Desperate Evening Times Writer Wants To Weaken Celtic By A Rule Change.

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So this is another line of attack; the five substitutes rule and the strength of Celtic’s bench is stifling youth development at our club and others. What a joke. The media doesn’t give a toss about Celtic’s youth development policy or our young players, and it never has.

Why this now? Because this feeds into the idea that all the five substitutes rule has done is benefit us. Forget that players from all clubs benefit, forget that they can rotate better and assure that they keep their best players fresh and their squads injury free … no, Celtic can take off five really good players and bring five really good players on.

So let’s scrap the whole idea eah? Let’s just do away with it.

The Evening Times is running this argument tonight, and they freely admit that part of the intent is to force Celtic players to seek opportunities outside the club. This is a blatant suggestion that they should change the rule with the explicit intention of harming our club.

This is shocking article, one barely worthy of serious debate. Once again the suggestion isn’t that other clubs get stronger, it’s that Scottish football find some other way to level the playing field by making us weaker. The absence of any other plan is notable.

The writer of this dreck has the brass neck to try to sell this on the basis that the SPFL is dedicated to improving the overall quality of the game. Ha! But only at the expense of the best club in the country and some of the best players we’ve seen here in years?

These people are increasingly desperate and that one of them is actually pushing this to its rancid conclusion shows how deranged they are.

The article is a joke, written by someone who should have pursued stand-up comedy instead.

He’s one of a growing number of writers out there who thinks that cultural references and the occasional bit of obscure trivia makes you sound like you possess a modicum of intellect … it all falls down when you dig down into the content and you don’t even have to dig far into this mess to see that it’s an anti-Celtic rant.

And it’s a poor one. Poorly written, but at least honest in its intentions.

Those intentions stink to high heaven.

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  • Bob (original) says:

    If sevco can’t catch Celtic for many years, both financially and on the pitch,

    then the only alternative is for sevco supporters to try and drag Celtic down to sevco’s level, any way they can?

    Maybe the next suggestion will be for Celtic to start each season on a “negative points” total – just to make the SPL more “competitive” and to give other teams, [sevco] a chance!

  • Johnny Green says:

    Their fear is palpable and this sudden intensified desperation eking out all of their pores is absolutely brilliant. Great innit, I’m loving every minute of it 🙂

  • Jim The Tim says:

    This came off Ally McCoist.
    Presbeterian, wee free mentality.
    I Suggested before but it was not printed, let’s refuse from next year to enter the cup competitions unless an independent body control var.
    Instead of Clydbank, let’s go continental for VAR.
    Any portakabin without Scottish ballons can situate it.
    Let’s challenge these morons and see their wee cluless bully attitude deflate.
    The wee creepy bigots club and their partners in crime redundant.
    The headlines will get Europe to wake up to the shit we have to put up with.
    Anything that improves with the result that the Huns can not compete is frowned.
    The rest of Europe would be shaking their heads.
    It used to be called, shifting the goalposts.
    Aye let’s progress and go back to the future, a park with jumpers and jackets as goalposts. I always remember it was the guy wae the Gers strip that decided if it was over the bar.
    I was never on a winning side but was bruised from head to toe. The fkrs.
    Got my own back in 1967.

  • Johnny Green says:

    In a word NO! We are on the verge of overtaking their trophy haul. That is the straw that will break the camels back and that should not be endangered.

  • Johnno says:

    So this muppet wants to change the rules of the game set by uefa and fifa? .
    How desperate are these DOBs becoming now?

  • Jim The Tim says:

    Aye I always wore my Celtic strip.
    When the crap play the cup competitions, we can play glamour games and fill the stadium while all the Diddy teams can restrict the away fan tickets to help them win, thus working it up their own arses.
    Let’s get a Celtic think tank with the sole purpose to change rules and situations that dissadvantage us.
    Why don’t they just admit they want a rule that Celtic are not allowed to win until the Huns have won the league.

  • Jim The Tim says:

    To Johnny Green.

    It’s called psychology, planting the seed.
    Next it will be our Chineese
    Players are a threat to the Torry bastards security.

  • Christina says:

    Had to go have a look at this article myself and found it totally shocking! If this writer had any genuine interest in youth football in Scotland why does he not mention the woefully inadequate set up for youth football in this country? Why no mention of any other teams youth footballers only those at Celtic? I think we all know the answers here- Celtic are dominating Scottish football and that simply cannot be allowed to stand! So they are clutching at straws now looking for any way they can weaken our club.They see the Celtic family more united than they have been in years. They see our team conquering all before them in domestic competitions. They see our excellent finances, with the probable influx of UCL money shortly to enhance our coffers even more! They see our invite to a prestigious pre- season tournament, more money and growing our brand. Hell we’re flying they gotta do something, anything to help their ‘establishment’ team!! They know Celtic are looking to continue to grow our brand in Japan, Australia & Korea without the shackle of the ‘Old Firm’ rubbish to drag us down the pitiful shambles at Ibrox is looking mighty grim in comparison. Perhaps that is why there is no mention of the five subs rule benefitting our neighbour’s club, to the degree that we have to consciously drive away their best players and I’m actually still stunned that he openly admitted this as an aim in the case of Celtic! They are truly desperate now and oh it is delicious!

  • Martin says:

    His is quite in vogue just now. All over twitter as well apparently. The idea that we need a more competitive league (agreed) but that the way to get that is to hamper celtic and to a lesser extent ibrox. We should be giving the rest of the league our money, apparently. Because our success is the problem, not their failure. It’s not enough that we already pay for the majority of the VAR costs….

    I have some sympathy with fans of other teams, but lowering our standards doesn’t raise those of the league. We just become a crap team in a crap league rather than a good team n a crap league.

    I don’t have the answer either, and I suspect easy answers don’t exist. But if we want progress the plan needs to be to raise standards elsewhere, not lower them here.

    I don’t have huge issues with minimum home grown player rules, but I can see the outrage when we need up signing the good ones from elsewhere and then everyone just moans about us poaching them. So that’s not as good an idea as people think.


    Christina, it’s not just the fact that Celtic are dominant. It’s the realisation of the effect and intention the conjunction of two changes to the status quo in Scottish Football.
    Firstly they are terrified of the effect St Ange of the Antipodes has had on our Club and of his intention to see the ‘project’ through.
    The second salient point is Sevco no longer has the SFA’s protection as far as CL Club Licensing. UEFA now has the big stick, aka FSR and Sevco are front and centre of their thoughts. While more concerned at the sustainability of the ‘Big 5 Leagues’ Sevco’s earlier indiscretions are well attested among those that matter.
    The upshot of these two factors is that Sevco is being forced into a prolonged period of austerity in the full knowledge that the financial gap between the two Clubs is only going to get greater, in Celtic’s favour obviously.
    Espanyolification comes to Glasgow wearing the Hoops.

    • Christina says:

      Hi JimboH, oh yes I am aware of the FSR imposed by UEFA and also why they are on the watch list. What’s even sweeter is that they also know why they’re under UEFA surveillance and who put them there! Old white gloved buddies at SFA can’t help them out of that situation. Guess that’s why they have upped their game on the park with VAR working overtime to help out the boys in blue. One wonders when UEFA might intervene on that one – the rumours of a UEFA delegation being invited to the League Cup final did make me smile as it also was said to have improved the standard of refereeing that day. My goodness we will require the services of UEFA top brass to improve referee at this Cup semi final. To lose this will send them into a tailspin! I have an idea we will have to score a good few goals that day to counteract all the ‘honest mistakes’ – they can’t chop them all off though I know they’ll have a damn good try! Probably try to have at least one Celtic player sent off and, of course, the obligatory penalty and a goal or two ruled offside or summat! However that day pans out it still doesn’t change the grim future facing them. They can’t go to their usual sources of income and by the sounds of the grumbling coming from their” loyal’ fan base they will be lucky to sell out their season tickets! So austerity surely beckons as does life in our shadow! The prospect of our overtaking what they claim to be their trophy totals is really worrying them. As I read on one of their forums ” if we can’t boast about our trophy count being higher than theirs what can we boast about?” This is the fear that haunts them now oh and Ange sticking around for a while yet!! Cx

  • Effarr says:

    Remember when Murray was always lamenting the 3 foreigners rule?

    • Eldraco says:

      The game will evolve with those same 5 rotating in and out of the 90 mins as required,mark my words.

      Can you imagine!! The speed! The chess? The sheer excitement!? Non stop action end to end box to box coming to a stadium near you.

  • JimBhoy says:

    Remember the old three foeigner rule. maybe it should be suggested Celtic can only have 3 Japanes players in the squad.
    Celtic start each game minus 2 goals.
    Goalie can’t handle the ball.
    Celtic players need to play 2 touch.

    TBH with all that we’d still win the league.

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Wait and see how hysterical it gets, the closer WE get tae their 55 titles.

  • Eldraco says:

    The game will evolve with those same 5 rotating in and out of the 90 mins as required,mark my words.

    Can you imagine!! The speed! The chess? The sheer excitement!? Non stop action end to end box to box coming to a stadium near you.

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