Leeds Confirm Their New Boss, And This Ends The Ange Nonsense About Their Club.

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Leeds have made their managerial decision, and it’s a strange but telling one.

They have appointed the former manager of Watford and Valencia, Javi Garcia to be their new boss.

He has signed what the English media term a “flexible contract” which simply means that if he keeps them in the league it’s his and if he doesn’t then he’s naturally gone.

Either way, this ends all this rotating, rampaging guff about Ange going there in the summer and which popped up from Australia this morning. If Garcia works the miracle and keeps Leeds in the league, then he’s got the gig for at least next season.

If he doesn’t then all this is academic because they’ll have dropped into the Championship and there will not exactly be a queue out the door to take the job, especially from Champions League bosses.

Thus ends the great hope of the Scottish media and all those folk who offered to “drive Ange to the airport.” They can save the petrol money for when Morelos and Kent need their rides out of the country at the end of the season.

Garcia will make a right few quid out of this either way, and the Leeds fans are happy to have some form of stability towards the end of the campaign. They are in a right mess, and he’s got a big, big job on his hands. If he pulls it off then frankly he deserves it.

There is no sense of relief here. No sense of closure.

The next job that comes up, he’ll be linked with that, so there’s no closure. And there’s no relief either because this was never more than a distant prospect in spite of the excitement of our hacks and some of the lot across the city who with no evidence other than their fever dreams seemed to think that this was a done deal.

The book is closed on this. We can get on with the cup final stuff.

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  • Scud Missile says:

    For all the talk of success regarding Mr Bean and a wonderful coach he is bringing a breath of fresh air and ideas to Scottish football,why is his name never linked with any EPL jobs,could it be because he is a FRAUD and FAKE manager.

    • Martin says:

      This is the most sensible comment I’ve seen from you, scud. You’re absolutely right… Beale is not an attractive option for teams because:

      a. He’s achieved absolutely nothing
      b. He’s a sleek it backstabbing git who clubs can’t trust.

      On the “drive Ange to the airport” stuff from the article. I know it’s a pattern and designed to unsettle, but I actually thought McCoist was being reasonably funny when he said his version of it. It was praise for Ange and as much as I think Ally’s a proper blue nose, he probably falls just short of being a hun. His banter with Sutton can be quite good fun, he actually analyses games better than expected (I’d compare him to Río Ferdinando when punditing: says quite sensible and insightful stuff, but because he has a very “man on the street” voice a lot gets overlooked. Both are particularly good when talking about games they’re true neutrals in).

      It also shows Ange scares the ibrox club.. A lot. Not just because he exposed the house of cards lie, but because they can see what he’s building for the years to come. They’re spooked. Very spooked. A win for them on Sunday may appease the masses, but the blue room guys know it changes very little.


    Till the next EPL vacancy that arises.

    The West of Scotland Churnalist Fanzine typists masquerading
    as serious reporters will continue trying to undermine Ange, and our Club,
    or whoever the Manager is for as long there is an entity, of whatever
    description, that is allowed to pollute Scottish Football and the wider Scottish Society.

    The problem of anti Irish racism and Anti Catholic bigotry is not confined to Football.
    The corrupted Scottish football environment is an arena that is inadequately policed, governed or challenged by a watchful Media.The lack of genuine oversight from our elected officials allows a significantly large section of the population, at either first or second hand, to indulge publicly at a visceral level the repressed biases of bigotry and anti Irish and Irish Diaspora xenophobia.

    The ‘Fitbaw them n’us scenario is just part of the ´ ‘bread and circuses’ approach employed by our Colonial Masters to keep us in line. If we win on Sunday, as I hope and suspect, it won’t change anything material.

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