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Celtic Players Are Advised To Leave. Ibrox Players Are Always Advised To Stay.

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Last week, I wrote about the utter insanity of Ibrox’s contract talks strategy and The Mooch’s blithe insistence that no actual conversations had taken place or were taking place. In his latest interview he’s said that this week – international break week – is the one in which he intends to sit down with the players and have this out.

Separate reports today gush with optimism about the prospect of keeping Morelos and Kent. Those reports weren’t even written by Celtic fans; we’re the only people who should be excited at that particular idea.

There is no scenario which it’s not in some way a drag on their club. As I said the other day if they go they need replacing, and if they stay they’re keeping together a team which has proven itself incapable of sustained success.

The whole way they’ve gone about this has been nonsensical, but they’ve been aided and abetted in this by a media which has never once encouraged these players to seek opportunities elsewhere. You notice that? Where are all the stories telling these guys to get out of their comfort zone, that it’s in their best interests to move, that they need to test themselves?

Why is the opposition in Scotland too poor for the likes of Abada to grow against, whereas Kent and Morelos are encouraged to sign new deals and stay?

Do they lack ambition if they sign their new deals or will it be spun as them “buying in” to what The Mooch is trying to do? No prizes for guessing, especially as that’s the spin already being put on it.

You could not mark the necks of some in our media with a blow-torch. The double-standard is obvious. They’ve not put anyone at Ibrox under the least pressure over these deals, not the directors, not the manager, not the players and not even the agents. Celtic players and their agents would be getting it tight all the way here.

Anything to avoid upsetting that club, which is why today’s media is full of stories about how Abada will leave Celtic in the summer, and that’s being spun as a disaster from which we’ll net four times what we paid for him at a minimum … yet at Ibrox they are being spoon-fed stories about how they will keep both of their “superstars” although these guys can go for free to any club which wants to open talks with them.

Even a blind man could see how biased and ridiculous that is.

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    Feels like a win for us. Rumour of intergalactic fees when fat boy was scoring goals encouraged sevco to splurge on the portly Columbian. Kent, having missed Broony with a fresh air swipe( still wish Broony stayed on his feet and “Broonied” the imposter [email protected]) increased his wages too. Why the actual fudge, would we want such underachieving serial losers to leave? Promote the feck of them so that sevco bite and fritter their meagre budget plaease

  • Dan Tinney says:

    They cannot see how the Celtic machine now works! We have most of our saleable assets on long term contracts and Celtic will sell one or to per season but not before we have suitable replacements either tied up or in the pipeline , ask Juranovic . The money we get for them will add to our transfer kitty for better players thus keeping us well in front going forward . It’s a terrific model designed to keep our boot to the throat of the team from Ibrox .

  • Johnny Green says:

    Our biased press are a boon to us all, they spew out comfort lies to the huns and they swallow it hook line and sinker. It’s great, and that scenario was also played out prior to Valentine’s Day 2012, for their demise crept up on the sons of satan without a word of warning from their beloved media friends at that time. So don’t knock it folks, let it all go pear shaped once again, the press are unwittingly on our side.

  • Seppington says:

    These stories never appeared when the old dead filth were steamrolling the rest of the league on route to their corrupt 9IAR, either about their players or managers. Likewise there was never any “Scottish football is too easy and Barry Ferguson/Bert Kontermann/Giovanni Van Brinckhorts etc. etc. needs to test themselves down South” stories either, but the moment it looks like the hun are faltering and the righteous Hoops are in the ascendancy it’s all hands to the media bilge pumps to get us put back under their shadow. Well, guess what meedjits of the SMSM; it doesn’t work anymore! We all know that it’s done out of your fear that the Sun has set on the glory days at the Govan cowp and it looks like it’ll be a long time before it rises again in any kind of sustained way….and that is as it should be, as evil belongs in darkness.

  • Bob (original) says:

    It would be reasonable to expect that the agents for Kent and Morelos have touted their – transfer free – clients

    around every potential club in England, throughout Europe – and further afield,

    at least once since the beginning of the year.

    It would also be reasonable to expect that nobody wants either player, otherwise it would be all over the SMSM.

    Kent should find a club eventually – but at significantly lower remuneration?

    Morelos might just waddle back home.

    Yet, these 2 still get a game for sevco: eager / committed squad players must be fizzing?

  • JimBhoy says:

    Too true James and to add to that in a twisted way the Klanbase when their players are doing well want to punt them to get top dollar and the media only too happy with that narrative.

    The reason for this phenomenon is they are trying to compete with the buying and selling of the top team in Scotland. It is hilarious and ridiculous at the same time. There lies the difference in the market usage to the the two clubs.

    If Morelos stays he knows he can live the Greggs lifestyle without having to step on the scales and Kent is an overrated player who would be lucky to get a midtable championship team to come in for him.

    Ironically their top player up for player of the year is most likely one of the worst defenders they have ever had at the club but they get loads of pens. Total embarrassment, truly is.

    I hope all their players stay on at some capacity that way they will know their place.

  • Scud Missile says:

    Let them stay stagnated with the DROSS FAILURES in their team,here’s hoping nobody moves on because if it’s the same auld faces winning the middle of a doughnut this season then it will be an action replay.

  • Michael Clark says:

    We’ll soon see come the close season if anyone come chapping for their two superstars but I wouldn’t hold your breath. One’s got a bigger backside than Kim Kardashian and the other would take his mobile phone on the park if he got away with it. I’m more concerned about what’s happening at home. It was always going to be a problem keeping the English Premiership vultures at bay. They constantly keep an eye on what’s happening at Celtic Park and here we are in the middle of the title race and Southampton come calling with their hard earned money from broadcasting payments. What pisses me off the most is Celtic are due to receive 10 million for Abada yet, if Southampton go on to sell him, they’ll get 4 times that. How many times has this happened to Celtic

  • Jonn says:

    Abada is all paper talk at the moment. No mention in english papers. Stop getting excited.

    Two sevco players will stay as no one wants them

    • Geoff says:

      Quite sure if they stay they will have turned down much better offers from countless clubs throughout Europe!

  • Johnno says:

    Hopefully the banjo boy and the fat EL donkeyo will sign new contracts as would be great news for ourselves.
    Would be very surprised if there was any interest in such a pair of useless wasters.
    The real question should be if there is a stupid enough club out there willing to pay such shite the type of money the scum would be prepared to?
    Can’t see it happening myself, so expecting the usual bullshit from the Scottish media of how they managed to beat the elite of Europe to get dog shit in return

  • John S says:

    Literally “ridiculous” i.e. deserving of ridicule.

  • Johnny Green says:

    I find it hard to believe that any of our fans would consider it possible that our players will ever sit down and read these rags, and even less likely that they would be stupid or naive enough to place any great store in them. Think about it, it makes no sense because it is nonsense. So why get worked up about it?

    • Mickybhoy71 says:

      Exactly..Jota didn’t know who that clown Thompson is, the presenter of the”flagship” fitba show. They are all young boys who don’t digest old media.

  • SSMPM says:

    Of course, forgot about that Mickybhoy ha ha. I don’t think it’s because Jota’s doesn’t digest old or recent years stars in or out of the media, it’s just that he was and is a lol nobody. I bet before he met with Ange he’d never heard of the two superstars we all hope they re-sign, sorry just to remind you I mean Kent and Morelos.
    No doubt he’d heard of a certain Henrik Larsson though. HH

  • Martin.H says:

    The reason they haven’t signed pre contract agreements anywhere else, is because nobody wants them.

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