Celtic May Give Some Of The New Bhoys A Chance Today, And It Would Be Smart.

Image for Celtic May Give Some Of The New Bhoys A Chance Today, And It Would Be Smart.

There is no prospect of Celtic not taking today’s game seriously.

The thing is, we don’t have to field what some might characterise as our “best team” in order to do that. Because we now have a sufficiently strong squad that the term itself is somewhat redundant.

So today might be a good time to play Kobayashi, and Iwata and Oh from the start. It might be a good time to give Bernabei a go on the left of defence, and to give Forrest a go on the right.

It might be a good time to take Callum out for a spell.

Haksabanovic has been excellent when we’ve seen him.

It’s time he was given a start on the left. It would be great to see him on an extended run, because I think he’s a classy footballer who was just starting to come into his own and score goals.

This can all be done without weakening our chances of winning, and I would be happy to see this even if the next game wasn’t a Hampden cup final. This is what you build a big, strong squad for.

This is the perfect moment to do a little rotation.

I wonder if Kyogo is 100% of the way there. I wonder if there are others – and I come back to Callum – who would not benefit from coming on from the bench.

I’d keep Mooy out of the team, because I think he’s a guaranteed starter at Hampden and I’d be very surprised if he wasn’t, and that might be the only consideration I’d pay to that particular match.

This isn’t about underestimating Aberdeen. They are capable of being a very good side and I hope they are on the road back to being a serious thorn in our side next season when they have their managerial issues resolved. (Chris Wilder, by the way, would be a superb appointment and is just what their club needs. I hope they get him.)

No, this is about Celtic, about flexing our muscle, demonstrating our power and getting these guys ready, now, for the next campaign in which all will play starring roles.

This is about the benefits to us, in the here and now and for the future.

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  • Mhiguel66 says:

    By all means, but once the points are safely acquired. Don’t think for a minute because they’ve no f/t manager atm that they don’t pose a threat, a very costly error that could be…

  • Geoff says:

    Strongest team from the start.
    League is our priority.

  • Gordon Ashley says:

    No chance.. he will want to keep his top men ticking over, a fortnight is a long time not to play

  • Voice of Reason says:

    We should ALWAYS be 3-0 up at HT & that’s JOB DUN!! These pub teams including the FILTH whom we’ve dun it tae last twice at Paradise are there to be DISMISSED!!

  • Tenaka Khan says:

    Put the game to bed as early as possible then give half the team a rest and give four or five hungry players 20-30 minutes on the park.

    Although I wouldn’t start with Kyogo unless he’s 100% fit.

  • Pilgrim says:

    So much for that idea lol

  • Johnny Green says:

    You got OH right James, but he was slightly underwhelming. It didn’t detract from the performance though as it was yet another resolute victory. We are looking good for next week, everyone is ticking over nicely, and of course Kyogo will be in the starting line up for that one. A victory for us and the panic button will be well and truly pressed and that is another thing we have to look forward to. It can’t come quick enough.

  • Peterbrady says:

    Was that for real today unfuckingbaleivable and for sportscene talk about deflection is there any point turning up at hampdump on Sunday we could score a hundred goals and still not win what’s the point the fix is in FACT.

  • Johnny Green says:

    Peter, are you Scud;s wee brother, if so give him my regards. Tell him I have a rent free space in my napper if he wants to jump in, all mod cons of course. 🙂

  • Peterbrady says:

    Johnny save your rant for Sunday at 5pm you as the font is all knowledge

  • Johnny Green says:

    Why do I get the impression that some Celtic fans want to see us getting beat in the Cup Final, just so they can say ” See, I told ye so”

    That is really sad, and they should be ashamed of themselves.

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