In Trying To Taint Celtic, The Ibrox Fans Have Shown What They Really Value.

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Yesterday I was not in the least bit surprised to find some of the more deranged Ibrox fan sites spreading around the idea that Celtic behaved in an unsporting manner towards them last season when we didn’t give them back the ball in the last minute of a game.

For God’s sake, do these morons realise how petty they sound? More to the point, do they realise just how illuminating their behaviour is, and what it says about who they are?

Theirs is a support which cannot do a good deed, or cannot see its club do one, for its own sake. Everything they do is measured against how we might respond, or how it reflects on us. Celtic does not care about any of this nonsense. Most of the good we do, we do privately, behind the scenes, and we do it for the best of reasons.

At Ibrox I sometimes think they measure everything they do beforehand against how it will be perceived by the rest of the world. Their fans certainly think that way, and always it’s about how much better it makes them than us.

Their whole abysmal embrace of militarism and all this “team of the troops” garbage came about in no small part because they think it makes them somehow better than we are. Remembrance Day, Armed Forces Day, none of it is celebrated for its own sake … it’s a GIRUY to us, or spun as some kind of exercise in moral supremacy.

Look at what the “minute’s silence” has become for them; not something to be done out of respect, but something they do out of a morbid fixation with staunchness, but in the end you see what it’s really all about to them when they are scouring the papers and cocking their ears to the radios and TV’s to see what other fans  – especially ours – are doing.

And that’s what it means to them, and that’s really all it means to them.

I sometimes think that if our small collection of yahoos were just smart enough to stay quiet that it would be the Ibrox fans who got bored with all this stuff and ditched it in short order, because they only do it because they think we won’t.

They are never happier than when they are standing on top of the high ground, crowing loudly to the rest of us.

You know what? It’s not altruism if the purpose of it is to make yourselves look good, or portray yourselves as special. It’s not public-spirited if the only reason you did it is to shout down everyone else.

That’s self-promotion. That’s ego.

What a brass neck this lot have. What balls.

To call out our club for some minor moment in a game, some meaningless split second which no-one ever thought about afterwards.

I could find, if I cared, if I genuinely gave a shit, examples of when they did the same but why would I bother?

Why would I spend time on that when I have better things to do?

They should be basking in the warmth of having done the right thing, but as with everything else their club does in that regard it’s been poisoned by two separate groups and their mind-sets.

The first of them is the one I’m talking about here, this group with the attitude of “Celtic would never have done this” or “their fans will hate that we’ve done this”, and that tells you everything you want to know.

The other group, the other mind-send, are the ones who really cast a shadow over those who are crowing at us; those amongst the vast majority of the stadium who actually booed the act on the day, or openly hated it, and I’d include their goalkeeper amongst them, and those who fill up the forums spewing their bile, this time at their own club because hate is all they know how to do.

For any of their websites to lecture us about sportsmanship when a large, vocal section of their own support are absolutely aghast at the act itself and venomously opposed to it … that is so lacking in self-awareness that it takes your breath away.

They are a schizophrenic and divided fan-base if ever I’ve seen one, so poisoned by their detestation of everyone and everything else that I amazed they can even see straight.

Those who do care about sportsmanship and think this was a good thing to have done shouldn’t waste their time or ours pointing their fat stupid pig ignorant fingers at us … their real problem is in their own house.

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  • Tony B says:

    The huns aren’t interested in sport and indeed don’t understand the concept.

    They know fuck all about football and care even less.

    Winning at any cost, including cheating, is ALL that matters to them, hence their anger and outrage at an uncharacteristic sporting gesture by their current manager.

    They are not worthy of our attention, except to ensure that they remain down among the dead men, where they belong.

    • Stephen McAdam says:

      Perfectly put Tony bhoy sadly it was always thus with that utter poison!! Big Gerry McGregor in his tool booth gigs named them well in the ” Wullie Malley ” rendition back in the day he utterly nailed it!

  • Martin McKay says:

    James , fully agree with sentiment of the article as a fan and season ticket holder but want to point out my disappointment of the unhelpful use of schizophrenic towards the end.
    Too often this medical term is misused to indicate split personality or other such ideas. This is not only inaccurate but also damaging and perpetuates dangerous stereotypes and stigma for those suffering from this debilitating illness. I’ve worked in the mental health field for over 30 years and to still see this being used is saddening and it needs to stop
    Please stop and think the next time

    • Stephen McAdam says:

      Well said martin i to hate such terms like ” a blind man could see that ” or stevie wonder: not on and so tasteless and never needed, horrible even. So well said mhate

  • Unrepentant fenian says:

    Was in mc chuills on the high St about 9yrs ago when the orangies were out walking so the doors get closed as a precaution and they stream past banging on the glass door and spitting all over it whilst screaming obscenities and one lad at the back of the pub stood up and started singing before the whole bar joined in with him they went mental what was this song you ask Broad black brimmer? Sean South? Or some other republican tune well no it was the beatles all you need is love the look of confusion on their faces priceless

    • James Forrest says:

      You sure that was McChuills? We did that in The Tolbooth one year when I was on the door! All the regulars had a lock-in after the march the year before and decided it had been such mayhem that we were gonna have a beach party the following year with sombreros and Hawaii shirts and stuff! Sang Beatles numbers and all sorts of other songs as they were going past. Whole pub did All You Need Is Love 🙂

      One of the best days I’ve ever had!

  • Johnny Green says:

    When their malevolent fans came to Celtic Park shortly after Desmond White died and they unfurled a banner stating ” Desmond White sucks cocks in hell”, it told me everything that I would ever want to know about the vile, hate filled scum that support them. They are the dregs of humanity, pondlife that are perfectly at home in the rat pit that is Ibrox.

    • Tony B says:

      That particular phrase in quotation marks, is a paraphrase of what the possessing demon Pazuzu, says to the priest who is trying to exorcise it from the child Regan, in the film The Exorcist. The demon applies it to the priest’s recently dead mother.

      The fact that the huns used it, publicly, speaks volumes about their levels of depravity, and the fact that this was not widely known tells you all you need to know about the state of our media, who choose to cover these things up, thereby enabling it to happen again.

      All of them deserve each other.

  • Jim The Tim says:

    Who the fk cares. They are a breed of morons

    • Johnny Green says:

      No that is far too mild, they are evil, dangerous, bastards that have murdered young Celtic fans for daring to wear our colours. They are rotten to the core.

      • Kevan McKeown says:

        Agree they’ve a larger element in their support who are bitter, pig-ignorant and ugly minded than any other Scottish (british even) club. Tho ah think our past success definitely plays in their heads and their club even administrated itself tryin tae emulate it.

      • Stephen McAdam says:

        Exactly johhny and the police and authorities have ” enabled ” them but play the ” all as bad as each other” bs they actuslly feel validated about attacking anyone even childern and Females! I know of plenty instances even with childern but not with guys like me no chance they be ” threw about like the enpty tracksuits” they are! No its our childern females or eldery! And they think is fair game our club shoulld bought that hell hole and demolished i would be part of that demo crew its nothing but a breeding ground of hatred a sickness that goes right through scotish society it was always strong in our very own public servants and you all know who i am talking about they enabled them as most are them!! We are a different people they are lost insecure bullys but sadly they do damage and our great club and fans have to be dragged into to make that utter poison feel comfortable with its hate! Sickening it really is and EVERYONE KNOWS THIS TO BE TRUE!! EVEN THEY KNOW UTTER POSION!

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Imo it’s a deep rooted jealousy, mostly due tae our clubs massive success in the 60’s- 70’s. Somethin they never have been able tae emulate. Even their own 9 in a row in the 90’s, was won when year after year, they were spendin far beyond any other team, includin us (who were mostly in turmoil at the time) for players. The Scottish 1st division in the 60’s-70’s, when our own 1st 9 was achieved, was a far more competitive league and even then the ibrox club were breakin money records for signins, thats a fact. We had 2 European cup finals and 2 other EC semi-finals. Their policy of sectarianism, before they signed ‘he who shall not be named’, didnae stop at players either, it went right through tae wives, girlfriends you name it. As for Bein the ‘team for the troops’ ! Pity the ‘team for the troops’ were hidin in the Govan shipyards durin WW2. Selective amnesia and they have an obsession wi actually twistin history tae try and compete with ours.

  • Sameen Hughes says:

    I just want to say that was the most professional and honest comment lve read and well done to you keep up the good work…

  • Auld Chris says:

    Yet another fine piece. Another point re their ‘Armed forces day etc’, which makes me spew btw, is that how many of ‘their soldiers’ died from lack of suitable equipment? Perhaps if the original club had paid proper taxes to the State they worship there would’ve been more funds available! (Not that I’m an advocate for spending on the military).

  • BJM says:

    @ auld Chris . Absolutely spot on hypocrites.

  • Stephen McAdam says:

    They are utter poisonous scum! But you know what they didnt do?! Save their club!! In the age of internet banking! That says everything!! They dont care enough deep down wheress We are Celtic! And they are us! We would raised over 100 million i reckon in days! So james we all know they live to hate and use that new club like the old to vent their vile anti socia, l racists, sectarian mindsets. Imean they revel in weaponsing child suffering when their old club was rife with it as sadly and disgracefully unchecked was many institutions all through life were! Thats there is your typical orc no good to no one no heart, no love , no charity! Nothing! We know James but mhate just stop discussing that vile new club and its hordes! Me personally i wouldnt even play them!!

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