Celtic’s Task For The Day Hasn’t Changed One Bit. A Win And The Nine Point Lead.

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The job in front of us today is easy. Just win the game. It’s so easy that this is the only place where we’ve not done it in this campaign. But that result sent shockwaves through football here and a pulse of hope through Ibrox.

The same pulse is beating right now. This is what we’ve reduced them to; relying on favours from St Mirren, to keep alive the faintest flame of hope that their car-crash season can be salvaged. There is more wrong over there than they care to admit though, and even if lightning struck twice and we did lose today it would make little difference.

Celtic is as direct, driven and motivated as I’ve ever seen it. This club is doing all the right things, and I’ll be writing about another of them before the match kicks off.

This is the first time I’ve seen us in a place where every constituent part of Celtic is working together, in harmony, exactly as it should, where every player knows his role, where the manager and the board work seamlessly and where it looks built to last.

Because even without Ange, this is the way the club should work from now on. This is how future managers should operate, with total control and full backing from the board. This is Celtic as it should have been years ago.

I expect we’ll win today. Lightning doesn’t usually strike twice and this team is a little bit too good to go down twice to the same side. The last result was one of those weird days in football where nothing seems to go right for you; I had a bad feeling from the minute the game started and we saw those two nearly identical kits.

I’m told the ref has insisted that we, again, wear that ridiculous grey outfit. You would think these muppets were deliberately trying to ruin what should be a good game. Or perhaps they think that conferred some advantage on the home team and want to try to replicate exactly the circumstances of that first match, a sort of weird Boys From Brazil type thing … if you’ve seen the movie or read Ira Levin’s mad book you’ll know what I mean.

Try as they might, we didn’t luck into our title. We earned it.

We’re the best team in this country bar none and I expect that before today at 4pm we’ll have proved it.

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  • Michael Clark says:

    Ange makes comments that he’s not interested in the other team or previous results don’t matter and it’s all about the next game. Like me, you and every other supporter on this planet I’ll bet he wants to put them to the sword. Ange won’t be happy that their the only blip this season. The players I’m sure will be thinking the same. I’m pretty sure St Mirren know what to expect today and the outcome won’t be anything like last time, I’m sure

  • Johnny Green says:

    I hope we prove ourselves the best team in the country by 2.00 pm or sooner.

  • Peter Cassidy says:

    Well that’s not going to plan hope better 2nd half don’t won’t to start dropping points at this stage let’s see how it goes ??.

  • Johnny Green says:

    The 9 point gap is re-established and really, it’s all over bar the shouting. For the record I thought all three VAR decisions were correct, no matter what Andy Walker said.

  • Peter Cassidy says:

    Well better 2nd half great to see many players scoring”well done Celtic again on to the next match boy those blue pundits really hurting lovely.

  • Jack says:

    I believe the three VAR calls were possibly correct. However, the hand ball in the box rule is an inconsistent shambles. It’s unfair to defenders on most occasions. Sevco seem to be the main benefactors of this. Still nine points clear and the goal difference just keeps getting better despite VAR.

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