Deranged Ibrox Fan Site Follows Another Mad Theory Down Its Anti-Celtic Rabbit Hole.

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Just when you think you’ve seen and heard it all, Ibrox fan media, and one particular forum, continues to plumb the gutter.

Last night, the site Born Celtic put up on their YouTube page a truly remarkable video, detailing one of the most demented and deranged Ibrox fan theories that I have heard in years, and bear in mind how familiar I am with the highways and byways of their mad paranoia and raving lunacy.

The clip shows a truly bonkers discussion thread, laid out by the forum’s creator and manager, which asks if Celtic attempted to bribe Motherwell on Black Sunday.

Yes, you have read that correctly. The fans who once followed the most corrupt club on this island has asked if, in fact, we were the true cheats all along. It truly boggles the mind.

Let’s bear a couple of things in mind, the first of which is that they won that title, so if they can prove this and they want points deductions or something for that day that’s fine by me.

That this would thus bring them no material benefit whatsoever is only one of the crazy aspects of this which makes you wonder whether these people are for real.

Secondly, the allegation itself is based on a very out-there interpretation of comments Scott McDonald made and which have been extensively covered by the media about the events of that day and their aftermath.

Our media is not prone to restraint; not one of the mainstream hacks has reported those comments in anything like this fashion.

The loon who posted that thread has stretched what McDonald said to the snapping point and even then there is no sign of a smoking gun, nor even the whiff of cordite in the air.

The whiff of something else comes off this in waves though.

That site really is the sewer of football social media in Scotland, and I thought I’d seen everything on there that there was to see, but to claim that McDonald implicated Celtic in attempted bribery is just mind-bending even by their standards.

The suggestion that Gordon Marshall being “leaned on” to let a few goals in, and McDonald being reminded of his Celtic leanings, adds up to corruption is not just bonkers but profoundly disturbing if you reckon these people actually believe this.

This is the kind of thing that happens on football pitches every single week.

So how much hatred has to be inside your head to believe that when Celtic players do it that amounts to an act of evil?

As I’ve said before, when you view the world through the prism of your own hatred everyone else looks corrupt, every act is multiplied according to your own prejudice.

The stuff they believe is too incredible even for fantasy fiction.

They’re just not like us.

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  • Peterbrady says:

    They are non human interbreeding neanderthal trogladytes the
    Sooner they become extinct the better .die sevco die,

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Aye, definitely no the full shillin.

  • Jiebada67 says:

    My best mate since i was about 6 is Scott McDonalds nephew, I really do not think there is a Celtic supporter amongst the entire family outside of Scott, The banter years for me started when he signed for us and i lay siege to my best mates sanity, would be curious to see which Celtic leanings he had prior to signing for us, I’ve still got the cup final shirt he wore for us too, a suit shirt no fitba one lol.

  • Hunbasha says:

    Wasn’t it McDonald that put two goals by us at Firpark to win Rangers the League? Or was l just having a feckin’ nightmare?

  • Eamonn Little says:

    The bribery attempt clearly went in one ear and out the other then,as Mcdonald scored two late goals to win them the league.Moon howling pish.

  • John S says:

    They need the fantasy when the reality is too ugly.

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