Beaten By Celtic Again And Again, Mouthy Hearts Players Still Think They’ve Matched Us.

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You have to love those at Hearts.

They do love talking a good game, but never on the park.

They do love bigging up their chances against our club.

Notice that it rarely comes to much. They beat Celtic in Ange’s first domestic game quite simply because our manager was still getting his footing. They have not done it since.

Their manager never gives us credit for our wins over them, so why would we expect their players to? Imagine the press asking Andy Halliday for his view? What’s he going to say other than that he thinks they’ll win? Even if he was playing for Kelty Hearts his hatred of this club would permit no other words to come out of his mouth.

He, his manager and his team-mates think they’ve done well against us and that they don’t believe there’s been much in the games. Except the ones he mentioned, his side lost them all.

Nothing between the teams? What, you mean except for the points gap? Nothing in the matches, except in what’s reflected in the final results? Give us peace for God’s sake.

These people would do better to say nothing at all than to talk trash like this at us and get their just desserts. They do it so consistently and never seem to learn a damn thing.

Celtic is a winning machine, and although we were far from at our best the other night we didn’t need to be in order to sweep Hearts aside, and that should give every player at their club pause for thought. Instead they are buying into the hard-luck story being spun by their manager and engaging in the fantasy that they’ve matched us.

Even if this team of ours was not superbly designed and driven by the idea of success for its own sake, these people seem intent on giving them all the motivation they will ever need to win and win well.

I am amazed that this isn’t obvious to them.

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  • Johnny Green says:

    Tomorrow’s game holds no fears for us, no concerns and no doubts, we are a far better side than they are in every way. They will huff and puff as best as they can to try and make a game of it, but they will inevitably succumb to Celtic’s relentless pressure being delivered by far better quality players.

    The Treble is very much on!

  • John Copeland says:

    I thought Celtic were so far superior in every department on Wednesday night that it was as if Hearts players were running around like decapitated ,sorry, headless chickens !

    • Martin says:

      That first Hearts game at Tynecastle? The one where we wrongly had a goal chopped off. A strong penalty claim denied and a hearts player (can’t quite remember who… Some no-mark) got away with GBH? That’s what they’re basing their “we’re nearly able to win” medal on?

      On Wednesday night that lot played the most cynical mix of hammer throwing and time wasting anti football I’ve seen since we last played them. They got their deserved defeat. Tomorrow will be no different.

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Can expect a far more physical game than we had on Wednesday. This one’s the biggest so far of that mob’s season, probably even more important tae them than the league game and cup games are mostly unpredictable. Tho ahm confident and never in any doubt we can do them twice, we’ll need tae be as determined as they are.

  • Eire goCeltic says:

    Ange says mid-fielders and wingers must thread the needle more often to assist likely leads by Kyogo. He did not exactly use those words. Fair enough, but they must look for all leads very early. Mooy to Kyogo last game, was an awesome execution. Perfectly placed and weighted ball. Kyogo’s awareness must be instinctive. I don’t know? Maybe just practice and experience. The simplex often explains. Players receiving the ball only get before and after glimpses of chances. It’s hard. Cal, Matt and Aaron are fantastic. Anthony and Greg are great at supplying the wings. I love to see a long ball curve around a defender to a speedy winger. The Hoops Jersey is one the best for picking-up players quickly in pressure situations. For away games, if the Celtic FC green and white traditional Jersey does not clash with the Home Jersey why not use it, with the Refs permission?. Celtic are ready to supply the forwards. Who replaces Maeda?

  • Martin says:

    Be under no illusions. Those players are being sent out to absolutely clobber our players tomorrow. People misread Neilson’s comments about the Bernabei incident. He wasn’t trying to pressure refs into cards against us, but leniency for them. As usual they will throw themselves late into challenges and expect game to play on.

  • Eire goCeltic says:

    Jota replaces Maeda, Bernabei on Left Wing and OH to come on later as forward?.

  • QuadBhoy says:

    “They beat Celtic in Ange’s first domestic game quite simply because our manager was still getting his footing.”

    I think, iirc, the goal wrongly chalked off for offside that would have made it 2-1 to Celtic might have had a major impact on that result also.


  • Scud Missile says:

    The attitude comes from listening to sevco players and the sevco rejects that end up at that doppelganger klub.

  • Michael Clark says:

    I can only imagine all this nonsense that’s coming out of Tynecastle is fuelled by their manager Robbie Neilson. Just like the media he’s desperate to put one over Celtic. He’s still winging about the tackle on Natheniel Atkinson by Alexandro Bernabei and he says you need to be decapitated at Celtic Park before your red carded (REALLY). VAR which I don’t like brushed it aside and trust me if there had been any hint of foul play, Celtic would have been down to 10 men. Robbie Neilson needs to look at his own team first, they have more red cards than anyone else. And of course he going to say there’s nothing between the teams, he’s got us again on Saturday. This time it’s a lot more serious for him because if he loses again and he will, that’s their domestic season finished.

  • Johnno says:

    This game tomorrow is arguably the best around footballing team in celtic against a shower of shit using all of the dark arts within the game assisted with cheating officials.
    We simply have to win for the sake of Scottish football as any loss will give superhero status by a Scottish media that would applaud such a backwards approach to today’s game upon the world stage.
    The prize for ourselves is making another treble a very realistic target and one this team would thoroughly deserve in achieving, yet for everyone outside of Celtic will look upon this as the best opportunity of stopping such a thing from happening.
    Still strongly believe that our far higher footballing intelligence and quality will overcome the scum approach and acceptable face of Scottish football still, and needs to also.
    The downside is having to listen to more whinging from the tramp yet again, but “what the hell do care now”

  • Johnny Green says:

    Decapitation is an apt word for that bitter wee bastard Neilson to use, because every time Celtic beat them he loses the heid.

  • Michael Clark says:

    I’m absolutely delighted with Celtic today I made comment earlier that we would have to come out of the traps early and they did just that. I also said the Celtic would have to be solid at the back and they were. If I’m being honest when this draw for the quarter finals was made I thought this was the worst tie possible. But Celtic just swatted Hearts aside. The one thing I’m noticing about this Celtic team is everyone is a defensive back, a midfielder or a winger come centre forward. Everyone’s contributing to this great team. I would like to make a special mention to a special player Rio Hatate who is on course for the players, player as well as the sports writer’s player of the year. WHAT A FOOTBALL PLAYER

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