Celtic’s Victory Last Weekend Knocked A Lot Of Ibrox Plans Out Of Orbit.

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This morning, an interview by an Ibrox “investor” named Stuart Gibson is all over the papers.

It was given to a fan-media outlet and it is a preening, strutting and arrogant piece of work. It praises the Ibrox board to the nines, including the under fire members James Bisgrove, Stewart Robertson and Ross Wilson.

It repeats the manager’s lines about how the club is working with “limited funds” and makes claims about the Australia tour saga which are frankly astounding.

What is crystal clear – and confirmed by posters on the Ibrox forums – is that this was set in motion some weeks ago.

It was recorded before the cup final.

It was designed to go out in the aftermath of the win everyone at that club absolutely expected and to land with a support still in the flush of their glory and our humbling.

In the aftermath of what really happened at Hampden, of course, it hit during a firestorm of fury and negativity, none of which was lessened even a little by the win at the weekend just past, especially a second half in which, by all accounts, they were dreadful.

To say that his comments – ill judged to say the least, and now appallingly timed – have gone down badly on their forums is an understatement.

Fans are incredulous.

Even though this was recorded before the final, should it really have been released when it is blindingly obvious that it was meant to be dropped following a major victory and silverware?

The egotism of creating such a thing in anticipation of that – against the best performing Celtic side many of us have ever watched – is astonishing, but nothing next to the sheer stupidity of it ever seeing the light of day and especially right now.

It is clear that many people at Ibrox were making plans based on winning that game.

It is equally clear that this presumption is not the daftest part of it.

We have completely knocked those plans out of orbit, and that they released this anyway shows what they have up their sleeves in reserve; not a whole hell of a lot.

It warms the heart, doesn’t it?

One thing at least is clear now; their board is softening the landing for fans who expect that the summer will see them spend big money. The message could not be clearer that there is no prospect of this happening at all.

As I said yesterday, Ange and the Celtic board should now welcome all this talk about a finance gap.

It’s loser talk, and the Ibrox fans loathe hearing that message from inside their club.

They will be in open revolt long before this season ends, but in plenty of time to contemplate their response to season ticket renewal forms.

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  • Stewart says:

    If and it’s a big(If) drop any points between now and 8th Apr they will implode,, VAR an honest mistake will have to keep them afloat till then, but the way they’re playing mite not be enough,, sit back and enjoy the panto about to unfold,

    • Martin says:

      Alternatively we could drop 3 points between now and then and win the league against them on the 8th…

      Not my preference, I’d like the game won at least the game prior to that.

      • Martin says:

        Actually, ignore that! We go into that game 9 points ahead and we would still win the league against them with anything other than a loss…that’s now my preferred scenario.

        • woodyiom says:

          Eh? Are you forgetting there’s 5 more games after the split which we don’t know anything about yet. We would need to be 22points ahead of them after the game on the 8th to be proclaimed Champions.

          Personally I don’t care when do it so long as we do it.

  • SSMPM says:

    They’re such a staunch swine of moron gullibles that regardless they’ll still renew their season tickets.
    I read the other day that some scum clown was suggesting the hun fans chip in with extra cash over and atop the season ticket renewal cost/s, and their orange lodge fees of course, in a kind of ‘Adopt a Player’ scheme whereby the extra cash raised would help pay any potential transfer-in player’s wages, mibbies stretch to two.
    Thus it’s clear that some over in the midden are well aware, as well as gullible as feck, of the perilous position their club is in, or could be deeper in, with their attempts at fan fund raising just to try to keep their new club of choice afloat and up with us, which of course they are not.
    Mibbies they should have tried reaching into their pockets some 11 or so years ago when they supported a different club that they allowed to die. Silly Billies. HH

    • Scud Missile says:

      Any Joe Bloggs could do that to start or fund a team,chip in a few quid here and there from the dafties.
      A cost of living crisis in this country and that THICKO sevco fan is asking punters to fund his klub for players,that’s why 5 chins Park is there to fund it not the punters.

      • SSMPM says:

        Twas not any old public raising Joe Bloggs scheme, an actual attached to the season ticket scheme going straight into the board’s coffers. Empathy for others is clearly not on his radar, perhaps as his brain develops an opt out may have been considered

  • Scud Missile says:

    Lol blaming others for the Sydney cup not taking place and accusing others of breaking contracts,they had been the klub breaking contracts nobody else.
    Once again sevco like tory government blaming everyone but themselves.

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Theyre just coverin and smokescreenin one mess after another. Had tae laugh tho, their support now tryin tae grab some sort of pathetic compensation from the Liverpool-Man U tankin. As if it makes THEM look any better and the shame any less. Oh…and Man U havenae gained a ‘worst ever’ European tag either. Clutchin at straws disnae even come near the desperation.

  • John S says:

    The ‘pot to piss in’ has been pawned.

  • Peter Cassidy says:

    Waste of time writing about that bigot lot not interested what they cry about it’s all bullshit from them”they are hurting really bad as there cheerleaders”in the media please enjoy there pain.

  • Johnno says:

    Will forever more claim that the 10iar was sacrificed by a celtic board, with lenny playing the puppet in the whole farce, just to keep hun scum in business still.
    The financial gap was meant to close, hence making Scottish football more competitive.
    That plan is up in smoke now, with the hun scum finances worse than 1st thought, regardless of the money raised since there 1st title, and in the meantime our far greater financial superiority has only grown hugely since the arrival of Ange.
    That financial gap will not be closed any time soon by hun scum, if ever, and only stands to grow further with even more commercial opportunities and the expansion of games within the CL in 2 seasons time.
    So the real superiority in Scottish football has and is with the green and white of Glasgow and for the foreseeable and ever moreso.
    Hun scum better start getting use to it as its going to be fun looking in on the explosion when the thick bastards finally see that oldco and newco mean nothing more to us either

  • Johnny Green says:

    It is no surprise to anyone that they are unravelling at the seams after their defeat in the Final. The game at Celtic Park in 4 weeks time will also have them suicidal after we gub them once again. That game will be very straightforward for us unless the ‘FIX ‘is in again, I’m sure Scud will keep us informed on that possibilty.

  • Thomas Daly says:


  • Andrew mcdowall says:

    They must be getting cash from somewhere?

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