Celtic Are Treble Favourites, So Ibrox Winning Nothing Is Certainly Not “Unthinkable.”

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Another day, another pressure heaped onto the shoulders of an Ibrox team which has never been able to handle it. Another day and another individual with links to that club, and who apparently thinks he’s acting in its best interests, telling The Mooch that Celtic winning the treble would not be acceptable.

In fact, anything other than the Scottish Cup and people will seriously be talking about a club in crisis. And they aren’t far from the truth, but they are the ones making the crisis. A first time manager who inherited a team from someone else should never be under this much pressure after just a few months in the job … but whose fault is it that he is?

He has dug this hole himself with his preposterous comments. He is the one who was “targeting a cup double” and who first put on the table the idea that failure to win at least one of them would be a disaster. He was the one doing all the talking about how Celtic winning the treble was “unthinkable” on his watch.

I said at the time, you better start thinking about it.

We now have the League Cup. We’re closing in on the title. When does the “unthinkable” start to be thought about? When do these Peepul stop pretending that just because they don’t want it to happen that it can’t happen and won’t happen?

You have people like Numan in the papers today. You have guys like Barry Ferguson and Kris Boyd. Alan Hutton and Alex Rae. Not many IQ points between that lot, but a lot of aggressively delivered denunciations of what the manager is doing. All of them have one demand; stop Celtic at all costs. All costs, by the way. Even if it endangers the club.

You have Ferguson in the papers today telling the club that they should give Allan McGregor a new one year deal so that they can spend £5 million on a new striker instead of £2.5 million. That club will be lucky to raise the latter figure if they also spend money on Malik Tillman as the manager has demanded that the board do.

These Peepul live in cloud cuckoo land. They throw numbers about as if it’s Monopoly money, apparently without realising that someone has to actually write those cheques and hand them over. But hey, as long as it isn’t them.

I have never known another club which does this to itself over and over again.

Celtic, as a club, are so far in front of that lot on every front that it is sheer folly to make winning the Scottish Cup into a do-or-die proposition but that’s exactly what everyone surrounding that club is now focussing everything on. And they still need to get to the final – and so do we – before they even start to worry about the task of beating us to it.

But listening to The Mooch yesterday, he has both teams in the final and he’s already sweating over it. Not for Ange any of this ridiculous nonsense, he knows that we’re a long way from having to concern ourselves with that and until we do he won’t.

Yet the whole of the Ibrox media, and their fan sites too, are consumed by the big “What if?” I just have one thing to say to them.

For something that’s “unthinkable” you sure spend a lot of time worrying about it.

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  • Johnno says:

    The week ahead is massive, starting tomorrow.
    Winning all 3 of the next 3 games will make the treble more of a realistic target, any slip ups can turn everything upside down yet and Ange and the players are only to well aware of it also.
    The focus has still to remain upon ourselves with the carry on within the scum only treated as an amusing sideshow for our supporters.
    Big week ahead, along with big decisions has to remain our focus and fuck what ever goes on within the scum zombies

  • William McMurray says:

    The beauty of last week is imagine they had won the cup.They would be world club champions in 2 years and the sculptur would have been booked for Beales statue. Instead the pesky Tims won it and every women’s refuge in Scotland is queud out the door. Hail Hail my friends the fun has just begun again

  • Johnny Green says:

    The “unthinkable” for me is for Celtic not to win the Treble. It is now very much in our reach and our resolve and our intensity, along with our better quality of player, should ensure that we go on and and do the needful. A cool, calm and collected approach is all that is required.

    I hope that the unthinkable for them destroys them.

  • Jack says:

    Celtic will win the treble unless there are any “honest mistakes” that go against us in the Scottish Cup. Unfortunately we have been afflicted by this in the past. Usually at Hampden in Semi Finals. That’s the only threat to the unthinkable becoming reality.

  • scouse bhoy says:

    the next round of sky sevco televised dates will be interesting. most of our away games are on a sunday most of sevcos are saturday midday. they are playing before us a ridiculous amount of times anything to give an advantage .

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