Disrespectful And Delusional, Celtic Must Silence These Capital Crackpots Today.

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In the week before the cup final, the papers were filled every day with the country’s other on-form side banging on about how they were going to beat us. Their players, their manager, all were totally convinced that they would get the result.

I can understand that. Their entire club is steeped in supremacy. They were on a long unbeaten run. They were entitled to a little bit of that confidence. It was when it veered into arrogance, that and deep, deep delusion, that we all got angry.

I always want to beat an Ibrox club, but that one was especially sweet because it was preceded by that week of ego-driven nonsense. But I understood in no small part where that attitude came from. It’s who they are, and you have to give them their due; they genuinely do believe that they are the biggest club in the county, all evidence to the contrary.

Hearts are lucky they are presently marginally better than Hibs and Aberdeen. Both of those clubs are an in an appalling state and badly need a good shake. When they get stability and decent management I suspect Hearts will be in bother.

I have barely seen a team which talks so much about what it’s going to do to us only to come up short again and again and again. What’s more, we never get credit when we prove that we’re just far too good for them. The old “always cheated never defeated” mantra could have been made for Tynecastle. Hibs have Sunshine On Leith; Warren Zevon’s Poor Poor Pitiful Me could have been written for this club which always has a hard luck story.

I know there is a perception that our club is conceited. I prefer the term “confident” myself, but even if it was true, even if we were a monument to self-regard, surely we’ve earned it, by God? Surely we are good for it, having the achievements which go some way towards justifying it? What have Hearts done lately? Where’s their success story?

Neilson has won nothing. His record against us is piss poor. It’s even worse against the club from Ibrox, but that’s what you expect when a manager never turns up against that club. We will not get the easy treatment today but I don’t expect it to matter.

They can’t put men behind the ball and try and hold out because it’s a cup tie. They have to have a go, and that will play into our hands somewhat. All the time-wasting won’t help them because we have the squad to cope if the match goes into extra time and they don’t … it’s advantage Celtic either way, and that’s why I expect we’ll win.

And although it won’t be part of our motivation – we don’t need additional motivation, the will to win, for its own sake, for our own success – is enough, I still expect there to be a stab of satisfaction at beating a side that doesn’t know when to shut up.

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  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Already know what their strategy will be. Have a go and kick fuck out our players at the same time. Just keep the pressure on them and hope the ref does his job as well.

  • Eire goCeltic says:

    Alex Cochrane will be playing today. Sometimes he wants to be the “hard man”. He threw the first punch in the “friendly” Almeria brawl. He regretted that. I say he is a very good player. I have seen him take right side corners where he puts the ball where the team wants it. They have variations in
    their line, like a couple of players running towards the corner taker, hoping to open a gap for their player to run into for a header. Their corners can be extremely dangerous. If they play like they did against Mickey’s Mob, they will have no hope. I expect Celtic FC to win comfortably.
    I don’t know the Celtic Team selected.

  • Roonsa says:

    What we mustn’t do today is lose an early goal like we did at CP the other night. Although it was an excellent goal I do put it down to the full backs being switched. No disrespect to Tony Ralston but he wasn’t exactly 100% match sharp at the start of the game and Halliday exploited that. Today it will be Johnston and GT back in for Tony and Bernabei obviously and we shouldn’t be so easily caught out.

    Their best chance for that lot scoring is from the spot. Which is exactly why Bealeston was priming the refs the other day with his completely over the top decapitation comment. Prick.

  • Peterbrady says:

    COYBIG put the dirty fearts to the sword in Ange we trust HAIL! HAIL!.

  • Voice of Reason says:

    Get intae these Mini Hun. BASTARDS fae Min 1 Celtic, get an EARLY goal & SHUT THEM THE FUK UP!! If we’re 3 or 4 up perhaps someone could ACCIDENTLY slide intae that Greasebaw Trampy Bastard Neilshun & put him hofway doon the Dugout lol!!

  • Johnny Green says:

    Hearts are bigger serial losers than their big cousins and that’s saying something. They will put in a spirited performance until we stick the ball in the pokie, then the heads will go down and they will fall apart at the seams.

    Celtic to win by two or three.

  • John Copeland says:

    I expect Hearts to land a fair few meaty challenges today ,just to see if the referee is sympathetic to Neilson’s comments after Celtic triumphed legally against his side past Wednesday ! When the tie starts to go nipples up for Hearts watch out for the flying assaults, sorry ,tackles … Guaranteed !

  • Johnny Green says:

    All going well so far, Celtic cruising at 2-0 up and cooking by gas.
    Looking forward to Neilson’s comments at full time.

  • Eldraco says:

    3511 for a cup game.

    Says it all, the man is a disgrace and as I sit here on 34% sat night in Sydney listening to hearts fans baying they have to get shot of this loser surely?.

    And as I write this it’s 2-0 with the most exquisite of backheelers you will ever see.

    So much for 3511 you numpty.

    • Stesano says:

      Why you need to tell us your in Sydney!! Don’t get that nonsense lived here for years but some want medals for it !! Ha ha very strange

  • Johnny Green says:

    Two games away from the Treble, it’s that simple. 🙂

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Well deserved and convincin in the end. Never turned intae the bootin match I was expectin, so was wrang there. Perfect times tae score 1st and 2nd goals. Thought we def were showin signs of bein complacent durin that game, need tae cut that out. Gave them far too much room for my likin, tho we never at any point looked like losin. Anybody’ll dae for the semi.

  • Stesano says:

    Why you need to tell us your in Sydney!! Don’t get that nonsense lived here for years but some want medals for it !! Ha ha very strange

  • Stesano says:

    Anyway another TREBLE ON THE WAY!! OH YESSSS

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