Ibrox’s Concern For Sunday Should Be Not Knowing Who Celtic’s Biggest Threat Is.

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For a while there Celtic fans were debating whether Maeda could have been player of the year. Then it was Kyogo. Then it was Aaron Mooy. Carter Vickers has had his turn. A rejuvenated Jota is in the running. If Tillman can make the shortlist Abada, with better stats, should already be on it. Now we’re discussing whether Hatate is the runaway leader.

The Player of the Year list will be almost totally dominated by our players. The organisers will say that’s not fair and they will throw a couple of others into the mix, but that’ll be just for show. Every one they put in there in the interests of “balance” leaves out a deserving candidate in the Hoops. Let’s see what their “sporting integrity” is worth.

The more pressing dilemma is the one facing The Mooch at the weekend, for how do you set up your team, in a winner takes all match, when the opposition has so many threats that it probably won’t even have all of them out on the field?

Celtic has the players to turn a game if need be. We have the players who can put their lights out from the word go, but if it comes to the crunch and we need to make changes we can easily do it. When so many of us are arguing about a player of the year contender, and who in the Celtic squad it should be, spare a thought (and a laugh) for The Mooch, who has to come up with a coherent strategy to tame every single one of our candidates.

Even the players who we aren’t talking about as player of the year possibles – McGregor, O’Riley, Turnbull, Haksabanovic, Oh – there’s talent and class there. There are goals in those guys, and they are raring to go in this match.

They do have players capable of threating us. This is why we can’t be complacent. But look at this team of ours, at the talent it has, at the firepower it has. If we turn up for business, we’ll get business done and if we do that they don’t stand a chance.

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  • Joe Mccann says:

    James I think you need to relax with these articles on how Celtic are going to win on Sunday against Sevco ??? I’ve saw many many many better teams not win games they should have ? Clyde in the Scottish Cup you remember ? Just try and relax until the result is in. In less of course you are going to put all your disposable money on at the bookies cos you are dam sure Celtic wont lose???

  • Michael Baine says:

    I totally agree with you all about what talent we have,but let’s not get to complacent.

  • Nick66 says:

    You’re at it again James, with the we turn up talk. Now don’t get me wrong I do agree that we have the beating of them, however, it’s not as simple as that in a game where all sorts of jiggery-pokery can turn the tide. We need to be at our absolute best to conquer all the scenarios, all the VARs and all suspect non VAR calls. Make sure we are disciplined in the box,( hands and shirt tugs), as we saw Borna cheat waltzing around the six yard box, then Mororless getting a tug. Confidence is one thing, arrogance and bluster are the stuff of Ibrox.

  • Stevie Bhoy says:

    I have to agree with that assertion. I don’t know one of them who rate Hatate??? Seriously??
    For me Reo Hatate is the most dangerous player in our team and he’s now adding goals too. His vision is tremendous but what impresses me most about him is his weight of pass. It’s absolutely incredible at times and for me if he’s at his best so are Celtic. Reo Hatate is a superstar in the making.

  • Johnny Green says:

    Forget all the ifs and buts, forget all the so called conspiracy agendas and any other imagined negativity surrounding this game and what we are left with is a great Celtic side ready to fire on all cylinders, while playing against an inferior ensemble who are ripe for the plucking. There is absolutely nothing for us to fear but by God they should be shaking in their collective boots at even the thought of taking us on.

    We never stop, we are more than ready, we are relentless and the green and white ribbons are ready to adorn yet another trophy. Let’s enjoy the lead up to this final and thereafter the celebrations that follow.


  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Can expect players, especially the like of kyogo, tae have a rough time of it and don’t expect much protection from the ‘officials’. Tho its what WE dae that’s important tae us, try and take it out their hands wi goals.

  • John S says:

    Do we have to factor in the upcoming penalty and sending-off (or not, as per VAR) ?

  • Effarr says:

    I wish I was as confident. While I would gladly take it as a last resort, I just hope Celtic don’t win on penalties. I may be wrong but taking the pre-season friendliest, the Champions League, and Angie’s own wee Australia Cup, I don’t think they won one game.

    I wouldn’t like to think that they are only the best of a bad lot in an inferior league.

  • Eire goCeltic says:

    Ashes to Ashes
    Dust to Dust
    If Kyogo don’t beat you
    Jota, Maeda and Hatate must!

  • Michael Clark says:

    Celtic will have to turn up on Sunday because Rangers know the league already belongs to us. This is their whole season wrapped into one game, their chance to come out of the woodwork, their only hope of bragging rights. So although this is not the most important game of the season for Celtic, it is for that lot. If we beat them on Sunday, it will push the knife even further into an already open wound

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