No, Martin O’Neill Certainly Did Not “Urge” The Mooch To Beat Celtic On Sunday.

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You see things in our media at times and you wonder just what the Hell is going on in the world.

I’ll tell you what I never believed was going on, although the media has suggested that it might be; I never believed that Martin O’Neill said that a cup win for Ibrox at the weekend would break Celtic’s lock on the game here, and I certainly did not believe that he “urged” The Mooch to beat us. Yet headlines suggest that he did both.

“Rangers boss Michael Beale can break ‘Celtic’s control of Scotland’ with cup win says Martin O’Neill” was the headline in Planet Sport, whatever the Hell that is. Except that he actually didn’t say that at all. He said that in order to set out to overtake Celtic they have to win something.

“Martin O’Neill urges Rangers boss Michael Beale to ignore Chris Sutton row and beat Celtic to trophy” is the headline that shrieks at you from Football Scotland, and if anyone thinks for one second that O’Neill actually did say that they need a lie down.

Another headline today suggests that Ronny Deila will be cheering the Ibrox club on because his buddy Raskin – who he relegated to Standard Liege’s reserve team – will be playing for them at Hampden, another piece of out-there lunacy which I was amazed to read.

Things always get crazy in a cup final week, and I understand that completely. But this crazy? And this is just Monday and we still have five days of it to go. Two ex-Celtic managers, both urging our rivals to victory? That’s mental even by our press’s standards.

Do you ever get the feeling that it’s going to be a long, long week folks?

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  • harold shand says:

    Scabby hun click bait merchants blagging it as journalists

    Block it

  • mhiguel66 says:

    I think I’m reading their offerings still, you tear them apart daily and I read your interpretation of them. It must be difficult finding real, genuine threads of interest for your readers; honestly I get that, but maybe just leave certain articles they (the feqn uselss Scots ‘sports journalists’) cover because I don’t think you would’ve covered had they not decided to do so. Please don’t think I’m not appreciative of your work, I totally love the bloggers and all who sail with them but I’m thinking of your health….

    Let their crap go swirling down the toilet instead of dissecting it on a daily basis, in other words give yourself a break from it. I felt better once I stopped reading their pathetic articles, we all know well enough by now that it isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on. These peeple will pass to obscurity where they belong, unfortunately for now they’re still atop the soil.

    Just a thought

  • Martin says:

    If I were Ange I’d be telling the players to stay away from the news and social media. It’s going to be Wall to wall bollocks for the whole week.

  • Martin says:

    Unrelated, I’m trying to get in touch with you, James. Your contact us page talks of an email but there isn’t one. I assume you can see my email address though the public can’t. It’s just to offer a few articles or semi regular stuff on laws of the game. Maybe to clarify a few things as a referee. I don’t want to go down the honest mistakes route of celtic by numbers because that already exists, but clarification on the rules, how we interpret them, what our training talks about sort of thing, if the readers are interested. It’s hard to get the point across in comments (and it gets lost). Anyway, it’s your site, let me know what you think.

  • Johnny Green says:

    Ignore the criticism James and keep the articles coming, you are not forcing anyone to read them and, although I don’t always agree with you, you are providing a service for Celtic fans to bump their gums here, no matter what shite they are spouting. I’m including myself in that as we are all all prone to spewing out gobshite occasionally, some more than others. You show great restraint actually by not responding to it, so keep it coming and keep us informed no matter how trivial some of it may seem.


      Spot on Johnny.
      The recent spate of disaffected Celtic’ fans bemoaning the coverage of the Hun Medjia & all matters Sevco, on not just James’s site but several others, seem to be under the misguided notion that they don’t have a choice in visiting these sites.
      It’s not compulsory.
      Many of us are grateful for the efforts of the likes James & Joe McHugh who wade through the gutter press’s anti Celtic / pro Sevco bilge so that we don’t have to continue financing the ‘Churnalists’ on the West of Scotland DebtDome Fanzines.
      The watchword is ‘ know thine enemy’.

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