Next Sunday, Celtic Will Destroy The Phony Narrative Surrounding This Ibrox Team.

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Keith Jackson’s latest screech from the depths of his soul suggests that one of the two managers who rolls up to Hampden is in for a shock, and that the fans of the beaten club will turn on him. What he means is that he reckons Ange is in for a shock and that we’re about to turn on him. He is wrong, as per usual, and on both counts.

Celtic fans know what we’re watching. We know that ours is a better team than the one across the city, and by a considerable distance. The idea that we’re about to turn on the manager who has made that happen is frankly ludicrous.

He, as others have, raises the spectre of the “car park protests” of some years ago. But as always with these people they never place things in their proper context. Many of us had deep seated reservations about Lennon, and we could see clearly that the club was on a downward trajectory with him in the manager’s seat.

Those protests were a response to where the whole club looked to be headed at the time. Things have changed, and changed utterly. No-one doubts Ange, and a one-off football match is not going to be the catalyst for a revolution.

He thinks we’re “kidding ourselves” that they have changed under The Mooch. But as one publication pointed out, he’s only just got in front of the “unbeaten run” Van Bronckhorst went on when he took over at the club … and I see no signs that they are any better than they were under the Dutchman. In fact, I think their football is awful.

Believe me, if they were playing spell-binding football I would have to admit it. And you would see it in their results and performances. But they aren’t, and no amount of Daily Record spin can convince us of what is simply not true.

The last time we were at Hampden against them we allowed them to dictate too much of the game and although we should still have won they got the result. They then spent months trying to convince themselves that it meant more than it did.

We dissuaded them of such of a foolish notion at Celtic Park at the start of this campaign.

Now they’ve done it again because they had a reasonably good performance at their home ground. I think full strength team or not, against whatever they turn up with, we’re going to dissuade them of a few more of their crazy ideas.

The Record today has The Mooch “unbeaten in the last eight” against us. What garbage. What arrant nonsense. This is the first time I’ve heard an assistant manager getting so much honey poured on him by the media for something his former boss did. What’s even more incredible is The Mooch himself has boasted of the same record.

Well, this is why we’re going to get all the greater pleasure out of silencing this guy for a while, and all of his media acolytes too.

We are entitled to be confident. It is not “presumptuousness or complacency” as Jackson woodenly put it. We watch our team every week. We know how good we are. We know how good we’re capable of being. There is nothing arrogant, presumptuous or complacent in believing that your side is good enough to beat its rivals when we know we are.

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  • JimBhoy says:

    Gotta beat the refereeing team too with their new toy.

  • Martin says:

    We win: deserved win and great feeling. First trophy in the bag, happy days.

    We lose: cup football, it happens. We move on.

    No scenario sees us turn on the club who have exceeded expectations for 18 months.

    • Mr Vincent McSherry says:

      well said!!

    • Roonsa says:

      Do you know what mate? I said the EXACT same thing in the Daily Record earlier today, in the comments section of some crap story or other.

      And some so called Celtic fan said I was a bellend and I do not speak for him coz every game against that lot is a must win

      I then said I didn’t say we shouldn’t treat it as a must win, rather it wouldn’t be as big a deal for us (compared to them) if we did lose. And as for calling me a bellend I challenged him to a square go.

      And do you know what? He pure shat it. He said something along the lines of “Normally I would but I put my hand through a window last week and damaged some nerve endings and the doctor said I wasn’t allowed to fight anyone for at least 3 years”.

      So I went like that “aaaaaaah PURE EGGY BOW! Yer a shitebag mate, a total SHITEBAG!”.

      Fucking clamped, shattered AND claimed. Prick.

    • Paddybhoy67 says:


    • MArk B says:

      Agree but our record against them since the 1973 in Cup Finals is absolutely shocking. IT will be close I hope we win but it is a one off….so who knows. WE won the last time (With a clealry offside goal!) yet they played us off the park. So you never know….

      • Kevan McKeown says:

        @,Mark B. Aye the goal was affside (just). Tho they had half an hour against 10 men tae get back intae it and they never. A fact they never mention when they go on about it.

  • John Copeland says:

    This will be the united narrative from the SMSM every day ,all week long ! Heavily interrupt Celtic’s cup final preparations through absurd psychology… Whilst the Rangers will be virtual pain free in their build up to Sunday ,Celtic will be bombarded with the most futile , ridiculous tales of woe to try to rattle the minds of Celtic players and management’s final preparations ! This is going to get nasty !

  • Thewildgoose says:

    Agree with just about everything ye say James except one thing, I’m expecting to see Tavpen hold the trophy aloft at the end of the game. If we had competent, impartial officials I just don’t see them beating us but alas we don’t. Scottish football is as credible as wee.

  • Michael McCann says:

    I agree, but Penalty F C have 15 on their team including VAR bigot. The team will have to be extra good to beat them. I know we are by far superior but the usual tactics will be deployed including the penalty or two whatever is needed and possibly a sending off. Don’t forget no one seems to be able to stop the Penalty F C supporters

  • Martin says:

    I fully expect the penalty for them. Our best hope is to blast them away and be 3 nil up by 15-20 minutes, such that the penalty and red card won’t even help them. It can’t be overstated enough, have the game won by the first 20 minutes and their dark arts don’t affect us. The longer we given them hope, the more chance of outside interference.

  • John L says:

    We need to be better than we have ever been, cleaner in our tackles and crisper with our passing as the official will blow the whistle that much he will be reaching for a inhaler. They will disrupt our play more time’s than a lollipop woman at 08.45 on a school day . I fear those 5 officials A-holes more than than the opposition

  • Cyril Donohoe says:

    Attitude must b right, if we are on top we must bury them n that means nailing the coffin lid, no player playing out of position, cup finals either team can win, we turn up with the right attitude we will win

  • Danny Curran says:

    Totally agree with you Sam.
    The least said about that club the better.
    He’s spending to much time on F.F. sit.

  • Seppington says:

    He wasn’t even assistant manager (that was McAllister) he was just a diddy coach. The honey poured over him by the hun media is purely because he’s now the actual hun boss and they are all utterly desperate for him to be a success. However you can rest assured that, if we cuff them at Hampdump and Sevco then drop even one single league point, the hacks and the hunnish horde of hatred will turn on him swiftly and mercilessly…and he’ll deserve every bit of it, the wankah.

    Funny how whenever there’s a game against thems coming up and James writes articles about thems there’s a raft of folk moaning about it! Of course he’s going to write about the scum and their meedjit sycophants, they’re a continual source of incompetent hilarity whereas Celtic are a model of consistent competence. This means ‘tic tales of the mundane variety and if you want those kind of thrills go buy the View and quit yer bitchin’….

    • DixieD says:

      How many of “most Celtic fans” have you spoken to about this Sam? Trying to produce the amount of content produced on this blog, sometimes 7, 8 or 9 stories per day, would be impossible if it was Celtic stories alone. Nobody ties you to a chair n hold your eyelids open. If you dislike the content that much, then there’s an easy solution for you. Seriously but, if you don’t like it, don’t read it. You don’t speak for me, and you don’t speak for a number of fans i know who enjoy this blog and avidly read it every day.

      • Dora says:

        Well said DixieD and Sepp below-always enjoyed this blog…may not agree with everything that’s said but most of the time-it’s fab and btw I fancy a two goal cushion come Sunday
        3-1…to the mighty Glasgow Celtic

  • S Thomas says:

    The midfield will be key.. and we have to try and play our passing game from the get go. Hatate needs to get on his game from the start, and if Mooy and Mcgregor are able to also play their game, we will win the match. We can’t let it turn into one of these grind games, because that’s were they excel, and they will be trying to make it a game like that. Ange needs to get this win over Beale, to show who’s boss.

  • Johnno says:

    Really do believe that a win on Sunday and another treble will be achieved and the scum knows that as well, so the real pressure will all be on the scum and we all know only to well how they deal with pressure.
    Also needs to be noted just how much mental baggage the snide and his band of “Dad’s Army” still carry from the Jullien winner and the snide legged it before the quad treble was completed.
    This time around we need such a snidey prick to be around for seeing such a treble completed in all its glory.
    This Celtic team creates to many big moments in games for the cheating mibs with VAR to have the effect it desires for the scum, just how clinical we are in front of goal will determine just how big the victory will be, and the scum with the snidey prick already know it.

  • Paul says:

    James , please tell me when Beale was the assistant manager.
    He was n3ver the assistant manager, he was a first team coach. Get your facts right before you post or your no better the the MSM

    • DixieD says:

      You seem to have replied to the comment twice Sam, do you know how to reply? Calm down sir, yer coming across as a bit rabid.

  • Johnny Green says:

    I cannot believe some of the negativity regarding the officials, it’s not a new thing, it has always been that way and we are meant to handle it by being so good that the wee favours are overcome. The present Celtic side are so superior to them and I have no doubts whatsoever that we will prevail. I will be confidently betting Celtic to be winning h/t and f/t. it’s easy money.

  • Dando says:

    If it weren’t for the brothers wae whistles Bealiola would have a much more accurate chart of his achievements and realise it is he who is the lucky one….(;-0)


  • Brian Donaldson says:

    Remember the last Ipox game when you said we ‘will’ put them in their place? Might be an idea to tone down the rhetoric every single time. Just a thought

    • Geoff says:

      Cannot agree more.
      If we actually take the chances we usually create then should be fine.
      However seen this movie too many times.
      Refs will have a massive influence on Sunday in terms of decisions and breaking up play.
      I will settle for a big Chris offside goal rather than the rhetoric from James.
      On the contrary I don’t think I could listen to Beale and the Hun media if we lose.

  • Andrew Lamb says:

    I agree we should beat them, we just have better players and I honestly don’t think this game will be decided by dodgy referee decisions or VAR. There will be too much scrutiny around them and nowhere to hide. I would caution against complacency because in reality, their season will just end psychologically as they will be a busted flush so they will be right up for it and we need to match that first, and then our quality should see us through. James seems to get a bit excited as we all know what we must listen to if they win. It will go something like this even if we win the league ” if we had Beale earlier we’d have won the league” to avoid this pish we just need to win and I don’t care if it’s a scrappy 1-0.

  • Robert Downey says:

    I’m past bothering about Beale or Rangers.
    The match will be played on Sunday, on a football pitch, of what quality we yet don’t know.
    I only wish for the officials to play it fair and we know absolutely that we will win.
    The football will tell the truth.

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