Celtic’s Manager Was The Subject Of An Horrific 90 Minutes On Radio Last Night.

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Earlier today, I was told that I should listen to Radio Clyde from last night with Wilson, Dalziel and that other clown whose name I can never remember talking about Ange.

I was told I would not enjoy it but they urged me to stick with it.

God, how right their warning was. It was dire. I felt myself getting stupider the longer the show went on and I will be perfectly honest; I made it to roughly the hour mark and then chucked it.

I’m told that Mark Wilson said that he thinks Ange should go to Leeds.

Either that happened after I checked out or my brain fogged over and I missed it.

You know what? I cared at the start, and wanted to see how he defended such a stupid claim but by the time I switched it off I could not have been less interested.

Almost the entire show that I heard was devoted to the subject of why Ange Postecoglou will leave Celtic for the first decent offer he gets from England.

There was so much utter ignorance on that show that it blew my mind.

The highlight was when they talked up his position on the “bookies list of favourites” as if this had any impact on who would actually get the job. For the record; it’s the Leeds board who will make that decision, not the executives at William Hill.

The anchor kept on repeating the same dumb mantra; that linking Ange to clubs was a compliment.

Which is why these guys are constantly linking him with moves away.

To compliment him.

What a joke. But then that’s the level of the whole show.

“Leeds are a huge club, a massive club,” was repeated over and over again.

They claimed that it was “the size of the club” that might make the difference.

The size of the club.

Leeds, back in the top flight for the first time in 16 years.

Okay, well let’s take a look at that particular claim to see where it stands up.

And I’m not interested, by the way, in the notion that being based in England automatically confers some power and status on a club; it does not. Wolves are not a club like Celtic no matter how much money they are able to spend.

There are other criteria.

Leeds have not won a title since Eric Cantona was there in 1991-92.

They haven’t even contested a major cup final in England since 1995, and it was the League Cup not the FA Cup and they lost that.

They haven’t been in an FA Cup final since 1972-73 and they haven’t won one since the year before that. Leeds have three top flight titles in their history. They have one FA Cup, one League Cup and two Charity Shields.

They have two Inter Cities Fairs Cups dating back to the 70’s.

Almost all of their “success” dates back to the 70’s. In the time since they won the English top flight, first Blackburn and then Leicester have done the same.

For Blackburn it was their third. Which, for those on Clyde who may not get this, is the same number Leeds has won. It’s the same number as Wolves have. And Huddersfield. It’s one less than Newcastle.

Leeds were a big club once. For a short spell.

Like Aberdeen up here.

Other than that, they are just another side down there on the same level as a bunch of others.

Let me put it this way; Everton, who were the last club Ange was linked to, have nine titles, five FA Cups and the Cup Winners Cup.

Aston Villa, who Gerrard went to – and which the media said was a lesser job – have seven top flight titles, seven FA Cups, five League Cups and a European Cup.

Do these yokels on Clyde know that? Do they care?

Are facts important to them or are they content to talk drivel because they get paid either way?

They said that the Leeds board would not be concerned if their next manager got them relegated.

The same board who have sacked two managers inside a year on the mere threat of that.

They talked endlessly about Brendan Rodgers.

Not one of them put what happened with him in its proper context, which was the complete breakdown of his relationships at Celtic, and his obvious irritation even when in a public forum.

Ange was instrumental in the decision to bring Mark Lawwell to Parkhead.

He is in total control of the transfer policy.

He has been backed more than any other Celtic boss in history, in terms of cold hard cash and the distribution of power.

All we can do as a club is make that man feel like the most important person in the building, and we’ve done that and as long as we continue to then I’m confident he’d stay.

But in case he doesn’t we need to tie him down on a deal which gives us insurance.

So did Mark Wilson try to push Ange in the direction of Leeds?

I don’t know and no longer give a hoot. I got through just over 50 minutes of utter drivel and inane nonsense and felt myself losing IQ points the longer I listened to it.

It will be a long time before I willingly put myself through that ordeal again.

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  • JT says:

    What sums that show was last night when the host (a complete txxl) pretended he didnt know who said ‘do I look happy’ when he question was asked about leaving position etc. He eventually said Ryan Porteous, then after a time said Gerrard might have said it. That they are so scared to upset the hordes is beyond embarrassing.

  • Ian Lynchahon says:

    They ridiculed him when we signed Ange now trying their uomost to get him to leave cause they can not handle how good he is.

  • Frank Kelly says:

    Yes James, I find sticking my head in the microwave for 30 seconds instead of listening to Clyde leaves me with a more intact brain.

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