Ex-Celtic Players Have New Jobs To Do And They Should Be Focussed On Them.

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There are two ex-Celtic players in the news today, and both of them are irritating in a way that I wish we could collectively scratch away. One is banging on about the manager, the other is just banging on as he has been for a while. I am already tired of it.

Both of these guys have careers to get on with. I usually don’t care what happens to a player when he leaves this club – with a handful of exceptions. I really genuinely have no interest in either of those in question. Giakoumakis couldn’t even give us two years, but suddenly he has all sorts of negative opinions on the game here?

Piss off, son. The game up here is so easy for you that the manager never bothered to start you most of the time. Perhaps – and I’m just speculating – the reason he didn’t is that you seemed to think it was too easy and that you were here on holiday.

Which might be why you often seemed slow and lazy. I thought that was just your style of play. But maybe you just didn’t care. That cannot be ruled out. Giakoumakis clearly liked a wee moan, and the clearer that becomes the clearer our reasons are for moving him on.

As for Christopher Jullien, he seems to be somewhat annoyed that Ange wasn’t his pal. This is another pretty ridiculous thing to complain about. That he then brings up that Lennon and he were mates is another in a long list of the indictments against our former manager, because things work a whole lot better at a club when there are clear, dividing lines.

At least it explains one thing; it explains why the so-called “winter training camp” in Dubai when the rest of the country was in lockdown took place in such a chummy atmosphere and why Jullien was there – at a training camp remember – with a cast on his leg.

The atmosphere at Celtic right now is excellent. It is clear that it was the manager’s determination to keep it that way which resulted in him moving these guys on. Neither of them did themselves any favours whilst they were here, Giakoumakis for his little strop on Instagram and Jullien, when he briefed the press about his general unhappiness.

Ange doesn’t cotton to any of that. He doesn’t tolerate it. He simply won’t, because once this stuff gets inside a dressing room it can spread and he has no intention of seeing this team lose focus in that manner. This is the secret of our success.

These two are at new clubs, trying to make the best of what is left of their careers. I would think things would go a lot better for them both if they got on with that job and stopped trying to re-litigate the past.

Nothing good can come of it, for anyone.

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  • BJM says:

    Negative incoming all week from the Scottish media?,
    Will ramp up as we get closer to Sunday.

  • Roonsa says:

    In any line of work it’s not good for the manager to have pals that work for him/her. It applies both ways. Emoloyees shouldn’t want to be pals with their manager. They should be focusing on their own career and doing the job well. Managers should be focused on results.

    It’s common sense.

  • SSMPM says:

    You could write about your cereal fav, special K, or Beale in a veiled attempt at getting us to call him your pet name. Again.

  • Effarr says:

    If Giakoumakis wanted competition he should have signed for Livingston.

  • Peter Cassidy says:

    They have gone best of luck at there new clubs they are history .

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