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Abada And Others Who Might Want To Leave Celtic Should Consider The Bigger Picture.

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If Liel Abada’s agent is paying attention at all, he will have noticed something rather unusual.

His player is being sought by an English club who right now are battling relegation. He should ponder that carefully, and whilst he’s at it he should look to France at Moussa Dembele. And at London, and to Crystal Palace where Edouard flounders.

Players are so stupid these days, and some of their agents even more so.

Is short-term greed the only thing that motivates some of them? Abada is only just in his 20’s, all the money in the world will be waiting for if he believes in his own ability.

But this is a guy who hasn’t made a starting place at Celtic his own yet. He might well go to England and slot right into a team somewhere, but Ange has warned him and every player in the squad about that.

It’s not a given, and even if it is … swapping Southampton for Celtic? Even if they stay in the league in this campaign, there’s a good chance they’ll be right back where they are now next season, scrapping in the bottom half of the division.

I love Liel Abada. He’s a sublime talent, a player with a massive future in the game. If he gets the big decisions right early, which means right now. Ange has publicly said that he has all the skill in the world but that there are other aspects of his game that he needs to work on … that’s a fact, and that he’s in and out of this team should be a warning to him.

A player who isn’t a regular starter for us isn’t going to walk into any team down there.

The money will be good sure, or at least the first contract will be.

But this is the short-sightedness I’m talking about; moving to a relegation battler where you still might not be a first pick might bring greater financial rewards than staying at Parkhead, winning trophies and playing in the Champions League for another couple of years … but it might be a backward step just the same.

Look at Giakoumakis. If he had signed a new deal, demonstrating his commitment to our club and dug in and played well would he have got a move somewhere better than the MLS?

If he focussed on being an ever-present in this Celtic team, if he played another season here and gave Champions League football a right good go, he could write his own ticket. Biggers clubs than Southampton would be looking at him and making us offers.

I don’t have the least doubt that Celtic will sell him in the summer if he’s got his heart set on going, because Ange wants a happy camp and he will not accept any situation where a player isn’t giving him 100% commitment to the cause … Celtic will make a pile of money and go out and sign a replacement and not look back.

It’s Abada himself who might do that, who may not realise what he had until it’s gone, who might find out too late that he should have thought beyond the immediate horizon.

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  • Sara Haughian says:

    It’s crazy to me why someone would be considering leaving knowing fine well we are more than likely heading into the champions league football group stages! And you know what if that player/s than I’m with the gaffer better their gone and replace them

  • .Joe Winnie says:

    It all comes down to money

  • Johnno says:

    Certainly nothing we can do if any players want to move on, and in Ange we have a manager who won’t stand in there way either.
    Right approach from the club as far as I’m concerned, even if it means not getting the finical rewards that the players might warrant as was the case in January imo.
    Players can tend to be advised very badly these days, especially with agents putting financial rewards before career opportunities.
    Abada still a young player with huge potential but still not the finished article yet, so no surprise with interest already being shown.
    Abada is just one of many facing a potential busy summer, yet won’t impact ourselves whatsoever, especially as I believe the club already knows of what intentions many of our players could have for next season already.
    Nothing can or will be resolved now, and as long as any players don’t play into any of this speculation bullshit now, then all will get resolved in the summer at the appropriate time, whatever that may be.

  • Eamonn Little says:

    As I stated on another sight,and this appears one that we are reluctant to talk about .Bit of an elephant in the room if you like.Maybe as a young Israeli Jew he is a bit uncomfortable in this environment,and the open displays of solidarity with the Palestinian cause in the stands.Im not saying this is wrong,but I understand why it could unsettle the player.

    • Micky says:

      What absolute bollox.

      For all you know he may have some sympathy for Palestinians.

      Nir Bitton was/is his mentor and he was here for several years.

  • Jim The Tim says:

    Dump him, don’t know what the hype is all about, he’s a bang average player who struggles against better players and never consistent.
    Get rid of him, the Israel and French connections are to be avoided, bad attitudes.

    • michael mccormack says:

      We’ll said Jim , massively over hyped won’t be missed by me for a nano second !

  • Martin says:

    If he wants to move he’ll move. Lets not pretend agents care about the career paths of their players. PLayers are likely to dump them at some point, so they’ll agitate for a move or a new contract as often as possible to get their 10-15% cut. That’s all they care about.

  • Martin.H says:

    Agents are the curse of football, always wanting to make a quick buck.

  • john shine says:

    No biggie if he wants to go, better have left and been replaced, just as long as it’s not a boyata situation, crazy to turn down 10 million and leave him go on a free transfer, Ange will improve the squad if he is properly backed

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Probably he just doesnae fancy the SPL any more and would like tae have a shot at England and where he’ll maybe get regular 90 mins. Makin a bit of money as he goes. Players in general tend tae be a bit more fickle these days. If his minds set, fair enough. Good luck.

  • jrm63 says:

    He has a definite but limited skill set. Look at the “penalty” on Saturday. He can finish but he is an inside forward and they are a rarity in modern formations. He will never be a wide player at the top level. Never. He lacks mental toughness, you can see it in his face. O,Riley is the same.

  • Eamonn Little says:

    How’s it bollox Micky?.u know him personally?.I’m guessin u don’t,so don’t just jump in and make assumptions.I said it’s a “possibility he could be uncomfortable with it .

  • king murdy says:

    agree with most of the posts,,,never really saw what all the fuss was about with abada…i don’t think he has progressed either at celtic…
    thanks for your service mate…but close the door behind you….
    i’ve seen players 10 times better than wee liel leave….we’re still here…
    just hope we get a good price and sell on clause….just in case he turns out to be as good as he clearly thinks he is….

  • John S says:

    Players need to realise that their agents can cause ripples with their comments, which is what they intend – better pay for clients and a cut of the deal.

  • Effarr says:

    Him and O Riley have both looked to me, when you see their greetin’ faces, as if they would rather be anywhere else rather than Parkhead. This is going to be the normal going forward. I don’t think some of them wants to put themselves out of joint. Rogic and Bitton soon got off their mark and this looks like the next pair. If one japaneses player moves, they will probably all go. This talk about letting them go and replacing them with better is all pie-inn-the-sky. Who, in all honesty, will keep following Celtic if there is going to be 100% turnover in players every two or three years. The life and soul would be ripped out
    of Celtic if that was the case. Even Ange would soon feel it too much of an ask to be treated like a an award winning double glazing salesman who was expected to double his sales year after year.

    I have never trusted Abada since his stated desire to play for Liverpool. Ask him if he wishes to go: if he says yes then ring for a taxi, preferably driven by Ally McCoist.

    It could go from winning the European cup by players from within a 35 mile radius of Glasgow to losing diddy cups with players from all over the world in a very short space of time if this exodus continues.

    To be honest, I hate to see Abada, or any other player even, entering the field of play with their face tripping them.

    Abada seems to forget that Southampton might not allow him time off to celebrate his religious feasts. Is this how he thanks Celtic. Don’t hesitate with these rotten apples, get them out of the barrel in case they contaminate the rest.

    And by the way, forget what’s happening over at Old Firm Sevco. Let’s hear some good Celtic stories instead.

  • Chris says:

    He’s too inconsistent, sell him and get someone who wants to be here he’s a bog standard winger who bottles it far too often, don’t rate him and never have HH

  • JimBhoy says:

    Abada is a very good player, I wouldn’t say EPL class at the moment but he has time on his side and should finish his apprenticeship at Celtic. If he doesn’t I wish him well.

    The pressure won’t ease any in EPL.

    We will know if he is leaving when Ange gets a suitable replacement again increasing the quality in that position. Celtic have the Money, Ange the talent and we won’t see any big headed players at Celtic looking to top up their pension Ange will demand a top effort from any player he brings in and knows the profile he wants.

    I look forward to 3 or 4 new players at Celtic for next season and for those who move on all the best.

  • Tenaka Khan says:

    Nobody has heard the lad say one word about leaving but all of a sudden he’s crap, disloyal, sulking and was never good enough in the first place! We ask our foreign players to come for the chance of European football (which is usually over by Christmas) but they’re asked to play most of their football against cloggers who get to kick them black and blue with the blessing of corrupt referees on shit pitches like Killie and Livingstone. It’s not a sin for a player to decide he’d rather not extend his contract.
    As soon as Ange got a whisper that GG and JJ wanted out he immediately made very public moves to fill their positions, actually signing AJ before JJ was out the door. He doesn’t seem to be giving that vibe just yet.

  • SSMPM says:

    Tbh winning the league and thus entry to the CL is progress from when we couldn’t even get passed a qualifying round and we have probably now achieved the optimum that a Scottish team can, maybe last 16 on an outstanding year.
    Honestly, as an SPL league club we’ve probably now reached our level and we will not progress much further as the selling club we appear to have become again
    I’m trying to not become too disillusioned with the ‘never stop’ but I know it’s really at this level of football and that in itself is progress that I’m happy to see. Maybe I dreamed a dream too far. As a club, team or squad now that we’ve become and settled for the selling club mantle we can forget getting passed the CL group stages.
    All this buy £3m players, sell high and replace with £7/10m players, repeat then buy £15m players appears a nonsense. Abada and JJ, are the standard of player we will get for that price anyway. I do believe this progress will continue to fill the trophy cabinet but hope more that Ange won’t get his right gig elsewhere or he’ll be next and the decline will return in his place. There really isn’t many like him that would come to this league.
    So truthfully if Abada sees us as the big club we are but fancies a higher standard league, that even the Championship is, with double or treble the wages in place of trophies and CL then that’s a choice I don’t like but understand. HH

  • Peter Cassidy says:

    The teams who the media say want him and our other playérs are tripe if they think they are going to improve football wise playing for them well look where they are in the league. But then money is the main move so if the want to go lets get much as we can for them agents need to earn there corn that’s football now money .

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