Alonso Head-Butt Shows How Completely Celtic Makes Those At Ibrox Lose The Plot.

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My dad and I watched the women’s game last night like many thousands of other Celtic fans, and like many thousands of others we saw a brief rammy at the end of the game and then thought no more of it. I caught fragments of Fran Alonso’s interview as I had it turned down as mere background noise whilst I did a bit of work.

I thus missed any discussion of the incident.

I later found out that not only did Alonso mention it, but he expressed his total shock, as it came out of nowhere, and said he was called “a little rat”.

It was only when the Ibrox club’s manager was interviewed and he was asked if he had seen his assistant head-butt the Celtic boss that I stopped what I was doing, turned back to the screen, turned up the volume and, stunned, watched the replay.

It was astonishing. Jaw dropping.

A moment of utter goonish, neddish behaviour for which the Ibrox assistant has thoroughly earned a long, long ban.

By now I take it that most people have seen it.

But it’s an act of lunacy which sums up the culture inside that club, an intolerance of set-backs and reversals which borders on the pathological. In particular, they detest any scenario in which we gain at their expense.

My first article of the day was on the daft comments from Andy Halliday; this echoes that and more.

I am long overdue a long piece on the cultural differences between when Ange is trying to do and what The Mooch and his coaching team are up to, and this has made it more likely that I’ll write it this coming week, and certainly before the weekend is out.

Suffice to say, for now, that there is an ugliness to the culture and the mentality over there which for a brief moment we last night saw on our TV screens. But it is everywhere at Ibrox, revealed in their contempt for the other clubs, and the disrespectful way they refer to us when talking about us in the media.

It’s not just that it lacks class, it sets a dreadful example to the fans … and at a time when our club is turning down tickets for their ground on account of their compromising our fan’s safety the shame at this incident should be profound.

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  • harold shand says:

    Caught on camera for everyone to see

    Dismissed with immediate effect and a charge brought against him

    Anything less will be a disgrace

    • John Mc Guire says:

      the klan will call in v.a.r. and as always nothin here to see move along please plus the clyde wan superscore thingy will tell anybody who cares the camera angle was all wrong , and while we are at it lets close the catholic schools Fact .

  • Martin says:

    I’ve only just seen it on youtube as a result of this post. Surely open and shut case? Immediate dismissal and report to Police. Surely? That can’t be left without sanction, like when our physio got bottled.

  • Jimmy R says:

    This assault from behind on an unsuspecting victim was neddish, thuggish, cowardly and unprovoked. This was no “reaction” to something said, as Fran was in the process of shaking hands with both sets of players when MacPherson can be seen, seeking him out, to land a Glesga kiss just behind / beneath his ear. This was no goonish, deranged fan. This was a member of the ibrox club’s coaching staff.
    It was not the actions of a “fit and proper person.” It certainly brings tha game into disrepute. Just how much disrepute will depend on how quickly and decisively the SFA take action.
    Take action they must. Sponsors will not want to be associated with these sort of antics. Families won’t want their daughters getting involved with neds and thugs. If the SFA are serious about growing the women’s game, they need to take quick, serious and decisive action.
    The Ibrox club could start the ball rolling by sacking this ned. The video evidence is clear. If that does not constitute gross misconduct, I have no idea what does.

  • Tony B says:

    It’s why they’re called orcs, since their behaviour from the top of that rancid organisation down to their untermensch fans mimics the vile creatures from Tolkien’s imagination.

    They embody everything that is vile and ugly; corrupt and neddish to the core, cowardly and with an entitled fascist overview of the world.

    In the Bible they were called Tares; injurious weeds wreaking damage wherever they land.

    Thank the Lord we are their polar opposites.

  • Bob (original) says:

    Whilst the contact may have been minimal [?], the intent was certainly there for all to witness.

    A large guy, trying to attack someone much smaller – from behind – by sticking the nut in the back of their head.

    And the attacker is responsible for coaching / guiding young players?!

    If anyone at my club acted in that cowardly, violent manner,
    I would want them punted ASAP.
    It has no place in any sport.

    Guess sevco will immediately suspend him, pending the outcome of investigations?

  • Stesano says:

    Your basically dealing with anti social scum!! It’s who they are and in Brigadoon Scotland it’s allowed!! It’s validated to hate anything green!! It’s seen as a joke in the media but as we all know it’s not!! We lost young fans to these cretins!! They are enabled by a police force steeped in this stuff to another fact!! What a place I wish we refused to even play that poison!! You never change these creatures makes me sick to the stomach!! That guy be loved over there now that tells what they are!! Full of poison and hate the total opposite of our great club !! They actually think it’s their right to beat teams!! But reality is without the cheating from 1988!! As that thats murray and the Edinburgh judges and banks did their thing! With other people’s money!They just a bigger version of hearts!! Well without

    fans that care enough to save their club! utter filth!

  • Johnno says:

    I won’t or hide my totally disgust at what the scum stands for all who sail upon that shitty ship which is taken in gallons of piss on a daily basis.
    Majority of our support can laugh at the scum, I wouldn’t be so fortunate myself as totally detest everything that such a shower of shit give breath to such a vile club that’s happy to give life to continue to breed such scum.
    A continued cycle of hate has longed been formed and even the likes of SKY try to use the word “Allegedly” on a totally unprovoked attack in a cowardly manner from behind.
    This has always been a cultural thing within that shithole and it’s about time time every organisation should be called out for what they truly stand for and where they lay there allegiances to.
    Everyone within Scotland knows, yet its about time that more people know on a far bigger scale of what these scummy DOBs really stand for.
    Football club my arse a breeding club in promoting hate is all it’s ever been and needs to be promoted that way now as long overdue in doing so.

    • S Thomas says:

      Take the DOB out , and it’s a good post.

    • stesano says:

      Spot in mhate but a bigger problem is the enablers as there everywhere in that country as most brought up in that hate no matter where they are in their lives now they still have that sickness ! And that protects that poisonous club like the dead one they exist only to foster and promoter vile poisonous hate, racisim, sectarianism and hate! Celtic call it out go to uefa! 99 percent of these creatures are cowards just like that weirdo coach. I rather we stop playing anything club out that cespit! That truly kill them stone dead as they need that game as they live to hate ! Utter poison top to bottom and with blood on their hands through the decades to ! Scum!

  • Jim says:

    Your’e right Stesano…….they certainly hate everything green.
    I recall when they first built their new Ibrox ”Wonderstadium”, they installed Blue, Orange, Yellow, Red and I think White seats in those new stands………..the next obvious colour? Green of course………..but they chose BLACK !!!!
    The old South Stand at CP had Red, White and Blue seats as I recall…….and the front section was Orange!……………….I don’t remember anyone batting an eylid……!!!!!! No one was that bloody small !!!!!
    They are a Club shot through with hatred and entitlement……..and more than a pinch of delusion. The West of Scotland would be a much much better place without them or the ethos they spread into wider Society.

    • Kevan McKeown says:

      @ Jim. Lets no forget them takin ‘eggs benedict’ aff their restaurant menu’s, oh……and GREEN pepperami’s tae. Not allowed ! If they were fuckin starvin, they widnae care whether it wis eggs ‘benedict’ or eggs ‘god bless the pope’ !

    • Stesano says:

      Your right mhate remember it as a kid was in it for Charlie’s last game first time round 4-2! My Dad who was a draghtsman and used to ridicule the design of that cespit ‘ just 4 seperate stands ” much like a st. Johnstone really eh ha ha Anyway he coined it ” the multi coloured flop shop” ha ha bit of a reference of a show for that time oh and it was brown seats mhate ha ha pretty aot that also eh ha ha

    • Stesano says:

      Spot on Jim and it was brown not black seats ha ha pretty alt that tho eh mhate ha ha

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Congrats tae that arsehole, in just one uncontrollable, snide act, he’s brought the ‘ugly minded’ side of scottish football, tae womans football as well. Just couldnae help himself could he ? The bitter look on his pathetic coupon when he goes for Alonzo is plain enough. ( tho he didnae take much ‘holdin’ back. Pretty nifty feet shiftin back the way after he done it ). And btw, that ‘commentator’ last night whitshername !! Whit an obvious pro-ibrox bubbleheed she is tae.

  • scouse bhoy says:

    more than likely it will be dealt with in house and a police caution at the very most.

  • mhiguel66 says:

    The essential words there are; ‘should be profound’ but they’ll learn nothing; as per usual.

  • Frank says:

    The M.E.T. have agreed to investigate. That’s 1.30pm is he still in a job

  • S Thomas says:

    Guy was a pussy trying to head-but someone when they are facing the other way man.. a pure slithering snake that. The guy deserves a heavy ban for that it was scandalous behavior. That is Sunday league stuff that.

  • John S says:

    The next time I want to commit a criminal assault I should wear blue and do it near a football pitch. The polis don’t bother.

  • Michael Clark says:

    Likewise I was watching the game and was delighted the girls got the equaliser right at the death. The end of the game had the usual handshakes amongst the teams as well as the manager’s. Fran Alonso was congratulating the girls and was obviously delighted with the late goal…. then this clown appears from nowhere and comes charging up behind Alonso and head butt’s him in front off all the girls who all appeared to be mortified by it all. I initially thought ( as if this isn’t bad enough) it was an irate Rangers supporter full of drink. You wouldn’t expect this to happen at a full blown encounter between the men never mind the girls. But what makes this even more unbelievable is its a member of the Rangers dugout. Is this the type of moron at the helm of this club!?!?!

  • SSMPM says:

    Of course McCoist and Talksport’s Laura Woods, in an attempt to minimalize the focus from their hateful behaviour and assault from the rangers representative coach, headed straight for the cover line of it’s not the fault of womens football but that of the two Glasgow clubs and their behaviour over the last few days.
    Celtic bottle/missile throwing scum they’re now talking about us and turned it away as much as they can from the rankers as a result of your behaviour. Proud of yourselves, I doubt you even care. HH

  • John says:

    This is the start of bullying prior to the two games coming up. Everything that can be done by sfa, var, media etc to put pressure on us will be done. Every dirty trick in the book will be tried over the next few weeks. Celtic just need to keep focussed and not get involved in a any debate with them about any issues and leave them to fester.

    WRT our fans. They need to grow up. They are the ones who will bring our club down!

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