Edouard Is Not Doing Well At Palace Because He Left Celtic Way Too Early.

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There was a point when Odsonne Edouard was scoring goals for Celtic that I thought we might be watching the best player to wear a striker’s jersey at our club since Larsson.

In some ways he was, although I think he colossally underachieved in that last campaign, where he looked lethargic, even lazy, almost all of the time.

The quality that saw him get a move was clear. He could run games when he was in the mood. His sharp mind was often miles ahead of the opposition.

But it is those negative qualities which are the ones which are routinely on display now that he’s in England. It’s as if for Edouard the goal was simply to get there, to play at that level. He certainly does not yet look as if he belongs there.

There is something here that too many players who have left our club too soon don’t seem to fully understand. Let’s look at the extreme example, which is that of Islam Feruz. Edouard has reached a far higher level than Feruz did, but the warnings that Eddie got when he was considering leaving are the same ones Feruz got and ignored.

If you chase the money this early in your career you better be worth it. Because otherwise your first big deal will be your last one, and there’s a long time after that to make the money last especially if you tailored your lifestyle around it.

French Eddie wasn’t remotely ready to spearhead an EPL forward line, and that must have been obvious to a lot of the people around him, people who kept their mouths shut and took the money.

I think he was probably badly advised, but he wouldn’t be the first player that has happened to. You can understand it with Giakoumakis and Juranovic – they were speeding towards their 30’s and they had one last chance to grab the brass ring.

Edouard was in his early 20’s when he left Celtic, and he had a contract offer on the table which he could have signed and been financially better off and planning his next move with the time to take his time and get it right. Crystal Palace? A mid-to-bottom table scrap for survival? And he was meant to carry that on his own shoulders?

You could see a mile away that in some ways he lacked the maturity for that. That his agents either didn’t see that or didn’t care about it is amazing to me.

Too many players are steered wrong like this, and too many of them are steered away from Celtic Park this way.

I don’t know whether Edouard will land a contract commensurate with what he’s on now when he leaves Palace; I do know that his time there has hurt his career prospects some, and that unless his next move is a success that he will come to regret it.

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  • Jim The Tim says:


  • Jim The Tim says:

    Let’s stay clear of Frenchies

  • jrm63 says:

    He had two main weaknesses – he could only play inside left. He was not a central striker. You either accommodate that or not. He insists on hitting the ball at goal with the inside of his foot. He is just not very good at that either

  • Johnno says:

    Would have to disagree James, leaving to early wasn’t the issue imo, more so developing the attitude which stunk to high heaven.
    That attitude combined with a piss poor work rate really started to highlight a huge weakness within his game when having to do the loan striker role, even more so with any team that’s not going to dominant possession in the way a celtic team can.
    Wouldn’t have lasted to long in an Ange team, and for Eddie if he don’t start to buck his ideas up, stands to be yet another player who had potential but never the right attitude to really make it big.
    Still will be a wealthy man from the game but the attitude will probably mean he will never reach the potential.
    Glad we got rid of him when we did, even if it was a season to late

  • Roonsa says:

    I think big spending clubs (particularly in the EPL) need better psychological profilng to take place before they sign a player. It must be possible to ascertain what a prospect’s aspirations are before he signs. Look mate we are going to be paying you a top line just shy of £5M per year (yes, he does get paid that much). If you want that sort of money then you won’t object to us making you jump through some hoops.

    A player who, as you said, is happy to get there will be happy to earn his millions for a few years and live off that. I imagine that there are more of these players around than ones who know they have to screw the nut for 20 years or so. After that, then they can be lazy and get fat all they want. Like Brazillian Ronaldo. Fat cunt.

  • Michael Clark says:

    It’s comes as no surprise to me that Odsonne Edouard hasn’t cut it and in fact may not cut it in the English Premiership. It’s mentioned in this column that he had a tendency to be lazy because he was. There’s no question he could take a goal and he scored some memorable ones at that but to many times he looked uninterested whether it was because it was raining or another freezing cold Scottish day but he had quite a few off days. I don’t think he would have cut it in this present Celtic team because he’s work rate wouldn’t have been enough for Ange Postecoglou. He never tracked back, he never attempted to put his head on the end of a ball and just his overall contribution would have saw him more times on the bench as apposed to on the park. Just look at the work rate of Kyogo Furuhashi, there 2 different strikers all together and I know the one I would rather have up front.

  • Jim Duffy says:

    Fuck him a tired lazy uninterested cnut,he was a nothing before he came to us ,and now he is a bigger nothing,on talent ,skill, work rate,he couldn’t lace Henrik’s or kyogos boots.welk rid .

    • Martin.H says:

      The only bonus was the money we got for him, a lazy bastard. When you look at what we have now, that’s the way players should be.

  • Dunc says:

    The reason he is playing bad is because he’s not that good , if he was any good why don’t Rodgers sign him for Leicester

  • Eldraco says:

    ” when exceltic players move on I forget them”

    Live up to your own words.

  • Al says:

    A lazy bastard of a player.wouldnt get near this Celtic team.

  • Mark Frial says:

    Thought he was too good for us. As did Ntcham . Eddie played within himself. Give me Dembele anyway over him

  • G says:

    Edouard is not doing well in England because of his attitude. Sorry to say it but as good a player as he was for us, if his attitude for the game was better he would have scored way more. I watched him the other night when CP were one nil down and he was leading the line. He jogged about like it was nothing and never gave any real aggression when closing down defenders.

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