If Celtic’s Cup Final Ref Is “The Best In The Country” No Wonder Standards Are Dire.

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To be called “the best” at something in a pretty abysmal field is not really a mighty compliment, is it? To be called “the best” referee in Scotland is a lot like those sports journalism awards they hand out in this country.

You might as well give hoboes an award for who lives in the best cardboard box underneath a railway overpass.

When I heard, earlier, that Nick Walsh has been described as the best referee in the country my mind didn’t automatically flow to when he’s had good games or performed admirably.

It right away went to “Really? Then we’re in desperate trouble here.”

Not only is it not, in itself, a great compliment but it’s a sign of how poor we’ve let the standards become and how little anyone cares about improving them.

I’m not even going to go into his record against us, which everyone is familiar with. I’m appalled that this guy can be called the best official in Scotland and nobody in the media considers what that means. It means if we haven’t yet hit rock bottom then we’re not a kick in the backside off it.

As to the decision to allow Mr Conflicted to sit in the VAR box, that’s an insult to all of us and Celtic should have made sure that this geezer was never allowed to officiate at any of our matches again, in any capacity, after he was caught jollying it up with his fellow Ibrox fans. We’re asking for trouble every time that joker is allowed to do it.

The assertion that these are our brightest and best is a damning charge against the SFA run refereeing system and the best thing that the game can do in this country is take it out of the hands of these people once and for all.

A national refereeing service, split off from the governing body, trained to a high standard, accountable and paid the going rate … it would assure the best people from other parts of the UK applied and came here to work.

Then we wouldn’t have any of this nonsense.

That we are stuck with these raging mediocrities is a really sad indictment on the state of our game, and this season has proved it like no other.

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  • BJM says:

    Thought cheatin would have been the ref ,Sfa obviously think he can do more damage to Celtic on the var. With a disgraced cop as his assistant the brave man Stewart who assaulted someone that was handcuffed.

    • patrick farrell says:

      In my view the referees assoc. Beef against Celtic gives anyone at CFC the opportunity to make a statement that due to the conflict, Celtic do not believe that they can be 100% sure they can be refereed fairly. Therefore CFC should demand that referees outwith Scotland should officiate in the rest of our matches and in the VAR room, this will guarantee that there will be no bias against our Club whether intentional or not.

      Speak up Celtic

  • Bill says:

    Being called the best referee in Scotland is like being called the best looking guy in thr serious burns unit.

  • Eamonn Little says:

    See the comparison James.Itd a bit like being the best football player in Pakistan,or best fighter in East Kilbride,doesn’t mean shit.Im dreading him in charge

  • Scud Missile says:

    So if Nick the dick is the best how about telling us all the last time he officiated at a major tournament,now don’t take to long to get to us all.

  • Jamesie says:

    This is without doubt the worst batch of referees in my 60 years. Hopefully decent

  • Scud Missile says:

    Remember no Christmas cards on here after we lose the final,and take it from me we are losing that final because Dugbaws Toss and his pals at the SFA and the refs association want revenge for that banner.
    You have all been warned.

    • Johnny Green says:

      Yo were talking that gobshite long before the banner was produced, but now the banner is getting the blame from you for anything that goes against us in the Final, what a walloper!

    • Johnny Green says:

      Scud book, you sound as if you would like to see the huns winning the Final, just so you can say, I told ye so.

      • Scud Missile says:

        Lol oh look one of the Chuckle brothers is having a wee nibble where is the other aka Vision of Arsehole.

  • Jamesie says:

    Without a doubt the worst group the worst group of referrees in my 60 years. Even Bobby Madden wanted nothing to do with them and pissed of to the lower leagues in England

  • Mr James A Burns says:

    And still Celtic keep stum….

  • Mr James A Burns says:

    And still Celtic FC keep stum…..

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    We’ll need tae win this by ourselves. Even at that, ahm havin serious doubts about us bein ‘allowed’ tae win it.

  • Saulgoodman says:

    I’m glad there’s var – imagine the damage these guys could do if no var ffs – the refs in this country are not fit for purpose piss poor – crooked no way imo but definitely piss poor – if celtic turn up they win simples if they don’t turn up they don’t deserve anything

  • paul obrien says:

    It’s our boards business model.Keep us keen just to ensure our cash keeps rolling in. Lawell and Desmond love the blue pound £££

  • Thewildgoose says:

    The fix is in lads

  • Ian Mcguigan says:

    Totally agree. Not one ref in Scotland can be relied 100% to be impartial because they’re all up to their necks in the corruption.
    Celtic should have called them out long ago but never bothered.
    That in itself is a disgrace. Maybe they’re happy being shafted but the fans most definitely ate not. Going to be interesting.

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