Celtic Has Had A Good And Quiet Week, In Spite Of The Crazy Off-Field Headlines.

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Ange heading for England. Abada heading with him, but presumably not to the same club since the manager has an issue with him. Injury issues. Ticketing problems with the Ibrox team. It’s been a busy week or so since the last game in the league, but we’re almost at the weekend where I’ll be travelling down to Anfield for the Legends game.

Then it’s right back home and right back to business. Celtic preparing for the trip to Ross County. But then, that’s sort of what the club itself has spent the last week on, and the complete absence of news from Parkhead is something that I admire.

Over at Ibrox, players are running off at the mouth again, with Tavernier leading the way, focussed on a game that is actually weeks and weeks away. They are talking about sitting down – at last – with their out of contract players, and even as they are doing so the club is rocked by news that Mad Dog’s agents have been talking to teams in Turkey.

If it turns out that he signs for a club there, what does that say about The Mooch? That he was crazy for waiting this long? Will the media give him stick over it, because he clearly deserves it? I doubt it, as we all would doubt it.

Celtic is not distracted. Celtic marches on. We’re not focussed on the semi-final or the game against the Ibrox club at home. The next game is Ross County and it’s all we are thinking about. Celtic has generated virtually no news from inside the walls this week, and as difficult as that makes this job, as much as I want something to write about from inside every day I am glad from the point of view of what it says about our professionalism; the very finest.

This is how it should be. Our club is making good use of the quiet. Players are getting fit, others are resting up, and even the lack of international call ups from Asia and America have worked in our advantage. The quiet week was just what we needed.

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