Football Scotland Simply Had To Get An Ibrox Player Amongst Celtic’s POTY Contenders.

Image for Football Scotland Simply Had To Get An Ibrox Player Amongst Celtic’s POTY Contenders.

Marik Tillman, player of the year.

This is Football Scotland opening up the most preposterous debate of the period which ushers in the back end of the title campaign.

You knew there would be someone from Ibrox in there; I thought it might be their penalty king, continuing one of the most astonishing scoring records of any right back in Europe, which isn’t hard when your club gets so many penalty kicks and you are the guy who takes them.

But no, it’s Tillman, the £6 million man.

What a joke. He’s played a handful of good games, mostly since The Mooch came in, and these people want him on the player of the year list?

Why not their favourite, Kent, the most over-rated player in Scotland?

Wouldn’t that be interesting? But no, they wouldn’t want to boost the profile of a footballer they so plainly love and who might have options in the summer, who might actually have them right now.

Lawrence Shankland is in there, which I guess is fair enough.

He’s had a good campaign. Doubtless, the very fact that he does not play at Celtic Park will drive people to vote for him, or propose him as the figure who might challenge our boys for the award.

The three Celtic players are Hatate, Kyogo and Carter Vickers. But what about McGregor? What about Mooy? What about Daizen Maeda, who is as good as any player in the nation right now and has had a storming campaign?

The article bangs on about Tillman’s “seven league goals and four assists and hilariously suggests that the mantra around him is “Give him the ball and he’ll score.” Yeah, especially when the other side is supposed to have the ball back. Give him the ball and he’ll dive is another one that could be levelled at him, but the writer appears not to fancy that.

Liel Abada has nine goals and three assists. Jota has seven goals and eight assists. I spoke about Maeda; he has six goals and five assists. Where are they in the contention? It is pathetic the extremes they go to in order to give Ibrox a little light.

There are at least three players outside Ibrox who have a better claim that Tillman and who aren’t even mentioned.

There’s Kevin van Veen at Motherwell, with eleven goals and an assist. There’s Duk at Aberdeen with ten goals and two assists. And of course, at the same club there is Miovski, who is the third top scorer in the country behind Kyogo and Shankland, with 14.

But Tillman plays at Ibrox and as he’s the only possible candidate who they can claim has a shred of credibility on the shortlist, there he is. They nearly always put an Ibrox player on the shortlist, no matter how dire they are over there and this year was never going to be an exception.

Who actually is playing well in the country doesn’t seem to matter.

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  • Johnny Green says:

    The best of it is, by the time the POTY is selected, Tillman will probably be on his way back to Bayern Munich because the huns cannot afford his buy out fee anyway.

    • S Thomas says:

      You’re away with the ferries pal. You can’t have 5 players from the same team up for player of the year. Even when we were pish in the 90’s we were still represented. You can’t just have 5 Celtic players, other clubs have to be represented. You give me any league in world football were one team is represented. Me personally I’d give it to Hatate, but you would have the conspiracy theorist out galore if it was just our players who were up for it.

  • Johnny Green says:

    By the way. I’m shocked and stunned….no Greg Taylor. WTF? 🙂

    • Kevan McKeown says:

      @ JG Obviously a smug dig at us who brought Greg Taylors name intae it and a piss poor yin. This disnae ‘prove’ the nominees mentioned totally deserve it either, or make YOU right. Taylor deserves cred for the noticeable change in his game under Ange. These POTY and MOTY awards can often lack credibility anyway, especially since the insult tae Callum Davidson.

      • Johnny Green says:

        James Forrest himself suggested previously that Greg Taylor should have been considered as a POTY nominee, so I was being somewhat flippant, hence the smiley.

  • Scud Missile says:

    Why all the fuss everyone knows our game is catered for one klub the newest one playing out of ibrox with molemaster bawface Beale running the show.

  • Hunbasha says:

    If Hatate gets it, there,ll be a VAR decision.

  • John Copeland says:

    Do you see what I mean when I said there will be massive positive stories all week for the tribute act from the tabloids and all platforms just to keep their morale intact before the final on Sunday ! Just wait for the negative Celtic stories … They are going to be belters !

    • Kevan McKeown says:

      Always the same and the media’ll be lookin for somethin i.e. a comment from somewhere, anywhere, that they can twist and use tae get that lot pumped up. We expect this now as part of the norm.

  • Martin says:

    Tokenism. He’s had 2 or 3 OK games. Out of a 26 game (so far) season. I’m not bothered that he took a celtic player’s place (he didn’t) but there are players at other clubs who have had a great season. The huns were calling for this guy’s loan to be scrapped early a few weeks ago…

    Just shows how dire the rest of their squad is that he’s the best they could come up with.

  • SSMPM says:

    Taylor’s had a great season bar the odd hiccup, only stubborn auld fools that talk pee pee pants think differently

  • JimBhoy says:

    I’d love to know who Ange would give Celtic player of the season to. Most managers would pick someone they brought in but I suspect Ange Could pick CalMac. He seems to think very highly of our Captain and rightly so.

    Again one of these subjective debates, they should make it positional like you get in other sports. Goalie, Defender, Midfielder, Striker of the year.

  • Donald Macintyre says:

    The only award Tillman should win is best cheating on a football field ?, closely followed by old father time in their goals, what would have happened if he had kicked the ball off the Thistle player.
    The 2nd generation fans should also win an award for the best reaction to sporting integrity, howling at the moon, sounds familiar

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