Chinese Whispers From The Australian Outback Shouldn’t Bother Celtic Fans A Bit.

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You know what I’m thoroughly sick and tired of? Reading rumours broadcast as if they are facts.

The January transfer window and some of the events surrounding it were an utter disaster for some of the people out there who thrive on this stuff. Now all we hear is speculation about the manager, and honestly, I’ve never read such junk in my life.

There is a saying from Taoism which I’ve always liked; “those who know don’t speak and those who speak don’t know.”

These people who talk to the media, who spread rumours in the press, what is it they are trying to do? They are trying to appear smarter than they are. They are trying to appear as if they are plugged into the Matrix.

But most of them don’t have a clue, and the reason I can say that safely is that if you really were in possession of hard information which was supposed to be close-hold these are the last people in the world you would tell it to.

Otherwise you’d find yourself getting up one morning and seeing it splashed across the back pages.

Do I believe that Ange Postecoglou is leaving Celtic this summer based on some game of Chinese Whispers and an Aussie radio guy saying so? We have our own radio guys over here; Keevins, Dalziel, Guidi, White et al.

Do you believe a word that comes out of their mouths? Always try to bear in mind that we’re not alone in having shock-jocks and media personalities more interested in self-promotion than in actually imparting facts.

The claims are astonishingly weak.

It’ll be Leeds or Forest. Based on what?

On Leeds having one minor Aussie investor. In Forest having a Greek one. In Celtic having hired Harry Kewell. It all depends, of course, on Leeds not getting relegated and Forest having no manager by then. It depends on Leeds not going back to Spain for their first choice pick, who only turned them down because he and his club were already mid-season.

Leeds will hire Andoni Iraola in the summer if they are still in the EPL. If they aren’t then this whole debate is academic anyway because no decent manager is going to want the job. They were more than a decade out of the top flight last time, and there is no guarantee of a swift return. They could be floundering in the Championship for years.

Bear in mind, the guy on the radio isn’t even claiming that this is personal knowledge. He heard it from some other guy. “A snout” as he calls it. That’s one to put it I suppose. A guy “plugged into Australian soccer.” Which is good. But Ange hasn’t been, himself, “plugged into Australian soccer” at club level for ten years nor the national team setup for five.

So there are whispers in Australia, but not in Scotland where our media is ever alert for the slightest, tiniest blip on the radar? They are all over this today, a story based on second hand information from a radio guy. Is there a cup final coming up or something?

More to the point, this is “known” in Australia … but not in England, where their sports media is world class and genuinely does have insight into what clubs are up to? I think not. When Rodgers went to Leicester, they had it. When Gerrard went to Villa it was the English media, not the one in Scotland, which broke the story wide open.

You know when I’ll take “Ange on the way to England” stories seriously? When reputable writers south of the border are on top of them. Ange was not even mentioned in discussions in the Everton boardroom.

He was not even mentioned in discussions at the executive level at Leeds. This might be hard for some people to believe but it wasn’t even a question of “would he choose to stay at Celtic?” because the issue itself never arose.

These clubs were not interested in him. He didn’t even make their shortlists.

You and I might find that mad, but every club in that league is looking for the next guru, the next continental whiz kid, and a 50 something Aussie managing in the SPL doesn’t get the pulses racing. He should, but the reality is that every club down there can throw a virtually unlimited sum at whomever they want and they all want the next Mourinho.

Few of us got over-excited when the Everton job was available. Few of us believed that Leeds was an attractive destination, as five other managers, including a couple without jobs, ably demonstrated when they turned it down. Southampton, no-one even took seriously for a second. Why would anyone give credence to garbage like this?

Because, of course there’s a cup final on and things get nutty in cup final week especially considering the opposition. That’s what’s behind this frisson of excitement coursing through the Scottish media.

But it’s impossible to take seriously. It isn’t worth another second of our time.

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  • Tony B says:

    You would almost think there was an important game coming up involving us and a replacement club operating out of the original club’s stadium.

    Oh wait!

  • John S says:

    Ah, the old Undermining story prior to a Cup Final. Fits snuggly with the fantasy football yarns from Ibrox.

  • David Mcguire says:

    They Huns they just can’t get Celtic out there heads. Every day they come with something new. And now they master a story from somebody from Australia calls a person in the kno ?and says Ange leaving end of season? it beggers belief where they dream thoughs stories ? can they not sleep coz they have Celtic in the head. OBSESSED gone overboard. If Celtic where a woman it would be counted as stocken which is a crime. All I can say thoughs people need help. But think they beyond help?????

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Ah’ve heard of obsessive wishful thinkin, but ffs this subject, it’s like tryin tae keep flies aff a cow shit (no that ah’ve tried btw, just sayin). This story now, dredged up from typical ibrox media mule, graeme young of the DR. They’ll be tryin anythin from all angles in the comin days of course, you name it, tae unsettle our team and manager.

  • TonyB says:

    There are reports that Leeds are ” on the verge of signing” Javi Garcia as their next manager. He has been seen at Elland Road this morning.

    Snouts eh? Wit they like?

  • Woodyiom says:

    Leeds have appointed Garcia so, unless this “snout” thinks they intend binning him in 4months time and appointing Ange at that point, I’ll not even dignify this rumour by responding to it.

  • Benjamin says:

    I have to think the boards of directors down in England absolutely have talked about Ange when vacancies open up. With what he’s accomplished in the game and his coaching pedigree — particularly coming from the City Football Group and implementing a style very similar to what Manchester City themselves utilize — he has to be in the conversation anytime a job becomes available down there. What I suspect has happened so far is that people at those clubs make the initial call to Celtic and/Angie’s agent and quickly discover that he’s not going anywhere right now or in the summer. And that early call, call it a kicking the tires conversation, basically ends any pursuit.

  • Kevin Mcguigan says:

    I think celtic fans should sing a song by the calling called where ever you go listen to the words and I think you’ll agree

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