No Other Celtic Manager In History Has Had So Many People Desperate To See Him Go.

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Have you ever known the press to be so full of people “joking” that they can’t wait to see the back of a manager in this country? Has anything like this ever happened before? Brendan Rodgers didn’t get this stuff, and he won an Invincible Treble.

Yesterday it was the turn of David Martindale to crack the same dumb joke.

He and McCoist were going to chip in to buy Ange the plane ticket? I get McCoist making such a stupid remark, he’s a self-confessed Ibrox fan and ex-manager.

But David Martindale faces Celtic a couple of times a year, so I have to wonder why he’s dying to be rid of our boss.

What has Ange done to these people, except screw with their sense of place?

They really did think that one title in ten years elevated them above our club, and they cannot grasp that we were simply suffering a crisis of leadership, not a failure of strength.

My question really is this; do they really believe that Ange’s departure would solve all their problems? Celtic would just go out and bring in a new boss, and with standards at the club higher than they’ve ever been I would expect us to shoot for the moon and bring in a young progressive manager with similar ideas.

I actually have one in mind, but that’s a story for another day.

But I’ve never known so many people in this country to behave in quite this manner.

Ange takes it all in his stride; it’s a compliment to him that they are so obviously petrified of the guy and where he might take us, but Ange will tell you himself that this a team effort and that he’s only the front-man, albeit the one with the respect and the trust of the fans.

So it’s a bit weird, it’s a bit out there, and I know I joke about Keith Jackass calling the guy at all hours in the morning, usually from some tacky wine bar opened until 4am, but I’ve never known a Celtic manager who lives inside their heads this much.

It really is quite something to see.

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  • Stuart Jack says:

    They can’t stand the fact that someone from outside their cozy little bigoted world has come in and shown it for the sham it is. Had he been employed at the other side of Glasgow they would want rules involved to stop him leaving Scotland.

  • Bob (original) says:

    During next week, CFC should announce that Ange has signed a 4 or 5 year contract.

    That would shut down all the SMSM speculation nonsense,

    PLUS, it would demoralise sevco and its support even more before the Final! 🙂

  • Duncan says:

    Neil Lennon – Hold my viable device …

  • Scud Missile says:

    Be careful what people wish for here regarding Ange leaving and a younger manager coming in.
    As posted previously Jackass Jackson is on a mission for LIEWELL to do a number on Ange to upset him with those articles and he will get fed up them being printed every week and be chased out of Parkhead all LIEWELL fault.
    This gives the LIAR that is being strangled with that 5 Way Agreement around his neck the chance to bring in Lennon the ALKIE again back to the club and we go back the way again with nickel&dime players being purchased via the biscuit tin mentality.

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Of course they’ll make out it’s a compliment, when in fact they mean every single fkn word of it. D’ye think we would have all this negative and it is negative, spec, if he had been an ibrox manager ? All these same clowns, they’d be BEGGIN him tae stay. Just highlights what a sad state of affairs we have here.

  • Johnny Green says:

    It’s like water off a ducks back and has absolutely no effect on Ange’s psyche. In fact it smacks of desperation and I’m sure Ange is treating it with disdain even though it is in effect a back handed compliment. Let them all babble uncontrollably on, for it’s really quite amusing.

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