Speculation Over Ange’s Contract Is Just That, But It Makes Sense For Celtic To Do It.

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There’s a lot of speculation today – mostly sparked by claims from a certain ex-Celtic player now working in the media south of the border – that Ange Postecoglou is on the brink of signing a new contract with the club, ending talk (yeah, right) of a move to England.

Of course, it will do no such thing but it will nix it for the time being. It will do more than that though. It will reward the manager for the brilliance of his leadership and vision, and it will guarantee us a hefty chunk of change if interest from elsewhere tempts him to consider his options. As a man once said, “if it ain’t true then it ought to be.”

Ange has earned a new deal, and our club needs to protect itself. I wrote on this some weeks ago, when talk about Everton emerged. The practice of putting our managers on an initial one year rolling contract is smart stuff, but when it became plain that Rodgers was doing a good job we gave him an improved deal. Ange has earned the same consideration.

If Celtic wants Ange to commit to a long term project here then that needs to be reflected in the security we offer to him and his family. As far as rewards go for the sterling job he’s already done, I think that’s surely obvious as we’re on our way to two in a row.

But more than anything else, I think the fans would take as much satisfaction from the boss signing a new deal as anyone would. It would be one in the eye to the media and their dull narrative that this is a guy who is only waiting for the phone to ring from Yorkshire or Birmingham or somewhere else down the road before he ups sticks and goes.

Everyone involved needs the stability that a new deal for the boss will bring, so whilst I think it’s premature to get the champagne out for what is still only a rumour, it makes sense for us to do it and for him to sign it, and so we should await developments with interest.

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  • Johnny Green says:

    We should sign him on a long term deal to let him know that he is valued and appreciated. No other reason is not relevant, it is a vote of confidence in our manager, full stop.

  • Johnny Green says:

    remove the ‘not’

  • John S says:

    The manager has done a great job and should be offered an improved extended contract. I doubt anyone would disagree.

  • Johnno says:

    Believe Ange said that he’s with the club as long as we want him, so nothing has changed, grown in fact.
    Totally believe him in regards that statement, and not to sure Ange would actually enjoy working with the overpaided prima donas that the EPL has to offer either.
    Certain club’s and personal are just made for each other, and Ange has joined an ever growing list within Celtic and can’t see that changing anytime soon either, especially with the amount of work he still wants to achieve within the club still imo.
    Money won’t buy the happiness and contentment he’s enjoying at present either

  • Jim says:

    Agree with Johnny G – to let him know that he is valued and appreciated.
    That we KNOW what we have got with Ange.
    Why did Larsson stay? Because he was appreciated. It’s not always about the money, and that is most definitely the case with Ange. It’s about the chance to build his dream team and be appreciated.

  • king murdy says:

    unbelievable that ange was never offered a much improved contract last summer….UNBELIEVABLE.
    so typical poxy celtic….
    nothing changes does it ???

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