Celtic Can Now End Ibrox’s Season Early And Send Them Into A Cruel Summer.

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That was the draw we wanted last night.

It was perfect right down to Colin Hendry doing it and trying to keep a straight face. I think that it’s the draw most of us wanted, although we will not underestimate them.

They beat us in this competition last year, at the same stage, so you might say there’s a certain symmetry here.

Oddly enough, if you check out what was being said on the Ibrox forums last night they wanted it as much as we did; so be it. They are destined to discover the truth of Oscar Wilde’s famous maxim; “When the God’s wish to punish us, they answer our prayers.”

In truth, I think what we’re hearing from over there is a lot of false bravado.

They know what this means.

Lose that one and there’s nothing left for them this season, except a segue into a long cruel summer.

I don’t envy them the choices they are going to have to make when it rolls around. Even the prospect that Morelos and Kent might sign up for another tour of duty can’t be terribly satisfying; the same old losers in the same old roles.

We are confident and we should be.

They are worried and they should be as well.

Those things alone don’t add up to a win, but the idea that we are the club under the most pressure here – and that’s how it will be painted – is fanciful rubbish. Whatever happens in the semi, we have a title still to win and we’ll have a celebration planned no matter what.

This is everything for them, and it’s everything for them because their manager very publicly and very foolishly set the club a target to win both of the cups and he’s already failed on the first one. We know that from now until they game they will work themselves into a frenzy over it so that by the time it comes the weight of it will be killing them.

The end of this campaign will be all they think about after that, and it will bring them absolutely no respite. It will bring them absolutely not peace.

I wanted this draw though primarily for what it means to us.

End their season so that we can enjoy the remainder of ours without all the nonsensical baggage that the media would attach to cup final day. This way, if we win, it’s all about us, it’s all about the strength of Celtic.

We deserve that. Ange deserves it.

Cup final day would be nothing but a celebration of us.

That’s what’s at stake, as much as the trophy and the treble.

A day for our fans, and our club.

After that joyless Covid year in which we couldn’t see games and the club threatened to collapse we are here. Back at the top where we belong. To win a double, and then a treble after that … incredible.

And that’s why I can say that we earned it. It’s as Nixon said, “It’s only when you have been in the deepest valley that you can know how magnificent it is to be on the highest mountain.”

We’re almost there, guys.

Being realistic, they are what’s in the way., and the chances are they’d have been in the way anyway.

So let’s do it now, let’s end it.

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  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Agree wi that. We had tae meet them at some stage really. Prob better gettin them in the semi anyhow. We owe them for last seasons semi-final, so hopefully on the day of the final, we can send them out wi their wives, partners whatever, tae B&Q for kitchen appliances, maybe other household accessories, or somethin equally excitin, who gives a fk, while we’re at Hampden again.

  • JimBhoy says:

    I would never presume we would win any game, I would like to think the best team in the country could but cup games are funny sometimes. I am glad we get them in Semi though. Saves major disruption on final day and the hospital staff can breathe a little easier.

    I hope to see an item on Levein’s comments today, got to be the most ludicrous ever. He could be the next Keevins.

    • harold shand says:

      He’s a mug , forty years in the game and never won a major trophy , the only reason he gets so much airtime is because he doesn’t hide his hatred for Celtic

  • Timbilly says:

    It’ll be nice to get ICT in the final. We owe them a thrashing for the 2015 semifinal when Ronnie was denied the treble.

  • Michael Paterson says:

    Got to disagree James. Beating them in the final would have been total humiliation for them. In their world, we would have equaled their ethreal treble tally. And, soon to be their now ethreal league tally. HH??

  • Michael Paterson says:

    Got to disagree James. Beating them in the final would have been total humiliation for them. In their world, we would have equaled their ethreal treble tally. And, soon to be their now ethreal league tally. HH??

  • Finbar muldoon says:

    We’ll have a whole FIVE weeks of banter leading up to Final. As not due to be played till June. HH

  • John Copeland says:

    I heard a wee rumour that they wanted Keith Jackson to make the semi final draw last night ! He was unavailable due to unforseen circumstances ,so got his understudy instead ….

  • Dolphin Boy says:

    Unbelievable trash on the huns forum writing off the possibility of a Celtic win in the Semi.
    They fail to acknowledge or recognise the impressive run we are on at the moment as seen in the last two visits to Swinecastle.
    I so much want Celtic to leave them with nothing for the remaining few months of the season other then licking their wounds.

  • Johnno says:

    With the level of corruption and cheating that exists within Scottish football and become famous for its existence, was very surprised at the draw, due to the consequences of when we actually win the match.
    You are correct in saying James that it sets ourselves up nicely for over a full month of total celebration, and totally deserved, yet the scum board faces the full revolt of the mutant DOBs.
    Win the Derby early in the month will confirm the title.
    Win the semi and 2 totally different reactions within Glasgow, are all of the authorities involved within Scotland and Glasgow really prepared for the fall out of a Celtic win?

  • SSMPM says:

    The couple of huns’ arrogant comments I’ve read point to them being really happy at getting an “easy route” to the final, ‘ICT look a good outfit and will be favourites to smash Falkirk, watched a couple of their games and really impressed so we got the easier draw in getting those ……’. The huns’ misplaced arrogance is matched only by their actual belief that their team is a quality outfit. Only in their tiny minds. HH

  • Paddybhoy67 says:

    No need to warm the baws in that draw. I could see the numbers! And I’m sure Colon Hendry could too.

  • Tenaka Khan says:

    The draw I wanted, but as much as I’ll enjoy the tears of their rancid fans I’m much more interested in the institutional damage it’ll cause them. No runners up money. No TV money. Players demoralised and demotivated for their last five fixtures. The knock on effect on season ticket sales. Diminished profile for potential investors and for prospective transfer targets, forcing them to pay over the odds for the next generation of Lundstrams and Roofes. All of this leading to a problematic pre-season for them.
    They were EXTREMELY lucky in their CL qualifier last season – their opponents practically threw one into the net in both ties and if after us winning yet another treble they then fail to qualify for the CL the implosion will be glorious.

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