Eclipsing Rodgers Celtic Is A Nice Target To Have, But It’s Not The Important One.

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Yesterday, someone asked Ange an obvious question; with the Rodgers points target in his sites, are this Celtic side adding it to the list of objectives? I wrote about this target maybe a month or so ago. It seemed like a tall order then, and it seems like one now.

To do it, we’d need to pretty much win our remaining 14 games. That’s how crazy that achievement was. Rodgers record in the Invincible Season is so good that I reckon it might stand the test of time. But that said, if any team is going to do it, it’ll be this one.

Still, Ange dismissed it yesterday as something he’s not thinking over-much about. He knows how difficult it would be for starters, but he knows something else; in real terms it’s a bit of a worthless bauble. Nice to have it and all that, but essentially pointless.

He knows that the real kind of history is what Rodgers did in that season above and beyond everything else; he won the treble. Those are the things that matter to Ange, the trophies and the titles, the real stuff, the stuff managers and teams dream about.

The things they go into the business for. Some of them anyway.

Ange sets high standards. The manager of Celtic should always want to do great things, and break records and set new goals not only for himself but for those who come after him to chase. This is part of what makes this club of ours special.

But Ange and this team are under enough pressure as it is without having to target an achievement which was not only generational but looks like it might never be bettered. Yes, we can do it. No, I don’t think we will because it’s too big an ask … but then I said that about the Invincible Treble itself and it’s the Double and Treble and Quadruple Trebles.

What I’m saying is that this club does the unthinkable and achieves the impossible. Which is my way of hedging my bets. It wouldn’t surprise me if we pulled this off … but I don’t expect and I won’t demand it, and neither will the manager.

He knows what the real prizes are and those are all he cares about.

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  • Johnny Green says:

    If we do it, it will be a nice bonus, but certainly not a target. The Treble though is a real target for a Club who are now serial winners of that fulfilling achievement. However even that is a bonus compared to winning the Title itself. For this exciting and relentless Celtic side anything is possible, but as always we will deal with it one game at a time and tick the boxes off as we progress.

    We never stop……Coybig!

  • John S says:

    The real target is a domestically successful team which will achieve a consistency that can progress further on the European stage.

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