The Mooch Backtracks Again, Claiming He And The Celtic Boss Are Actually Mates.

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Oh dear God. Another day and another barmy statement from The Mooch, this time on a BBC interview which is so lickspittle grovelling that I half expected Jim White to pop up with “Oooh Michael, why are you so good?”

In this one he has claimed that there is plenty of mutual respect between him and Ange and has made out that they get on just fine and that any talk suggesting otherwise is an invention of the press. He is truly, and properly, off his nut this guy.

They really looked comfortable together the other day, didn’t they?

Very chummy indeed.

The Mooch really did believe that he could breeze around mouthing off about people and that there would be no comeback. Ange called him out. People at Hearts called him out. Big Sutton took aim and opened up with a barrage that might have stopped Russian tanks in their tracks. And every time someone does this, The Mooch retreats.

He thought he could play the hard man, but like every wannabe bully, he’s really a coward at heart and now he’s trying to show a little of his softer side.

To what end? People have pretty much made their minds up, and all he’s doing is digging a bigger hole for himself with his core support. Because their fans don’t want him to be mates with Ange, they think that was part of the problem with Van Bronckhorst and it’s why Beale pandered to them in the first place with all that talk of our manager being lucky.

But I’ll tell you what I know of Ange and why I am resoundingly unconvinced.

Ange respected and liked Van Bronckhorst, and not once did he ever hear any of this kind of nonsense from the Dutchman. He also has a tremendous amount of sympathy for how Van Bronckhorst was treated by the fans, the club and by The Mooch himself. Ange knows, as we all know, that he callously undermined him and stole his job.

If you listened carefully to what Ange said during the whole Leeds kerfuffle, he was basically talking about how loyalty isn’t something that he should have to make a pledge on. The Mooch did exactly that in front of the press and the QPR fans even as the negotiations with Ibrox were underway. Ange was sending a clear message; “I ain’t like that guy.”

So forgive me if I have my doubts about this mutual respect of theirs. For openers, The Mooch cannot be trusted because what comes out of his mouth changes from one day to the next, and secondly, I don’t think someone so underhanded, so slippery, and so fundamentally untrustworthy is the sort of person Ange would want to be buddies with.

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  • Johnny Green says:

    Chalk and cheese, complete opposites.

  • John Copeland says:

    That’s like saying that a boa constrictor and a mongoose are best pals ….

  • Tony B says:

    And thirdly, he is the Cockney Wanker.

  • Benjamin says:

    He may use the term ‘mate’ when referring to Beale, but it’s not because they’re pals. Apparently someone hasn’t gotten the memo of what Australian ‘mate’ means!

  • Michael Clark says:

    I am expecting a result for Celtic tomorrow simply because we’re a better team than them. But regardless of the result Ange Postecoglou win or lose will be dignified either way which is more than I can say for Beale and Co. Of course we want to win it, of course we want the treble but the title pays the big bucks with the Champions league on offer. So if for some reason we have an off day and they win the trophy, I can only imagine all the verbal diaoreah that will come from Beale and co. Winning the League Cup doesn’t give you 30 million, the Champions league does and that prize is coming to Celtic Park

  • Thomas M Daley says:

    What mooch done to Van Bronkhurst brings to mind the old proverb or saying.
    “He that wields that knife never wears the crown”.
    No silver, no title, no glory.
    Would be Karmaric justice and no doubt would have Mr Bronkhurst saying in public.
    “I take no pleasure in the sudden sacking of Mr Beale”….
    “Please excuse us we are having a piss up on our win at the bookies”

  • Dando says:

    He has no mate’s, just ask Stevie G…….

    Now there’s a story !!!!!!!


  • SSMPM says:

    He was caught overtly plotting behind GVB’s back with their integrity driven board so they’re clearly well matched. As a Chelsea fan, with all their NF white power history and support for an owner that’s a funder of genocide even after the war started, what else can you expect. Scum begets scum.
    Liars though can never be trusted so don’t be surprised when they plot to sack him off. Integrity and Londoners, same head, two faces

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