Keevins Latest Challenge To Celtic Fans Is One I’m Happy To Take Him Up On.

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I am ever grateful to the bloggers and site managers who go where I steadfastly cannot and will not, and I am indebted today to the guys at Born Celtic for their latest piece highlighting Hugh Keevins’ petulant demand for “evidence” that the media in Scotland is desperate to see the back of Ange Postecoglou.

I’m happy to accept his challenge.

First, there are so many stories speculating on Ange’s future these days that if these reports were, say, about a famous actress she would be well advised to take some of it to the police as evidence of stalking. There is a whiff of desperation about these stories which reeks of people who have spent too many sleepless nights worrying about the big guy.

Secondly, is he quite sure he wants to go down this road? Because there are so many ex-Ibrox men in the media that you only need to take the comments of two of them lately – Ally McCoist and Barry Ferguson – to find offers to “drive Ange to the airport.” Coached as jokes they might be, but who doesn’t really believe that these guys mean every word?

There, right there, aside from proving that these guys can’t muster an original thought between them (hacks were making the same jokes about Henrik Larsson 20 years ago) is ample evidence that some of them would like nothing more.

Thirdly, Ange is linked with every job under the sun down there, no matter how wildly unrealistic.

Even when everyone in England knew Everton had their shortlist already drawn, the hacks here couldn’t resist writing nonsense about why Ange would be off like a shot if they offered it to him.

As Born Celtic pointed out, and as I wrote about earlier in the week, an entire Radio Clyde episode was devoted to the idea that Ange would and even should move to Leeds.

I’m sorry but it’s just a fact; Scottish media outlets which are supposed to talk up its game are actually counting seconds until one its best manager of the last 30 years leaves it behind for the cash soaked environment of England.

You cannot pick up a newspaper today – even when it’s ex-Celtic players writing the articles – without seeing some reference to how Ange ending up in England is “inevitable” as if they have tapped his brain as well as his phone and raked through his emotions as well as his bins. (That’s not a direct allegation, but you get the gist of what I’m saying.)

Speculation is rife that he’ll go at the end of the season, if not sooner … none of it based on evidence, all of it “intuited” from the fact that English clubs will pay him more money.

Tell me which other club in this country puts up with such constant, never-ending speculation about anyone at it who is remotely successful? The clubs at Ibrox certainly don’t.

And right there is Keevins big problem with making such a demand.

If you listen to Clyde, it’s full of ex-Ibrox players and fans.

Radio Scotland’s hiring practices are so notorious we joke on this site that it’s the only qualification needed for a job there.

The Daily Record employs Ferguson.

Brian Laudrup was at it the other day in The Daily Mail.

The Sun employs The Village Idiot, who was banging on about it again yesterday or so I’m told, and his face still haunts our TV screens on Sky’s contemptuous, dumbed down Scottish coverage.

And this is to say nothing for the Uncle Tims who have their own agendas and want to put the boot into our club, not to mention, of course, the media’s own Ibrox Supporters Club.

When your stations and papers actually pay Ibrox to attend its press events, leaving credibility and objectivity at the door, and when we know full well that whole club is petrified of Ange … is this even a challenge?

Give us something more difficult next time, Keevins, alright?

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  • Scud Missile says:

    Great article James and spot on with every single word written.
    I took a look earlier on FF as I was expecting a backlash from the klan regarding the figures posted last night about the finances at Celtic and I was not let down.
    If anybody is looking for some real comedy gold jump on their some of the posts on the article about our profits and money in the bank is top quality RAGE.
    Some have posted £60 million mentioned will be used up in compensation for court cases that it will BANKRUPT our club.

    • Kevan McKeown says:

      @ scud. Read some of it as well and it’s all the same stuff. Fallin back on their ‘comfort subject’, whenever the jealousy and rage regardin us kicks in and that’s child abuse. Sickenin and predictable response from hypocritical, ugly minds.

  • John Copeland says:

    Keevins and journalism go as well together as a black mamba and a colonoscopy !

    • Michael Gallagher says:

      Remember they are going to win the league pass the parcel that auld git said honestly a total disgrace of a supposed journalist

  • Jim The Tim says:

    Kevin’s, don’t entertain the clown.
    All his stories start , Once Upon a Time. Total fantasy fiction.

  • Jim says:

    I understand why you want to refute such a spate of articles about Ange leaving, James. You are are fighting our corner, but if you do it overmuch you are playing into their hands.
    They want to create an atmosphere based on the assumption he is leaving. If you feed that narrative yourself day in and day out, even if you are trying to refute it, that is exactly what they want.
    The number of people who read the outlets you mention is collapsing anyway. I wouldn’t actually know about any of these stories if it wasn’t for reading your blog.
    You may have more power than you realise to actually shape the narrative, so if I were you I would mostly ignore their guff and talk about Celtic the way that Ange talks about us – developing an improving team and facing a bright future.

  • Thomas black. says:

    Well said James 100% correct and as you know he welches on bets he makes with celtic fans as he did with Stephen .he has not had a good word about celtic since he was stopped from entering the celtic supporters club in London Road in 1999

  • Johnny Green says:

    A square go with auld Spew. Come on James, you are surely above all that.

  • Tony B says:

    The Scottish meedjits are almost exclusively ex hun players usually side letter disguised remuneration tax dodgers.

    Therefore they are anti Celtic and pro sevco.

    It’s not difficult to understand unless you’re a demented nappy shiting dribbling codger like Auld Spew Heavins.


  • Bryan Coyle says:

    Nailed it James brilliant article like you I can’t listen to any of these stations or read any of these hun rags.I refuse to pay my TV license to fund EBT Scotland.

  • Donald Mathieson says:

    Brilliant piece as per james top stuff ??

  • lordmac says:

    if ang was to leave for what ever team he picked and spent 100millon would he be give more than 2 seasons a don’t think so, as the hacks would hound him out, stay hear and win plenty then you can demand 3-4 year deals with guaranteed money to buy players of his own chosen.

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