Celtic Face Bigger Summer Crisis Than Ibrox: An Exclusive By Keith Jackass

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Celtic Face Bigger Summer Crisis Than Ibrox: An Exclusive By Keith Jackass

Celtic fans, who have been eagerly anticipating a chaotic summer at Ibrox, will tonight be shocked to learn that their own club is about to be plunged into a major crisis with potentially more than a dozen players set to leave, giving Ange Postecoglou a headache over how he’s going to replace them.

Barkas, Hazard, Welsh, Scales, Urhoghide, Ideguchi, McCarthy, Shaw, Soro and Ajeti are all set to present the manager with dilemmas with none expecting to be at the club when the summer window closes.

This will leave the club desperately short of backup for their backup players, potentially provoking a crisis should more than eight players be out injured at any one time.

Other possible departures include Starfelt, Turnbull, Abada, Maeda, O’Riley, Hatate and Kyogo all expected to be the subject of bids. This would further reduce Postecoglou’s options to the point where he may have to throw players such as Iwata, Forrest and Oh straight into the starting eleven.

If the board limits his spending, he might have to rely on free transfers and loan deals to fill out the squad for their bid to keep the Ibrox boss at bay.

All of this pre-supposes that Postecoglou will even be at Celtic Park in the first place; he will have offers in the summer and Celtic are relying on the lure of Champions League football being enough to keep him at the club. But it might not be.

A neutral panel of BBC journalists including Derek Ferguson, Kenny Miller, Lee McCulloch, Alan Hutton and Charlie Miller all agreed that Celtic faces a major crisis if all these players and the manager depart over the course of one window.

“It could push Celtic back to the Lou Macari days,” McCulloch said, which Neil McCann and John Brown vigorously agreed with.

“It’s what their fans deserve,” said Graeme Souness, a sentiment which was echoed by Alex Rae who added “This should be keeping their fans up at night.”

A vote of the panellists found that 97% were in favour of this scenario.

The Ibrox boss, in the meantime, will have the opportunity to re-shape his squad in his own image and there is likely to be plenty of money for him to spend, particularly if he can convince Kyle Fox and the Americans to give the club money without getting shares in return or seats on the board.

An Ibrox insider told me last night, “Let’s face it, we convince mugs to part with their money all the time. Why should the Americans be any different?”

A former Ibrox director, currently based in South Africa, told me “Celtic are set to lose a dozen players in the coming summer and yet your paper never writes about it. They are facing an enormous rebuilding of their B-team and yet all the focus is on Morelos and Kent leaving. There are clearly too many Celtic fans employed on your publication.”

We reached out to a Celtic director for comment, and only one, called Peter, was willing to return our calls. Far from seeming downhearted, he was positively thrilled by the prospect.

“Some of these people should never have been on the wage bill in the first place,” he said. “I will be glad when all the mistakes of the past have been cleaned up. Well, except for me.”

Ange Postecoglou listened patiently to my question, hung up the phone and called his lawyer.

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  • Kevin Dunne says:

    First 10 players mentioned are nowhere near first team squad and will NOT be missed ,the others is just mason/Huns prayer group ,manager has made it CLEAR he,s going nowhere out of all mentioned maybe one will go for right price Abada, all u,s X Huns still masons just talk and let your big bellies rumble . Daily record should change name to daily rancord , concentrate on goings on at ipox and stay out of CELTIC business.shower of no use clowns

  • JohnG says:


  • John says:

    What a load of shyyyt this article is.

  • John says:

    My take on it would be Celtic work great behind the scenes to to get rid of players who have NO future at the club, to free up wages to get others in to take us to the next level.

  • Dolphin Boy says:

    James is at the wind up here I can find no such report by Jackson , never the less it was very good entertainment which I hope the huns will enjoy.

  • Lanarkbhoy says:

    That’s the biggest piece of nonsense I’ve ever wasted my time reading. I’ve been critical of this guy, and his self righteousness, over a period of time on a number of his posts which are all about him not CFC. This is the last I’ll ever read. Blocked when I post this comment.

    Nothing he posts is about Celtic it’s all about his own ego. He is a disgrace a self indulgent man. I’m very surprised that David at CNN allows this guy to post so much irresponsible and irrelevant nonsense on this forum. I can see from many responses to various articles that many other readers share my opinion. Come on David!!! retire JF

  • Henry McDade says:

    Slightly off topic, James, but I reckon Ange should have a look at this lad – just called into the Aussie squad at 17, in place of the injured Riley McGree (Remember him?)

    He is fantastic – what shooting power

  • PCW28603 says:

    Surely these responses are a wind up?
    People can’t be that stupid, can they?

  • Pan says:

    The old “Tongue in cheek” way!

  • Marie says:

    Brilliant. I’m sure a few neanderthals will be delighted to be sucked in by this…

  • Thomas Daly says:

    Who is the unintelligent knuckledragger writer he ought to look at himself and concern himself with his own scumbag team and the assaulters who manage THEM.

  • Davie says:

    Don’t see any issues with the first group of players mentioned moving on, they are not part of the team.
    2nd group are under long contracts, only Abada has shown a restless side, that’s down to him wanting permanent starts, can only say yes I would want to play every game as any honest footballer will.
    The others are all very happy and will only become unsettled by greedy agents feeding them stories of granduar, the 2nd group should stay and learn to improve themselves in preparation for a move in a year or two.

  • Robert Downey says:

    A complete and utter load of guff, April 1st is Saturday

  • Billy says:

    You are a bigger jackass than him, you send it out as a blog

  • Mark logan says:

    Absolute pony from blue nose bums. Here we go three in a row

  • Patrick mcdaid says:

    Yes all those ex rangers players are hoping celtic fall apart in summer that is the wish only hope theyv got.always say bad negative things to try discredit anyone.people like kenny miller should never had been allowed anywere near celtic park as he is not good enough a fake he is talking garbage as usual then barry ferguson another failure a right wee ned of a player who is guilty of bad play then the rest total failures.celtic are biggest best riches club in scottish that is the fact with best players .all those gutter press sport writers cant accept the facts

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