Celtic Cannot Control What Outside Parties Say, But We Should Call Them Out On It.

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Today’s media stories about Liel Abada are the result – and not for the first time lately – of people outside of the club feeling like they can pass comment, and judgement, on what is going on inside it. This is, in fact, the second time this month than Israeli sources have published stories about our club which are leading to questions about our player.

We cannot control what other people do, say or write.

We wouldn’t want to.

A certain level of scrutiny is necessary for any organisation which wants to thrive.

There should always be someone picking away at us to keep us on the right track.

But this isn’t that of course.

This is people commenting on the internal workings of our club who have absolutely no business doing so.

What right does a guy who is based in Israel have to comment on our plans for our player? And Celtic should be sending him and others a very clear message; to back up and shut it about stuff that’s none of their concern.

Can you imagine someone at Celtic doing this a year from now about Giakoumakis?

Can you imagine if Michael Nicholson was spending his time thinking about and talking about players who were here but who Celtic has already moved on? What would the purpose of it be?

What would those clubs have to say about it? Nothing good I would bet.

And we would wonder, and not without good reason, whether we were giving that guy enough work to do around the place if this is what he was focussed on.

The thing of it is, this guy isn’t even involved at Maccabi Petach-Tikva any longer, and hasn’t been for years.

He had no role in developing the player or moving him on to Celtic, and he has no skin in the game.

He hasn’t been involved in any level of Israeli football since 2014.

He’s currently working at UEFA … and that’s where Celtic should direct their anger.

His comments are made without the least working knowledge of things behind the scenes at Parkhead, and Peter Lawwell should be asking him – and his current bosses – what in the Hell he thinks he’s doing.

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  • Jim The Tim says:

    Ask wee Abada first, he might be part of it.
    It’s repeating and irritating.
    Time for Abada to go if he can’t answer to it.


    Why bring Pistol Pete into it.
    Nicholson is the CEO responsible for the day to day
    running of the Club.
    Keep Pl out of the day to day running or we’ll pay for it.
    Celtic is no longer his personal fiefdom.
    Let him stick to the Boardroom and his ceremonial function.

  • Johnno says:

    There is nothing we can do about speculation and even many celtic supporters could well be looking to far ahead for such speculation also.
    All speculation does is a very weak attempt to try and unsettle a player, even moreso when no such speculation can bear any fruit, especially with an ongoing season with a closed transfer window.
    Only in a Hun media is such bullshit seems worthy still.
    Ange and the club will address this issue surrounding abada, if there is any issue whatsoever, and that will be in the summer, along with any other issues regarding NEXT season.
    Until then THIS season has still to be completed and expected for abada to be very much part of that still.
    A good young professional that will handle the nonsense and bullshit also, so a non storey that deserves the bollocks given to those wishing to entertain it.

  • John A says:

    Lawwell wont

  • John S says:

    His opinion is only worth as much as any other pundit. Someone probably asked him a question, he replied. Someone else then took the information for their own ends. The Scottish media are currently in overdrive to dislodge Celtic, hardly impartial or promoting the Scottish game. The refs and Crawford Allen’s cronies likewise. It’s a cultural carbunkle from the 17th Century.

  • Allan Loveman says:

    Allan Loveman will be all the pro sevco hacks ringing him up ,chasing ambulances

  • SSMPM says:

    Yes well but we can control what inside parties are saying and bringing Lawwell into it serves no purpose. The less said and heard the better, he has nothing to do with our current progression, that’s down to Ange’s mindset and hard work, the players and the current functioning of the board in supporting them. Outside parties can go do some anti envy anger management courses. HH

  • Pan says:

    Grow some balles Celtic and dig them up for this.
    Why not fine them?

  • Pan says:

    Balls NOT balles.

  • Johnny Green says:

    James, it isn’t all that long ago when you scoffed at the Juranovic transfer rumours and it came to fruition, At the end of the day there is nothing Celtic can do about a player having transfer notions except, as you have said, to be prepared for it with a plan ‘B’.

    We cannot keep blaming the press or anyone else for that matter for the rumours.

    Que sera, sera.

  • Kevin Dunne says:

    He,s just like all the mouth pieces opens mouth and let’s his back passage air out of it, anything for an xtra few quid . Mr know all,s tend to know sweet f all

  • Gerry says:

    I would let abada leave he is either all sugar or to put it somewhat mildly all sh*** imo better players than him have left and spiralled into oblivion.good luck young man but in Ange we trust

  • Stephen Sherry says:

    You having a laugh? This is the Celtic board who okayed the infamous 5 way agreement and has stood by while VAR tries to cheat us and any club playing Sevco week in week out!!! Why start standing up for ourselves now? ?

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