The Celtic Boss Takes A Ruthless, Multi-Layered Swipe At Our Departing Striker.

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Today at his presser, Ange was at his ruthless best and in his gunsights was Giakoumakis, who now that we have replacement in the building was not spared in the slightest.

The manager has made it clear that there is some displeasure at the player and he even hinted at what that was by mentioning Instagram, where Giakoumakis famously expressed his frustrations at Ange not that long ago, in a move many thought cost him valuable game time.

“It will get concluded fairly soon,” he said of the player’s impending departure. “To be honest, it’s not on my radar any more. I will probably hear it about the same time as you guys. Maybe if you are on Instagram, you will hear about it earlier than me. It’s not on my radar, I don’t expect him back in the group, but it hasn’t been finalised yet.”

That’s a man who has washed his hands of the whole affair, and whose frustration with the player and the situation has leaked out a bit.

The reference to Instagram is clearly deliberate and a sign of why he’s so pissed off. Players discussing things outside of the dressing room is bad enough, but it’s the height of stupidity to advertise it on social media, leading to a lot of speculation and gossip in the media. This was when I started to think a January exit was the best solution.

I believe that’s probably when Ange realised it too. There was a certain inevitability about it from that point forward, and his departure is now all that’s left.

I’ll write about Giakoumakis when he goes, but for the moment the manager has the floor and today he used it to send a very clear message to the rest of the squad. Not that he needs to, because everyone else is clearly onboard … or they’d already be out the door.

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  • Johnny Green says:

    A mountain out of a mole hill as far as I am concerned. GG is leaving, he bumped his gums in what I thought was a fairly discreet manner on Instagram, hinting that he was not happy with his reduced playing time. I much prefer that attitude to a player who is happy to take the money and sit back and relax accordingly. He wanted to play more often and he wanted to be in his Interrnational team’s plans. It doesn’t make you a bad person. However he was 2nd choice for the very good reason that he was 2nd best to Kyogo and so he is moving on which may or may not be a good decision on his part, but it is his decision to make. There is no point sniping at him after the event, life goes on and I wish him well in his future endeavours, good luck big man, I enjoyed your contribution when you were here.

    • S Thomas says:

      Wow man.. you’re actually disagreeing with James… Jesus Christ, it’s a miracle. You’ve usually got that nose, that far up his arse, it’s not even funny. Christ you do actually have an opinion of your own, oh well I suppose you really do learn something new everyday.

      • Johnny Green says:

        Every day is a school day Sean, although I think you spent most of your schooldays playing truant.

        I do know though that you’re an uneducated hun Sean 🙂

        • S Thomas says:

          Hun, hun, hun, that all you got man. You not got anything else. Your constant use of that word, shows your level of education. You do know that school days, is not the one word don’t you lol ? ?

          • Johnny Green says:

            Sean, your obvious dislike of the word hun just confirms to everyone that you are one.

            If you walk like a hun, and talk like a hun, it generally means that you are one.

            We welcome the chase!

      • Johnny Green says:

        By the way Sean, i disagree with JF quite a lot, especially his blind spots for Starfelt and Taylor.

        • S Thomas says:

          JF, that your pet name for him. Well it’s valentines day in a couple of weeks, I’m sure he will be happy with that.. ha , ha, ha, ha

          • Johnny Green says:

            I love St Valentine’s Day, the 11th. anniversary coming up of the death of the Huns. I will be wearing my blue poppy as a mark of respect and also to celebrate the best day of my life.

          • Johnny Green says:

            Sean, you are a penalty kick, you leave yourself wide open every time.

          • Nick66 says:

            All you need is Luck, laa de da de da.
            All you need need is luck, luck,
            LUCK, is all you need.

            All some need is VAR, va de va da da,
            All some need is VAAAR, VAAAAR,
            So that you succeed.

    • Nick66 says:

      GG never ‘downed tools’ as such. He was wrong in his message tactic. The moment he decided to leave he was invited to leave and so the whole thing erupted in the press. Ange has always said, you’re here or you’re no. As I said in first sentence, GG still put his shift in until Ange got his replacement and endorsed his move. Whatever else was going on in the background is neither here nor there to our Manager. When the agent and others started their negotiations, Ange was tuned out. Good luck to the lad, he produced when needed and can leave with head held high, performance wise.

  • John S says:

    Hence the fee.

  • Jim The Tim says:

    Commented long time ago G was a fkn fanny, I watched the ausie penalty and his total misses. The guy I sussed out to be a fanny.
    An old school mate of mine a potential world cass player fkd it up by walking out on Celtic, fk them all. There is more important things than football it is fkn the huns, fell out with mad dog as well, a total fkn prick.
    Even the people you worship and trust can fk you.
    In GOD we trust ( Larsson)

    Pissed jim

  • king murdy says:

    i feel a bit sorry for GG….felt he should have got more game time..there were times when wee kyogo wasn’t exactly setting the heather on fire and GG should have been handed the jersey-in my opinion…and good luck to the guy…always thought he put in a shift when he did play or came on…
    however, big ange is the’s like going back to the old days when the manager, or head coach…whatever the term is…had the last word…like it or lump it…
    good on you ange…..!!!!
    we’ll miss GG for about 2 minutes…..

    • Johnny Green says:

      No player is bigger than the Club, it has always been that way.

      • S Thonas says:

        Penalty kick, if you’re going to be the grammar police, I’d suggest you get your own house in order. I’ll correct you, school days, not schooldays. V next time you want to correct someone’s grammar, make sure you’re on the money with your own. Nobody likes a hypocrite . Make sure you give “JF” his card will you.

        • Effarr says:

          S Thomas. Forgive me for interrupting but school days are days when children go to school, while schooldays cover a longer period. So it might be you that is wrong.
          Better checking things at times first.

      • S Thomas says:

        Penalty kick, if you’re going to be the grammar police, I’d suggest you get your own house in order. I’ll correct you, school days, not schooldays. The next time you want to correct someone’s grammar, make sure you’re on the money with your own. Nobody likes a hypocrite . Make sure you give “JF” his card will you.

        • Johnny Green says:

          roy of the rivers…….LOL

          • S Thomas says:

            I’m not the one who is all about the grammar. Like I said if you want to correct people’s grammar, get your own house in order. You got done like a kipper mate. schooldays pmsl, it just goes to show, that the professor of English at St Andrews university, is not as smart as he thought he was lol. Take that in your pipe and smoke it

      • Nick66 says:

        The only thing bigger than the Club is the “Engine Room subsidiary”, or the “Holding Company”, yet, both failed the Club and history was rewritten.
        Our Club, Celtic, one Club since 1888.

    • Martin.H says:

      Spot on, most of the time, should have played with 2 up top.

  • John says:

    Scored a few important goal for us but imho wasn’t team player and was all out for the glory for himself . Best moved on and paid the penalty for daring to square up to Ange. Should have spent more time watching Kyogo more closely when warming the bench. He would have seen how a real professional operates.

    • Martin.H says:

      Keep it simple, always looked a bit moody, but if he has chosen another path, good luck to him.

  • Jim The Tim says:

    No comment.

  • Johnny Green says:

    Sean, if you really want to jump the dyke and become a Tim, then you are very welcome. We are an all inclusive Club and you deserve a little bit of happiness in your life. So to start the ball rolling, I will gladly take you to Mass on Sunday, it will need to be early though before our noon kick off.

    Come on, you know it makes sense. ?

  • Paul says:

    Giakoumakis went to the manger late October and asked for more game time, said he wasn’t happy. Ange told him to contact his agent and see what he can get you because as far as am concerned, you can get to fuck. Giakoumakis was taken aback, thought he would get more game time. He was basically told to get your shit and get to fuck lol

  • Iljas baker says:

    Clearly GIa isn’t happy and is also 28 which means that he is essentially sighting the end of his career and wants to maximise his earnings asap. Celtic didn’t offer him enough. So he’s off. Let’s just call it a career decision and hope things work out well for him. I always enjoyed his effort but remember he did miss some sitters and penalties.

  • Peter cassidy says:

    At 28 gg should be at his peak as a footballer last season he did very well when the wee man was out injured. This season he has not played as many games due to kyo top form and not happy with the contract he signed when he came to Celtic, well why did he agree that contract” then wants a better deal well prove you earn that better deal by scoring when you get playing time really it’s all down to money that’s football today money money I want more.

  • JimBhoy says:

    Best of luck to GG wherever he goes, he did well for us and he parts with us making a bit of wedge on him. He moves to a smaller club picking up more money and likely his last big transfer. Can’t blame him for topping up his pension.

    Hopefully wee OH hit some form soon as an able replacement.

    We all know GG has hit a career high at Celtic and it’s now all about feeding his bank account.

    Like an earlier poster said at least he didnt run down a contract doing nothing for us. HH

    • Johnny Green says:

      OH OH OH is magic, you know and we’re gonna do 2 in a row

      Rinse and repeat each season hence until we get to 10

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