Celtic Fans Assailed By Another Boring, Pointless Article Linking A Player To England.

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Get ready for another sleepless night, folks. That notorious purveyor of rumours, gossip and tittle-tattle, Football Insider, has the mighty Brighton “planning” a summer bid for Reo Hatate.

There is no direct quote. Not even the merest hint that this is real information. Just speculative guff, easily deniable as there’s not a single verifiable fact in it.

And even if it were true, so what? Brighton?

There is much play on the fact that they are sitting seventh in the EPL right now, and this is supposed to convince of us precisely what? That they are a massive club?

They aren’t, they are Brighton, who last won a major honour … eh … never? Unless we’re including lower league titles (League One as it is right now, in 2011) and the Charity Shield, which they last won in 1910.

Brighton has exactly one selling point, other than their beach-front location, which is that right now they happen to play in the EPL.

Other than that, what’s there to credit this?

They can give him a massive salary, sure, but there’s no realistic football argument to be made here.

He will have bigger opportunities. He will have vastly better options.

As a Celtic fan I get sick of this.

We play in Scotland but we’re a gigantic club and Brighton are a wealthy one by an accident of geography. They aren’t a big team though. They aren’t an iconic name, and no amount of money will make them one.

I mean come on. The biggest thing ever to happen to them is still Brian Clough.

Normally I’m not the sort of person who pours such scorn on other clubs (except for the one across town haha) but honestly, this is all very tiresome. If Reo ever fancies being by the seaside, then I recommend Brighton. It’s a nice place, it’s all very friendly and touristy and he’ll have a fine time although there are better options abroad.

If he wants to play in the Champions League, if he wants to win things, I recommend staying here. That’s what Ange will tell him, that’s what any sensible person in his orbit would tell him, and if he has an agent urging a move like that on him I recommend swapping out the agent.

The story is a nonsense. Even if there were facts relating to it – and I don’t see a single one – it would still be a pile of steaming excrement. I mean what does it mean to “plan a bid” anyway?

You know how much money you have to spend, so you either make the bid or you don’t. Anything else is posturing, and you should only try that if you have the scale to pull it off.

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  • John S says:

    Another fantasy by the Disrupt Celtic Department.

  • Paul says:

    If you worked for coca cola and they were paying you X amount & rolla cola came and offered you 5x what coca cola were paying.
    Would you knock it back because coca cola are a bigger name is the coke world?
    What people failed to get into their heads are, these players aren’t celtic supports. They have no emotional ties to the club.

    • Benjamin says:

      I agree Paul. It’s no secret that most players these days are mercenaries, and I don’t use that term disparagingly either. Players have short careers – usually not more than 15 years as full professionals – and it’s only sensible for them to maximize their earnings as much as possible, particularly if they find themselves at a club with which they have no emotional attachment. A lot of players come through Scotland hoping to play well and earn a pay day down south. As long as the players are open and honest with the club about that, and the clubs benefit when the players leave, I don’t think there’s anything particularly problematic about that at all.

  • Michael Mccreery says:

    Professional footballers want as much money as they can get sad but true, if a decent offer comes in for any player then we sell and move on this is the sub-stainable business model like it or not

  • Eamonn Wright says:

    Alexis McCallister is there,and he is a world cup winner.Ok he was there before the WC but doesn’t look like he is making any waves to leave.I hope it’s guff as well,but fact it’s Brighton is immaterial it’s the EPL ,the holy grail for overseas players.

  • Martin.H says:

    Our outstanding player this year, got him injured, got him unsettled, not good enough for Japan, because he’s playing in a bum league, christ they are scared. ?

  • Johnny Green says:

    Transfer speculation is all part of football, there is no point in knocking it, it happens and will always continue to happen. The players are not all daft wee boys, they can make their own minds up as to what is real and what is mischief making and, at the end of the day, they will decide when they should move on and to where. We can only make them feel as welcome and as comfortable as possible while they are at Celtic Park, but they are human and they will make mistakes. However, the only decision that matters is the one that they themselves, rightly or wrongly, eventually make.

    • John smith says:

      There’s a difference between transfer speculation and mischief making,,James point is (I think) the Scottish rags make up shit as they go along,,,wishful thinking on they’re part,,,,,,

  • SSMPM says:

    I’m sure it emanates from the rags’ employees’ wishful thinking but we won’t know if that’s where it ends. Just one pathetic example to highlight here; who works for those rags and who’s raison d’etre seems to be exhibited through contempt for Celtic even though he denies the loathing that we see and hear from his regular scornful commentaries.
    James’ nemesis Keevins for one has a horrible habit of mixing in the wrong company. Some his family live there, support Brighton, and like it or not he probably talks with people in a position to care about bringing good players to their club, a club that he watches on his visits and says he supports. His shitty breath spreads like an airborne disease. Other hun muck spreaders are available down there and can’t wait to empty our squad for the benefit of their beloved son of Frankenstein club.
    As if teams in the EPL aren’t already watching our players anyway. They can see us selling quality players at an unbelievably low comparative price to that of other European clubs, JJ is a fine example and Berlin are still wiping their eyes in amazement at that.
    We need to stop that now as a club and up the price tag for these players It’s only a conveyer belt if we have an unlimited supply of cuddly toys.
    James said that Brighton has exactly one “selling point” and then he went on to rattle out a few of them himself. Couple that with the other reasons the bhoys above added in their comments, sunshine and a complete absence of the disease that is bigotry then the rags could easily start to infiltrate and corrupt the mind of agents and players. So we can make them feel welcome, provide trophies and CL opportunities. As we’re not spending the money on £9/10m as Ange said we would if we let our favourites go, well we’ve not yet let enough go at a high price in fairness anyway, so we could try to increase the current players wages to tempt them to stay and keep the squad for longer.

  • John says:

    Is it not part of our strategy. Buy cheap sell for big bucks.

    Players have no allegiance to clubs anymore. Tye lure of money is the driver and playing in the bigger leagues.

    In the last 10 years how many celtic players have moved south to the big 6. Probably none. But some have moved on from their first english club.

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