start.

Image for Celtic Ladies Smash The Ibrox Club And Get The Weekend Off To The Right Start.

You have to hand it to those Celtic Ladies, about whom I don’t write as much as I should. Their team is absolutely bossing it right now, and tonight sits proudly at the top of the SPWL after crushing the Ibrox club 3-0. It is a storming result.

And as one of the goalscorer’s just said on TV, it gets the weekend off to the best possible beginning. Any win over the Ibrox club is good news, but this weekend it’s especially big and whilst I don’t expect there to be any knock-on psychological effects it is still a huge result and one that will fire a warning shot to everyone over there.

To be fair to their women’s team, they haven’t indulged in the kind of mouthing off that the men’s team has been guilty of, but after going on a very long unbeaten run this must be a shock to them of seismic proportions.

For Celtic’s ladies it’s an outstanding win and one that puts them at the summit of the women’s league … a trophy we’ve never won and so it would be an historic achievement if they could manage it, and one that would leave this whole Family very proud.

The women have shown the men how it’s done here tonight. Focus, determination and quality have come to the fore and they’ve given Ibrox a sore face. That’s the standard the men now have to meet when they do battle with the enemy on Sunday.

I’m sure they needed neither the motivation nor the inspiration; nevertheless, they should look to what the women have done here and draw both from that performance and that wonderful result.

The weekend is off and running with a big victory.

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  • Dora says:

    Gotta be worth a lazy 10er on the same scoreline on Sunday-the zombies tend to be predictable, remember the 5-0-5-1 thrashings and then there was the 4-0 phase the ranger lot went through…it was like free money with the bet builders!
    Hope that halfwit fashion gets booted-at speed in the ballsack, ideally by CCV..


    No relevance to Celtic Males FC. Is that how I need to step with this thread carefully now.

    I watch Celtic Men play football. I guess that is what this blog is about.

    Thankyou for the news about Celtic Ladies.

    Has no relevance on how Celtic will do at the weekend.

    Maybe set up a seperate Celtic Female blog to chat about thier progress.

    • Dora says:

      This is a Celtic blog u Fking clown-all things Celtic one would think..!!
      Ever heard of the ‘ feel good factor ‘ ??
      The Celtic Ghirlies are Fking legends beating that other klub with ease..

      Charles green u ignorant kent-sorry kant!
      *should read charles white- my bad fkwit!

  • SSMPM says:

    I just got in to see this article and result, it’s great news. I do watch the occasional game on Celtic TV, not enough though, and Fran’s got them improving year on year it seems with some good additions to the squad.
    If the “other mob” (lol, I mean the men of course), though have to take inspiration from the women’s team then we’re not prepared.

  • Hunbasha says:

    Well done Celtic ladies! Any bashing for that lot from any team is good news, especially from Celtic ladies team. Hope you win the League. Hail, hail.

  • Johnny Green says:

    Well done the Celtic Ghirls, a resounding victory and the spark to set off the feelgood factor for this weekend. Beating them at any level has always got to be our aim, it’s a welcome boost, so well done again.

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