The Village Idiot’s Latest Article Fails To Recognise Celtic’s Basic Professionalism.

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So The Village Idiot’s latest piece has backed Fashion Sakala, but admitted that he might end up looking like an eejit. Well, give that man a prize for stating the obvious. His support for him is typical of this joker.

Sakala has demonstrated a breath-taking ignorance of and contempt for what Celtic has achieved.

It’s as if the nine point lead didn’t apply, as if we weren’t at the current time defending league champions.

His comments were a disgrace.

Idiot Boy thinks that because fans say nasty things to each other that makes everything fine. But fans will do that, and have been doing it since football had fans.

Players have traditionally been more respectful of their fellow pros, even rivals.

He is not as dumb as he sometimes comes across, but in this case I think maybe he actually is that stupid.

But if he thinks that this is kosher, he’s a bigger moron than even I thought.

He knows how tense these games already are.

Players who act this irresponsibly should be called out for it, not defended to the hilt.

And if he doesn’t know that … wow.

And if this is such standard stuff, how come Celtic never engages in it?

How come Celtic thinks the whole thing is beneath contempt?

Carter Vickers and McGregor sat there yesterday and spoke openly about respecting every opponent. There was none of this egotism, none of this drum banging, none of this playing to the gallery.

Frankly, Celtic fans like seeing our players act in this manner.

It speaks volumes for the attitudes of everyone at the club.

His entire column, which is basically just a defence of mindless hatred, sounds to me like a classic example of someone who has spent so many years viewing the world through the prism of his loathing that he thinks that it’s a perfectly normal way to live life.

It doesn’t matter either if, as he suggests, that there is an underlying dislike between the people at both clubs.

It is the responsibility of both clubs to behave professionally and to act in a mature and sensible manner. Something else that this clown would know little about.

His actual defence of Sakala is preposterous.

“There are far too many players who just say what the club press officer wants them to say these days. Sakala clearly isn’t one of them and that is refreshing to see,” he said.

Is he kidding?

Does he think Sakala plucked those words out of the air?

As I said the other day, someone got in his ear and he basically just repeated what he was told. What’s refreshing about a guy spouting off words that someone else put in his mouth?

This is another area where their club reeks of unprofessionalism and recklessness.

Honestly, those comments were absolutely ridiculous and in defending them this eejit has shown again why he should be kept away from the keyboard for his own good and for the good of his paper.

Almost nobody in punditry thinks Sakala did the right thing the other day and a lot of their own fans think his comments were ridiculous coming at a time when we have that league lead.

A lot of them are embarrassed by this and they should be.

They look at Celtic these days and you know what they see?

A manager and a squad which acts with dignity.

Aye, there’s that word.

It has been a long time since they could claim it for themselves.

A pair of brown brogues isn’t enough by a long shot.

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  • S Thomas says:

    James I remember Samaras says we were a better side and they won the league. I also remember Kevin Keegan’s famous radio rant about Man Utd. To suggest players and managers don’t do this, is quite frankly garbage. Listen anybody with a name like Fashion, (which is not even a name by the way) are not meant to be taking seriously. Celtic should use his piece in the daily record, to tam it down his throat. That’s the way to respond to it.

  • S Thomas says:


  • Peterbrady says:

    Not one ex hum in media has condemned his outburst so they all condone it all indocranated into the poisoning bile that spews out of the auld hoor of edmiston drive the filth that shames Glasgow that shames scotland the sooner they all become extinct and the pox demolished the better

  • Suspiciousmind says:

    “that mob” says it all. Indefensible pub talk. Having reflected on that it would be fair to say it is representative of the views of all Scottish media outlets, certainly in private. As for Boyd using the word petty. Good God almighty, the irony

  • Eire goCeltic says:

    On another subject. The Press are respectfully calling the game the Viaplay Cup Final. I mean respect for the sponsor. An Old Firm derby game, is not used. That might come later, for a Premiership League game. Celtic Fans might be winning on this matter. The Glasgow Derby is a better name; so the fans say. I read Old Firm meant (probably sarcastically), Old Firm Friends. No original meaning made sense to me and its use nowadays makes even less sense. Am I wrong?

  • Johnny Green says:

    The whole thing is getting tedious, he made his infantile comments to stir things up and get a reaction and he achieved that. The Celtic players are ignoring his childish jibe and so should the rest of us, we are letting ourselves down with our own senseless reactions.

  • Johnno says:

    Only another example of that snidey prick mole face of already throwing his thick planks under the bus, before a ball has been even kicked.
    Only a sign of the desperation within the shit hole and life under this horrible snidey prick all the time he’s in the hot seat.
    Hammer these horrible bastards and put an end to this bullshit from the scum please Celtic

  • Peter Cassidy says:

    What is all this rubbish some dud player has said his team is better than us so what look at the league table points”and goals” enough said it’s all very silly Billy’s .

    • Johnny Green says:

      He’s not a dud player Peter and is in fact one of the few they have that could give us problems. I am not a Greg Taylor fan and his defensive qualities worry me, and the huns wlll be targeting him every chance they get. I just hope we can keep constant pressure on them, at least enough to nullify that threat.

  • Rob says:

    The way I view this is, sakala is nothing more than a sacrificial lamb. He was chosen simply because the hoards turned on him long ago. They were baying for his head on all their forums. So it’s a win win. For sevco. If and I do mean if they get the win happy days, sakala will be carried shoulder high all the way to George Square to witness their unique kulture for himself and he will be reanointed as one of their own.

    Loose the game, salkala may never recover but that’s the thing with a sacrificial lamb or a tethered goat, your toast at the end of the day. So from the sevco perspective, sakala will have served his purpose. He’s thrown the preverbial handgrinade but if it goes off in his hand, no great loss to sevco as the hoards will attack sakala and leave the mooch and Co alone.

  • JOHNBHOY says:

    Of Course I expect Celtic to destroy this lot tomorrow, if our midfield control this game then our forwards will truly cash in on it, roll on 3.00 pm tomorrow.

  • John Copeland says:

    I wonder why Viaplay won’t be using Kris Boyd’s educational vocabulary and knowledge for tomorrow’s cup final coverage ? I’ lll give you 2 guesses and the first one does not count !

  • SSMPM says:

    Another new apprentice for the haters. Terry Butcher clearly highlighted the idiocy of what goes on behind the walls though I appreciate that was for another club.

  • Andrew Lamb says:

    James, that’s a bold statement calling that tosser the village idiot. I know the village he comes from pretty well and I reckon at least 90% of the inhabitants in the said village are idiots or worse. Calling him that is somewhat of an understatement I think.

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