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BBC Sports Scotland Last Night Was Just A Two Fingered Salute To Celtic Supporters.

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Celtic fans watching BBC Sportscene last night got more than they bargained for, eah? We normally expect the panel of three to have two ex-Ibrox men on it, particularly as Steven Thompson anchors the farce. But last night our fans were treated to three of them.

There’s not even the remotest pretence of impartiality with them any longer. That was a flat-out piss take. That was a two-finger salute to our entire support. It was an insult and it’s hard not to believe that it was other than a calculated one.

We joke about this all the time, about how the one qualification required to get a gig there is not intelligence or being capable of breaking down games but having once wore one of the jerseys of Ibrox. Last night they took that to its natural conclusion and I don’t think a single one of us was laughing at how nakedly, brazenly biased that panel was.

And of course their “analysis” reflected that in almost every respect except when Foster briefly got angry over Todd Cantwell’s astonishing bit of playing acting. These people only just stopped short of demanding points deductions for us. Although we’re all by now pretty used to seeing Sportscene behave as though it were merely an extension of SevcoTV they went all in with this one. Most fans I know who watched it were absolutely appalled.

But what do you do about it? As long as the license fee is mandatory we’re screaming into the void. These people have stopped caring what we think. That they can put on such a nakedly partisan panel last night and basically criticise every decision we got when, in fact, Hibs were lucky they finished the game with ten players and we were always going to get the points.

None of them commented on the naked cynicism of the Hibs display, none of them bothered to point out that they wasted so much time that the game lasted over 100 minutes … that’s virtually unheard of unless there’s a serious injury and a lot of on-field treatment. Even with VAR checking everything it shouldn’t get near that.

But according to this panel of ex-Ibrox men, it was the red card – which they thought was undeserved – which killed the game. That and our penalty which they also thought shouldn’t have been given. All objectively analysed of course.

The BBC is under fire from all sides right now, and they needed to put on a show like this the way seals need to swim in the kill-zone of a great white shark. It is an organisation which, as a whole, has given up on its own survival. On this evidence it doesn’t deserve to.

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  • Charlie Brady says:

    I am 77 years of age am supported Celtic from over 65 years, I watched a program which Archie Mc Pherson and other presenters from the past discussing BBC Scotland employment policy which was biased against anyone of the R C faith. I viewed the programme over the weekend and agree wit the author’s comments, in recent years I stopped buying the daily record as it’s view is anti Celtic, the BBC presenter and panels should be 100% unbiased which they are not.

  • Kevin Dunne says:

    Why ANYONE is surprised at anything sevco based on sportscene or the daily record (aka Huns news) sadly Scotland is predominantly mason controlled but that,s how it,s for as long as I can remember and I,m no spring chicken

  • Craig Knapper says:

    I’m not surprised,let them have their little bit of airtime they having nothing else to shout about

  • Michael Doran says:

    Too true. Radio Scotland, there partner in crime!

  • J.collins says:

    I have complained to the BBC before about the commentator before about his biased commentating as usual the reply was standard corporate crap .the three dummies who where on at the weekend may ax well put on there old rangers tops enough said

  • John Docherty says:

    Stopped watching this garbage weeks ago, find it disgusting ?.

  • Hugh mc garvey says:

    I pay my bbc license on a yearly basis but the bias on this show is terrible and its obvious that the producer has a season ticket for castle grey skull ,its worth noting that only 2 people have been prosecuted for non payment of the tv licence in scotland over the past few years , maybe a non payment protest would get their attention .i will certainly be refusing to pay mine

  • Rob McMillan says:

    It was the way the three of them were smirking as the slaughtered us with their verbal diarrhoea that disgusted me. Sport scene has always been bad but it’s getting worse. Thank God for fast forward so I don’t have to listen to their bile

  • Stevie Fisher says:

    Let them moan , let them complain, if got checked, certified insane, we’re on top again and again, second place they will remain

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