Celtic Is Not “Driven” By The Ibrox Club’s Form, Whatever The Motherwell Boss Thinks.

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Ever since Ange Postecoglou took over at Celtic he and this team have been motivated by just one thing; the setting of our own standards. This is the most driven and dedicated Celtic side I have watched in my lifetime.

They are consistent to a degree which is almost unbelievable.

Every player works hard. Every player gives his all.

One of the secrets of our success is that we never focus on what other people are doing elsewhere. Another of the secrets of our success is that our quest for glory and honours is motivated solely by our drive and desire to be everything we can be.

The Motherwell manager sat in front of the media yesterday, with his game against the Ibrox club coming up, and spoke about the form of their team and ours.

He seems to think that we’re motivated to keep on winning because they are.

He ought to listen to Ange and our players more.

Our record goes back to before theirs. We’re winning whether they’re winning or not. What drives us is Ange’s desire to keep on improving, to keep on evolving, to keep on growing as a team.

As such, we couldn’t care what they’re doing over there, the only thing that matters, and drives this Celtic team, is that we continue down that path, a path towards excellence, knowing full well that if we can keep on progressing down that road that the rest takes care of itself.

It’s a simple philosophy.

That’s why it’s hard to understand why so many folk struggle to comprehend it. When you are already the best and your sole focus is being even better, for its own sake, for its own rewards, how is anyone else meant to catch you?

Their form over there has been good, but we’ve rendered their efforts redundant and in beating them in the cup we’ve plunged them into crisis, proving that whilst we’re not focussed on them they are absolutely driven by what we’re doing here.

Robinson should think more before he opens his mouth.

That was a daft comment to make, especially as every word out of Celtic Park contradicts it.

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  • Bigmick says:

    Who is Robinson?

  • Pan says:

    Well we will see how motivated Robinson’s team is at the weekend.

  • Jayman says:

    Kettlewell is the Motherwell manager, not Robinson who is at St Mirren

  • SSMPM says:

    Ange clearly identifies what we are now though it’s not always been that way. Rodgers I believe tried and failed in that effort and had to move on as Lawwell’s lack of ambition and happiness just to achieve at the SPL level stunted any further progress he wanted to make.
    We are thanks to Ange’s quality as a manager, persuasiveness and financial astuteness, striving forward to recover our true European identity. He has proven to the board that this is the way. Like many that comment on here I don’t think some of our players are yet near that level. Ange is overseeing a work in progress but it is progress. It’s not yet, it could be argued, of the 2003 standard but that also took considerable squad investment. Some of our players are ‘good enough’ and have much to prove to be part of the longer term plan and that includes some of the recent signings but I’m prepared for now to see how they develop rather than slate them for now. Ange knows we need more quality and the route we need to take to get there within our financial constraints. That I think will be his main reason for staying at Paradise this team though is as stated driven, dedicated and consistent as well as bloody entertaining. The last thing we need is sevco, lowering our standard to their level is totally the wrong consideration. The sooner their impending collapse becomes terminal; the better. We’re on own side now. HH

  • Lanarkbhoy says:


  • Therese Storrie says:

    How is it when Ange is asked about another teams business he tells no I’m not going to speak about another team and refuses to do so
    Then every other manager in the league seems to wants to stick it to us at every opportunity ?

  • Scud Missile says:

    Lol a wee bit over excited there James with Robinson being the Motherwell boss,but we forgive you,lol.

  • Scud Missile says:

    Your over doing it there we know about the manager part of the article,other post’s are for laugh yours seem to a touch of arrogance about it.

  • Johnny Green says:

    I don’t think for one second that Ange or any of the players think about the huns until we are actually due to play them. They don’t enter our Club’s thoughts from one week to the next as we primarily focus on our next opponent. That is our strategy which has has been working perfectly well for us all season and it will not change. The presence of the inadequate huns, yapping away far behind our heels, really is totally inconsequential.

  • Andrew Lamb says:

    What manager are you referring to? Robinson is the St Mirren coach is he not? Although he’s the same as Goodwin M’cinnes Neilson and Martindale as in they all like the sound of their own gub but their teams can’t match the rhetoric.

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