Ange Again Shows That At Celtic All The Motivations Are Sound.

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There is a lot right at Celtic at the moment. So much so that you would be easier identifying what is wrong right now with our club. The whole thing is buzzing along in a way that it’s never been before and the results are astonishing to see.

Ange did his Friday presser yesterday and as per usual he had to listen to a true litany of nonsense questions. But he handled it, as ever, in a perfect fashion. The man is unflinchingly cool, calm and collected even when the questions are daft.

Even when the questions are downright offensive, in some ways.

But before all that, Sky aired an interview in which he was flat-out asked if he considered this weekend’s game some kind of grudge match, and if one of his motivations going into it was for “revenge.” Ange actually laughed at the suggestion.

“It’s another tough game,” he said “and we haven’t treated any game like that. We were disappointed with the outcome that day. We didn’t play well and the opposition did. We dealt with that a couple days after when we did our reviews and away you go to improve. Since then, our football has improved immensely, results and performances on a weekly basis have been consistent. We want to finish the season strong so it’s another good challenge.”

Revenge? That does not hold the least interest for this guy. He knows how futile that is; this is three points like every other week, and revenge is a motivation that only applies to spiteful nasty people like the guy across the city.

This is the quality of Ange Postecoglou. All St Mirren did was beat us, and they did it well and they did it clean, and that man respects them for it. This is not a manager who is ever going to say “these are teams we should be beating” or anything casually disrespectful like that, unlike some other bosses in the league who have said all that and more.

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  • Scud Missile says:


  • John says:

    Need to tie this guy down with a long term contract!

  • Johnny Green says:

    Ange once again handles the press with consummate ease and delivers a simple, logical and faultless reply, it’s what we have all got used to by now. They bait the trap and he expertly bye passes it.

  • Eire goCeltic says:

    Fans may know this: When Ange was in Primary School at around 9 years old no teacher or adult
    was available to coach his Football Team. He put his hand up and took on the coaching job. That’s impressive initiative. He coached young teams intermittently from then on as a young lad. His father Jim helped him. His experience would be immense. Tactics, skills, motivation (sport psychology) fitness (sport science) and so on…not sports medicine…Ange knows his limits. He has seen a lot. His mantra of continuous improvement, has been adopted in his own coaching praxis.
    This might help explain why he is so sincere, honest, humble and sensible at his Pressers.
    After the Cup win he thanked all his team, not just the playing team. Terrific. As I said, Fans know this. Just a reminder.

  • Jack says:

    The day we lost to St Mirren, we had no Starfelt or Carter Vickers in central defence and both of the goals were crossed into our central defensive area. I think it was Jenz and Welsh if I remember correctly. This is not necessarily a criticism of them as I believe they gave their all on the day. Hopefully Starfelt and Carter Vickers will be fit tomorrow and playing. If so, we should be better placed to win the three points. Revenge does not come in to it. One game at a time.

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