Define Irony: Ibrox Fan Sites Lecturing Celtic On Our Relationship With The Media.

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You might have caught the story yesterday about how The Athletic is dropping its dedicated coverage of Celtic now that it’s full-time writer on the club has headed off to pastures new. It wasn’t a massive story, as The Athletic is basically one of millions of online publications, but their reason for doing so was certainly interesting and got attention.

They have tried their best to get proper media accreditations at Celtic and come up against the brick wall. The club will not give them the status it affords to jokers like Jackson and Keevins and others. I find that shocking.

Their writers are so far in front of these guys that it’s frankly embarrassing.

The club has made a big mistake on this, but it’s the continuation of a larger mistake. If the club gave online media the accreditations it does the print trade – and it should, because the whole industry is moving online where, to be frank, these people will be crushed by the competition as they are already, then it would open doors for us that are currently closed.

In doing so, it would rob a lot of enemies of Celtic of their power and influence.

To me it’s an absolute no-brainer. And yet that’s not the point of this piece.

The point is, The Athletic has decided that it since it won’t provide extensive coverage to Celtic that it will not provide extensive coverage to the club from Ibrox either. And their forums are fuming at that, seeing it as a sop to our club when our club has refused to help the outlet in question.

And they dare to lecture us for that, and they dare to lecture the Athletic for no longer covering them.

You have to admire this. The brass neck of it is pretty remarkable.

They didn’t crack a light, these folk, when the media was denied access to their club unless individual outlets forked out thousands of pounds. In fact, they cheered it on in the most moronic way.

They didn’t care that mainstream titles were being treated so shabbily then. In fact, they were gleeful about it.

For them now to bitch and moan because a paper is cutting back on covering them when only those which were willing to pay were able to until not that long ago … disgusting. They have no shame whatsoever.

The Athletic has made it clear they would have cut coverage of Ibrox anyway because, surprise surprise, their club treats them no differently than Celtic and other sides in the league do.

These clowns are permanently offended by everything and stone hypocrites to boot.

I’ll tell you, the day we take lessons from that club and its fans in media management is the day we can all chuck it.

Because that’s a joke.

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  • Kevan McKeown says:

    It’s the usual ‘selective amnesia’. A habitual ‘characteristic’ of accusin everybody else (especially us), of bein or doin EXACTLY what they are, or have been guilty of theirselves, wi just about everythin. Always ready and willing tae twist matters round tae suit theirself and their own agendas. Ffs, they even try and make up their own history, so nae surprises here.

  • Eire goCeltic says:

    What are they concerned about. James can name plenty of Rangers supporting sycophantic so called Journalist, who will look after them. There is a Conga line of **** lickers writing about Rangers. I will upset all football followers, but on the Eastern side of Scotland, there is too much low quality reportage of the Premiership in SMSM.

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