Today’s Penalty For The Ibrox Club Is An Utter Embarrassment To Scottish Football.

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The Ibrox club finally conceded a penalty kick today, a correct decision and one that had it not been given would have raised Hell amongst the observers. Except Stephen Craigan who almost cried as the spot kick was being taken.

But having done that, the officials simply had to do something to appease the home club and I just watched one of the most ridiculous, and absurd, penalty kick awards I’ve ever seen in my life.

Given to the Ibrox club, who promptly missed it … but Tillman clearly dives into the penalty area after a contact which took place well outside it.

If VAR officials looked at that and concluded that it’s a spot kick then frankly these people need their eyes tested or their motivations thoroughly examined because that decision was not just absurd.

If they are giving that as a penalty after a second look then I have to conclude that they either have a different interpretation of where the box starts than me or it is bent.

I can honestly say this; I have never seen a decision so blatantly and utterly wrong and not just once but twice. That the ref awarded in the first place is an open and shut travesty as you didn’t even require a second look to see that it wasn’t in the penalty area and the “tackle” itself was debatable.

That VAR either confirmed it or he refused to over-rule his initial decision is flat-out outrageous and there ought to be an inquiry into what happened here.

There was, of course, another controversy in the game, and it’s one that threatens to have a long aftermath.

I’ll get to it in due course, but it seems that The Mooch has annoyed an awful lot of his club’s own supporters today … by trying to be a good guy, or so as he thinks it.

If he forgot, temporarily, the club he was manager of, his own fans were on hand to remind him. I’ll get to it.

It requires its own article, and I have to see if the social media following reflects the obvious anger in the stands.

I’m certain that it will.

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  • Michael McCartney says:

    I give up, the game in Scotland is finished. The worst penalty decision since VAR came to Scotland and yet all the media can do is produce misinformation around the penalty Thistle were awarded. As the rule stands Thistle’s penalty was rightly awarded and Celtic have previously suffered from this ridiculous hand ball rule on at least three occasions.
    Hardly a word said about VAR agreeing with the referee on the decision to award The Rangers a penalty, when the contact was clearly well outside the box.
    Scottish Football must be the most biased both from the refereeing officials and the print and broadcasting media in the world. That might sound like an exaggeration but after watching the game for over 70 years I’m convinced that it is now more dishonest than it has ever been, and that’s saying something.
    Celtic are probably good enough to overcome these cheats at this time. It will only take a little fall from this level of performance and we’ll suffer big time.

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