Ex-Celt Sutton Clearly Winning The War Of Words With His Hapless Opponent.

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Chris Sutton continues to whip The Mooch like a lazy racehorse and he has now been selected as part of the media team covering the final on Sunday, and the hilarious thing about that is that he might even end up interviewing the hapless Ibrox boss before, or even after the game. Imagine we hand them a doing and then he has to face big Chris.

All of this he brought upon himself. All of this was easily predictable.

Sutton’s media profile is far higher than that of the numbskulls who promote the Ibrox cause, all but McCoist, and he would have reacted the same way had any Celtic boss bothered with him.

The thing is, on one hand The Mooch was right because some of the ex-players in the media are, as he put it, “a comedy act.”

But Chris Sutton is not Charlie Nicholas or even The Village Idiot across town. He is respected. He has mastered the whole media landscape, and in a manner where he’s taken seriously.

That’s the difference between him and others and so provoking him into some kind of war of words, when not only does he have nothing else to do but beat you every minute of every day whilst you try to win games and hold a squad together … it was utter madness.

And he’s losing, and not just slowly but surely, but terribly.

Awfully. In a way that makes us all laugh but which will be a thousand percent worse for him after Sunday’s game if big Ange is walking around Hampden holding the trophy up, which let’s face it most of expect to be the case.

Sutton will really go to town on him then, and we’ll see how he holds up.

Based on yesterday, and yet another disturbingly odd press conference from him, my guess would be that he won’t hold up well. We might soon find out.

In the meantime, and for the rest of the week, Sutton is just going to keep on turning up the heat.

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  • harold shand says:

    Weird how nobody in the media questioned the two out of four trophies lie yesterday huh

    Nothing getting said about it today either

    More important matters to be getting on with like inventing Kyogo to Crystal Palace stories I guess

  • Stevie Bhoy says:

    Big Sutton playing a blinder here. In the lead up to a cup final all the talk is about him and the joker from Ipox. Big Ange will have a stress free week where his biggest dilemma is who to leave out.
    Beale is so daft and egotistical he can’t see this.

  • Effarr says:

    I hate all this talk about what Celtic is going to do on Sunday. Celtic will need to cut out the fancy footwork in their own goalmouth with one of their players standing beside Hart waiting for the inevitable clanger. You only nerd to look at the last game where Celtic was cruising and Hart’s shenanigans completely transformed them.

    Just let’s hope Beale isn’t the one gloating after the game. It certainly won’t be as straightforward as you think. The closer the game gets, the more I am panicking and your attitude makes it even worse.

  • John Mc Guire says:

    Give him both barrels big Chris.

  • SSMPM says:

    I can’t understand why Sutton is even allowed inside Hampden. Surely with all those rankers fans and the police at the game his safety cannot be assured.
    The SFA and SPFL seem comfortable in accepting that he can’t be protected from the rankers support (and the police seem unable to do their job to offer protection against thugs that plant weapons in their midden of a ground) thus no sanctions against them. If for that very reason he’s not allowed in the midden, then why is he allowed into Hampden?

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