Not Content With Leeds Chatter, Nicholas Stupidly Links Celtic Boss With An Unavailable Job

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What a moron Charlie Nicholas is. As if we don’t have enough garbage to read in the papers at the moment linking the manager with every club who sacks its boss, this comedian is proposing Ange to a club that still has one, and Liverpool at that.

Ange Postecoglou is not going to be the manager of Liverpool. For starters, in spite of the season they are having I’d wager that Jurgen Klopp’s job is as safe as any in the game.

It wasn’t that long ago that his team were arguably the best club side in the world, and Liverpool fans are almost entirely behind him. They, in fact, blame the board for the current state of the side, pointing out that he hasn’t been backed anything like his contemporaries.

In their next managerial hunt, Liverpool will be able to attract any talent they want. They can take their pick of elite level managers, and Ange has not risen to that mark yet no matter how well we all believe he has done. A little realism doesn’t go amiss.

Besides, who needs this crap right now?

There’s a title here to be won, and a treble to be wrapped up and a manager who is content and happy and is openly talking about the next part of his Celtic Park evolution. Anyone stirring the soup at the moment is not doing us any favours.

This all just nonsense and we have enough of it.

The minute Leeds sacked their manager yesterday the press couldn’t wait to link Ange’s name with the job. They didn’t even hesitate. The second his name appeared on the list of “bookies favourites” – as if they have any say in this at all – we were off to the races.

It was the same last week when it was Everton, with know-nothing hacks speculating about what was, in effect, a done deal with Dyche and Bielsa sounded out and the Englishman accepting the role. But anyone who followed this in the English press knew that was going to happen, but up here ill-informed halfwits at Scottish sports desks were wetting themselves.

Nicholas is as stupid as any of them, and I feel no need to be anything other than straight to the point on that. This is a bona fide idiot we’re dealing with here, the guy whose own career choices were dire, the guy who has barely made an intelligent decision in his life.

If you’ve ever read that column of his, where this latest piece originated, you’ll know that he makes Keith Jackson sound like a wordsmith.

His prose would get his paper shut if its readers cared about standards and not just articles justifying their hatred of dark skinned people coming here on boats. That he chooses to work for a disgusting rag like The Scottish Daily Express, which I wrote about last week, a dyed in the wool enemy of our club, tells you everything you need to know.

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  • Scud Missile says:

    The league is won your correct there,as for the treble that ain’t happening.
    Sevco will be handed both those cups by the cheating officials with their honest mistakes and VAR.
    Punters on here need to prepare themselves for a treble next season,but it won’t us doing it,it will be sevco CHEATING their way to it.
    There will be ganes next year we will draw most of them with points dropped regularly while sevco pick up full points.
    You only need to look at the game the other day against St Johnstone every goal was scrutanised for a fault to be picked on it.
    Next season faults will be found for these goals to be chopped off.
    It’s only my opinion,don’t shoot the messenger.

    • DixieD says:

      When the messenger is delivering his own message, who else would you suggest should be shot??

    • Kevan McKeown says:

      Tbh ah think it’s the CL money they were after. When we tie this league up, their money problems hugely intensify. Tho one thing, we won’t be ‘allowed’ tae win this treble if certain officials have their way. Whether its this months Cup final or the SC, they’ll be doin their best tae get beale and his team somethin from this season.

    • Voice of Reason says:

      Posting the SAME SHITE OVER & OVER!! Stay aff the Fray Bentos & Pot Noodles BENNY LOL!! Celtic WILL win the Treble.. I GUARANTEE IT!! Grand on at 5/1 at start of the Season.. KERCHING!!

      • Scud Missile says:

        Voice of the doughball don’t come on here crying if Celtic do lose that cup final on dodgy officials decisions.
        I can just see you away off on one of your hate filled rants that you can’t get your point over without HATRED in it.

  • Tony B says:

    Nicholas is definitely stupid enough to be a hun.

  • John Copeland says:

    I always thought that the media had ‘Gerro ‘ pencilled in for that job ! Every week while employed by the Rangers ,he was a ‘shoe -in ‘ for the Anfield post . It became monotonous…. Another horse manure tale by the SMSM about their pet project !

  • S Thomas says:

    Jurgen Klopp, is as safe as you could possibly get in his job, it will be him who will determine his future. The Liverpool job, is one of the best jobs in the game, and he is a hero down there, and rightly so. Ange won’t be taking the Leeds job, as he will want at the very least, another run at the champions league next season.

  • Peter cassidy says:

    The media in Scotland will try to it’s best to put Ange as a contender for the managers jobs in the epl as they come vacant. At present Ange is not interested in those that have come up but if one of the top clubs come calling he would be off and you would not blame him that’s football so it’s all IFS so enjoy what we have at present good manager team playing good football and wining silverware .

  • Johnny Green says:

    Charlie, as always, is an attention seeker who wants to remain relevant by making bold statements that are manufactured in his own head with no sound reasoning behind his impulsive meanderings. He is nuisance value only.

    • Frankiebhoy says:

      Why are none of the vacancies in the EPL being linked to the miracle man at sevco I wonder why hh

  • Henk says:

    Dear jesus scud missile are you always so bloody negative get sum fresh air ??

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