Celtic’s Tynecastle Win Was So Comprehensive Even Neilson Has No Excuses Today.

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If football gave out prizes for talking a good game, then Hearts wouldn’t even have needed to bother with the game today.

The organisers would have a stuck maroon ribbons on the Scottish Cup and dropped it off at Tynecastle. Sadly, for them, things are a little more complicated than that.

Sadly, for them, they actually have to win football matches.

From the minute the ball was rolling today there was not the slightest doubt about who was going to win the game. Our scoring after the second minute pretty much erased all doubt, but it was more than that.

We started like a roaring express train and they could barely get out of their half.

They managed to test Hart once, but the outcome was not in doubt.

Mooy was sensational. Kyogo proved that he is the consummate predator.

I thought Johnston showed that he’s a better player than Juranovic. Carter Vickers is the undisputed best centre back in the country, and the best Scotland has had in many years.

Celtic’s dominance in that much was so great that even Robbie Neilson had nowhere to go at full time but to praise us for it.

All we’ve heard lately from their club is how close previous games have been. Really?

Does that include the ones where we’ve given you a hiding?

Halliday spoke about this last week, deliberately overlooking the fact that they’d lost all the games he mentioned but more than that, leaving aside those where we’ve done them.

Today we absolutely done them.

He can’t deny it. His manager can’t deny it. Their fans can’t deny it.

Even those at Ibrox aren’t denying it; instead the discussion on their forums has turned to whether it’s better to get beat in the semi or the final itself; most want us in the semi just to get it over with so they don’t have to be there for the treble party.

Hearts now have only Europe to play for, but they are a club who should be used to that. We are heading for one of the biggest ends to a season in living memory, an ending which will confirm us at the biggest club in this country bar none.

Hearts would have been more bearable this past week if they had paid that the respect it was due instead of doing all that mouthing. In the end it didn’t help them.

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  • Johnny Green says:

    Serial losers shouldn’t mouth off. Their big cousins found that out a fortnight ago and they should have taken note. The season has just got a bit of tidying up to do now for Celtic, we are almost home and hosed on all fronts. The jelly and ice cream and the champagne are on ice, just the celebrations to follow.

  • John Copeland says:

    No doubt it’s only a matter of time that some Scottish sports scoop blames Celtic FC for the Gary Lineker comment ! It’ll be Celtic and the Dark Arts forcing Lineker to type the tweet which throws the BBC into meltdown ….Causing widespread anarchy ! Watch this space …

  • Tony B says:

    Celtic pumped the minis twice in one week; 6 for, which should have been more, and 1 against, which was offside.

    These peeple should know when they’re beaten.

    Vae victis.

  • Stesano says:


  • S Thomas says:

    Excellent today from the hoops.. what a finish that was from Kyogo. Well satisfied with the performance. The only thing I disagree about is Johnston is not better than juranovic, apart from that good piece.

  • Tony B says:

    Message to Jobbie and Cockney Wanker:

    Trash talk us, we’ll pump ye.

  • Rodders says:

    It’s obvious to all Celtic fans that, despite the previous trophy haul, the club has been transformed in the last 18 months, the benefits of a manager who does not accept mediocracy and always strives for improvement. This has obviously rubbed off, not only on the players, but the whole club. All of this while playing an attacking football style pleasing to the eye. Whilst we have every opportunity of lifting the 2 remaining trophies, football being football, nothing is guaranteed, but what confidence (not arragance) and a great attitude he has instilled in the squad and the fans.

    The greater test, of course, is on the European stage, the manager knows this and will be foucussed on next season. With the squad now strengthened and more experienced, are they presently capable of progressing in major European competition or do we need more additions? Where are we lacking?

    I would be interested to know what others think, what positions need strengthened, and if so who drops further down the pecking order?

    I have faith that Ange will not sit on his laurels and will continue to look to take us to the next level, he’s an ideal fit for our club and it’s certainly a great time to be a Celtic fan.

    • Martin says:

      We need a succession plan for Hart. I’d like another top striker too (maybe it’s Oh, too early to say). Progress in Europe is how I’ll judge. Clearly Scottish teams are no match for us at present.

    • Johnny Green says:

      Before the CL comes along next season, we need to replace/strengthen our goalkeeping position, our left sided centre back, unless Kobayashi is the answer, and both our LB’s need improved upon. Although it is early days, I am also not convinced that OH is going to be good enough to be the back up for Kyogo.

      • Eldraco says:

        Agree, except kyb is the answer , turner most definitely not for CL.

        New GK high on summer list.

  • Johnno says:

    Far easier and more dominant than I was expecting and flattered the minis by only losing by 3.
    Of course the usual bullshit to be expected, with the Hart save as the turning point, poor defending on all 3 goals and the amount of players the minis had missing.
    Yet it won’t mention that Clark was there best player and kept the scoreline respectable, and our final ball was missing, especially in the 1st half, of having even more goal scoring opportunities.
    We don’t need the media to state just how good this celtic team are, so a busy week ahead for yourself James in dissecting all the bullshit

  • Patrick mcdaid says:

    That 2nd win for celtic..a stroll. Might just shut that motormouth neilson and admit his team are for halliday well hes ex rangers player they didnt want not good enough thinkinh now hes at hearts hes great but reakity is this celtic blooterd hearts off the park as they did last wednesday .if any club in scotland can not respect admire the pure quality that is celtic then i day they ate ignorant stupid

  • paul says:

    news flash celtic are getting blamed for dishing out capital punishment without permission

  • S says:

    Johnston is an upgrade from JJ , great player he was but this guy is far stronger , faster and doesn’t have an inflated ego either .

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