Sakala’s “Other Mob” Stab At Celtic Is The Act Of A Club Forever Pandering To Its Idiots.

Image for Sakala’s “Other Mob” Stab At Celtic Is The Act Of A Club Forever Pandering To Its Idiots.

Fashion Sakala is getting the headlines tonight for derisively referring to Celtic as “the other mob.”

The press thinks this is hysterical.

The Record thinks that this remark “cranks up Cup Final heat”.

All it does is panders to a section of the Ibrox support which certainly doesn’t need anyone cranking them up. They don’t need the least encouragement for that.

“The other mob.” It’s a blogger’s phrase.

I know, because I’ve used it to describe them.

But I’m not a professional working at Celtic, someone who isn’t supposed to act that way, someone who doesn’t have a responsibility to treat the opposition with a modicum of respect, even if you don’t feel it.

Sakala isn’t from here.

He has no idea what the background or the history to this kind of stuff is, and that makes it the witless act of a player immersed in a culture he only half comprehends, and one that he would be better off well clear of.

He’s been at Ibrox just long enough to be sucked into the envy and hatred that swirls through that building … since we know these ideas don’t just pop into your own head you have to wonder who it is inside Ibrox who inspired him to such a gross act of disrespect.

Someone put him up to that, or encouraged it, someone senior enough in the squad or the dressing room or on the coaching staff that he listened to them.

Yet I don’t want to let him off with it.

The suggestion might have been the act of a genuine insider with a genuine insiders hatred but people are not sheep, although many act as if they are.

He has a mind of his own, and if he doesn’t grasp that he’s actually acted here in a grossly unprofessional manner then he really is too stupid to save himself from going further down the rabbit hole and if he’s caught in that vortex good luck trying to get out of it, now or ever.

He’ll be up to his knees in fenian blood before he knows it.

Honestly, that is a crass, nasty, spiteful club that he’s at where someone put an idea like that in his head. They lack any modicum of class, any modicum of good grace.

They are an undignified, shameless lot and it will be a pleasure to see us whip them come Sunday.

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  • Frankie says:

    They are all starting to mouth off now illiterate mob,

  • Johnno says:

    Hardly surprising with already fitting into the cheating culture within the scum with his diving antics at that shithole in January.

  • Voice of Reason says:

    Is it not Fashion Jnr lol! Let me tell u this Suklala ur a Fukin DUD that Taylor will have in his poakit come Sun! Flip that to the opposite side of the park & Maeda &. Abada will RIP UR FUKIN PUB TEAM TAE SHREDS CLOWN!!

  • Scud Missile says:

    Lol he will be the first the klan shout about to get moved on when it all goes wrong,then he will know all about a mob then.
    A racist klub that he plays for and he is that DENSE he can’t see it.

  • Robert Downey says:

    I’ve been saying much the same for a few years now, probably around the time Gerrard took over.
    I could not believe the guff he came out with, ” the world is out to get us” after his first match, I then said someone at Ibrox is telling these managers and players a lot of PorkPies for them to show such hatred and siege mentality after being here 5 minutes, my initial thought was Jimmy Bell was the culprit but now I think it may be further up the ladder.
    As you say new people just in the door are coming out with this guff, so they are obviously being told something.
    The last manager was respectful towards Celtic and didn’t try any underhand tactics such as mind games etc. The other fact is he was at Ibrox as a player and didn’t need “educating”

  • harold shand says:

    I had a quick scroll down the Twitter page

    Celtic bad – Rangers good articles everywhere

    They even produced a Tierney Celtic windfall blow article . Lol

  • Michael Clark says:

    Sakala is no different to the rest that end up at Ibrox. It’s that type of mentality that is drummed into them, it’s part of their initiation. I remember when Paul Gascoigne joined them and we know how brainless he was. Within weeks of signing for them, he was simulating playing the flute at the Celtic end. He didn’t learn that at Newcastle. I’ve been watching a series on SKY TV called the Walking dead. The only thing missing is the blue scarfs

  • BJM says:

    Dont think he realises what kind of klub he is at. Just wait until they turn on him a truly racist klub

    • Dora says:

      Not a pretty sight when the billyhilly halfwits turn on their own—confusion turns to anger, back to confusion and then they attack themselves!!
      Basically that’s the craic with the new klubs most deranged support on this planet-bar none!!!!!
      What a klub!

  • Jorge says:

    I don’t remember wanting to hump that mob as I do for this game on Sunday

  • Johnny Green says:

    The other mob to win easily is my confident prediction.

  • Effarr says:

    Just refer to them as Old Firm Sevco. Keep saying it until the world will think of them when they hear it. Get Celtic divorced from this horrible phrase.

    “Old Firm Sevco coach” would annoy him more than “The Mooch”.

  • king murdy says:

    what an idiot this guy is…has he not realised the racist, sectarian audience he is playing up too ????

    uncle tom……

    we MUST horse these bastards on sunday….


  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Would be the perfect answer tae refer tae them as runners-up after Sunday.

  • Stesano says:

    Scum the earth!! They died they turned their back on oldco ! Why cause they didn’t care enough ! Simples! They typical Hun only every used that club for hate!! They only got big crowds when they went up against ” the migrant ‘ Real big club ! It’s all there a fact they then used the sectarian card and that’s ” the rainguerz” for you ! Posionous filth that a media,poice force and government” allow to be the poison they are! Why cause most they been brought up in that same hate or fed the utter lie! ” They all as bad as each other”! Bs they know this ain’t true plenty statics on attacks over last 50 years that wee bigoted country validated those cretins all to make themselves feel comfortable with their hate!! We should left that joke set up decades ago!! They were allowed to do as they pleased were referred by their supporters had their ex chairman an ebt recoient covering their arse with the Ebt shame, bigots like Dallas ! Proven at that ! Gordon Smith also in place a guy that blamed ” Catholic schools” for their weirdness ohh Catholic schools in every country but funny no weirdos like that poison!! Add in the appartheid signing policy 99perceny of their hordes still agree with and that your typical orc!! We should bought that old building that does in fact resemble ” the big hoose” and demolished it !! It was for sale for 5 million!! Guys like Desmond’s and lawell are as guilty as the rest of the ” enablers” there is no real victory beating this posion as I know like you kids, females wearing green are at threat history tells us that this is the sickest , weirdest , abhorrent, racist , sectarian sevco even worse than the oldco!! It sickens me to share breath with their kind gladly I am overseas these last 4 months and don’t need to! This idiot he just being what they want him to be it was always thus, old wattie, mccoist they encourage this to! He like many others before him it’s like a weirdo cult!! Just don’t ask them to save that said cult!! Utter anti social poisonous filth

  • Thomas Daly says:


  • SSMPM says:

    Scottish isn’t his first language, maybe he meant the ‘Big Mob’.

    Maybe when he hears their racist hun crowd shouting out and singing racist remarks he hears something else. Like say Cpt Tavernearly does when for example they shouted that filth at Scotty Sinclair at the midden time and time again, men and woman while he was captain. How can racism against football be treated as a credible movement with hypocrite betrayers like them and career first liars like Gerrard.

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