Football Scotland Did Some Pitiful Spinning Of The Celtic Boss’s Transfer Comments.

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Everyone knows that one of my pet hates is when the media spins our manager’s words.

Far worse is when they simply reinterpret them to suit their agenda.

There’s a classic example of that over on the Football Scotland website today; “Ange Postecoglou warns Celtic fans to expect more big name transfer exits after Juranovic and Giakoumakis.”

And if you’re wondering when exactly the big guy did any such thing … well, there’s a reason you can’t quite place it and it’s because it never actually happened. He did nothing of the sort. There was no warning to fans about other players leaving … what he said that was we would be aggressive in our transfer dealings and we’d be prepared for what happened.

But nobody at Parkhead is “expecting” that far less “warning” fans about it.

“Ange Postecoglou has warned Celtic fans the club won’t be afraid to allow more top players to leave in future transfer windows,” the article starts. So this isn’t even a case of a headline writer taking what he or she wants from the article … this was the writer of the piece himself, a guy called Aiden Scott, simply writing his own version of what the boss said.

Here’s what Ange actually did say.

“There was an opportunity in this window, I had an inkling that at least a couple of significant players would move on, on Josip and particularly Giakoumakis, so I really thought it was important to get ahead of the game there and get in players to replace them. If we didn’t lose those players in the window I was comfortable with that as well, as was the club, there wasn’t a need to sell anyone.”

He continues.

“It was a unique opportunity for us, the boys moved on.

“With the business we’ve done, if Giakoumakis goes though, we’ve moved on two players who are 27, 28, and brought in four who are under 24 for an awful less money and I think will make us stronger in the long-term. It’s not about forcing players out, obviously there’s going to be opportunities. There is a model this club works on and other clubs work on. What we’re trying to do is maximise the potential of our players but there won’t be any intent to move players out. But in terms of our players having interest from other clubs, if it’s a good deal for everyone involved, we’ll make sure to be ready for that.”

Being prepared anything that happens is hardly “warning” fans to expect the worst.

Ange is quite clear in that statement “there won’t be any intent to move players out.” So in point of fact he’s saying the exact opposite of what that headline and that opening statement suggests.

I absolutely detest the underhanded way our media behaves at times.

Anything to get their anti-Celtic headline, it is absolutely pathetic.

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  • Johnny mcglinchey says:

    Just dirty diseased orange cunts who choke at the thought of celtic dominating the scum. HH

  • Marxam 66 says:

    On the 19th of October last year, the Boss said the following.
    “Never get too attached to any individual at the club” at no time did he mention big name transfers from the club.

    That statement was made 2 weeks to the day before the club announced Peter Lawwells return to the Celtic board.

    On the 4th of November, 2 days after that announcement, Ange repeated his statement.
    Word for word, it read: “Never get too attached to any individual at the club”.

    These identical statements are open to interpretation and are designed to be so. I’m a season ticket holder of over 40 years and I don’t believe the boss is talking about his players. He’s talking about himself. My gut feeling is that either this or next season will be his last. Hope I’m wrong.?.

  • Johnny Green says:

    As you say James, journos with their own agenda are reading between the lines and coming up with their own corruption of the facts. It is only to be expected and the Celtic fans are all astute enough by now to dismiss their mischief making speculation. The huns will clutch at any straw and any crumb of comfort the media offer them and it provides all the more joy for us when it eventually unravels for them. It was always so, and will always continue to be so for the enemies of Celtic

  • Eire goCeltic says:

    Clearly an example of unethical, dishonest Journalism. You have called the bloke out. Great.
    The Press Council of Britain or UK, as it is called; would not have the time to send “rockets”
    to all Journalists who embellish and twist stories, to fit their purposes. This fellow has verballed Ange. His article is not quite egregious enough for Press Council involvement.
    James; your “Scottish Football Media Watch” stories, are mainly good reads.

  • Duncan says:

    “With the business we’ve done, if Giakoumakis goes though, we’ve moved on two players who are 27, 28, and brought in four who are under 24 for an awful less money and I think will make us stronger in the long-term.“
    I’m the same breath he also stated that at 27 he only sees Kyogo getting better.
    Which I agree with as players domt tend to reach their prime until they hit 28-31 as Callum McGregor is proving at Celtic and a great many players before and since.
    My concern isn’t with what others say but rather what Ange says and how it miraculously coincides with the return of Peter Lawwell back in the fold at Celtic.
    You see for the past decade (since 2013 and the sales of Wanyama Hooper and Wilson) we’ve seen the switch to Lawwellball and the active recruitment of players in the U24 age range.
    That’s the age range where a player can still be developed,improved and moved on for PROFIT.
    Ange has made it no secret that he is fully on board with the Board in that regard with previous comments about fans not getting too attached to their new heroes.
    Well news for Ange.
    This approach has not been conducive to Celtic improving in Europe but quite the opposite in fact.
    We’ve gone from Last 16 to Lost 17 in the CL since 2012-13 when Lawwellball was introduced.

  • SSMPM says:

    Ange, and the club, should clearly call them out. He and the club doesn’t, for some reason accepting ourselves as targets while the Old Firm Sevco coach says exactly what he likes.
    Who cares what or how rags like the dr, mail, express, etc, manipulate what Ange says, they’re doing it anyway. Personally I think Ange and the club are losing that battle no matter how you try to spin the occasional comment.
    Call them out, ban them from the stadium along with the blob and his friends and stop hoping and settling for their favourable scraps. We don’t need them on our side, they’re not anyway, never will be. A good win tomorrow will keep the salt well and truly in their wounds. Cmon a Hoops

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