Every Hint Of A Celtic Injury Sends A Tremor Of Excitement Through The Media.

Image for Every Hint Of A Celtic Injury Sends A Tremor Of Excitement Through The Media.

How excited our press corps have been this past week and a bit. Injury issues at Celtic.

Wow. This is the best thing that has happened to some of them this season, and they aren’t even trying to hide it.

Carter Vickers, Hatate, Mooy, Taylor, Maeda, Abada … they salivate over each possible issue, always doing their mental calculations out there on the front pages.

Will he miss “the game” at Celtic Park? Possibly even the cup semi-final?

What should be a showpiece encounter has become, for them, a countdown to disaster and so they clutch at every straw that they can that it might go badly for us, and this is their latest one.

Imagine buying a ticket for a big show and hoping that the best actors in the cast do not appear for the opening night.

That’s what some in our media have been reduced to.

The game that will be seen around the world, and they don’t want the stars the world craves to see to be on the stage.

What a joke. What a disgrace they are.

They won’t get their wish either.

Ange has two weeks until the team takes the field again.

He has three until the game at Parkhead which they are all so stressed over that they can’t sleep at night.

And he has more than a month to get players back on the training pitch before Hampden.

I suspect that we’ll have a fully fit squad, ready and raring to go, when the big fixtures come and you know what? Even if we don’t, this is what the most balanced and complete Celtic team in my lifetime was constructed for. So that when one player isn’t available another can slot right into his place in the side.

That’s how good this squad is.

And that’s why their excitement and their hopes are grossly misplaced.

It’s not as if Celtic is in any danger of not naming enough subs for major matches, and last season we had a period where we had a host of first team players out at the same time … and we still came through it unscathed.

These are the facts of the case and they are undisputed.

Celtic will march onwards.

When those games kick off, we’ll be ready whoever we put out on the pitch. Right now, in spite of the media’s drooling over every like sprain and strain, we’re on course for having the full squad available

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  • Roonsa says:

    The media feeds on fear. That’s it basically. It has worked for the Daily Mail since God knows when. I just wait till the team sheet is published and take it from there. What the Daily Record has to say on the matter means nothing to me.

  • Michael Clark says:

    It’s actually quite hilarious where they all are with this, it’s so pathetic from the media to the SFA top to bottom. They’ve done everything in their power to aid Servo and stop Celtic taking another Premiership title. From awarding penalty kicks week in week out, sending opposition players off week in week out but for all their efforts Celtic have risen above it all. If they were to just stop and take a look at themselves they might realise just how desperate this all looks. I’m absolutely delighted that all of them are just making a complete laughing stock of themselves and it’s us that’s laughing at them BRILLIANT

  • Dinger says:

    Medias biggest worry is sevco have players who don’t want to play against Celtic

  • Johnno says:

    Actually surprised me that the Scottish media never had there pitch forks out for Ange especially after using Taylor at the weekend.
    Surprised myself Taylor was used, especially when looking not fit, so could question just how much Ange really trusts Bernie.
    Can totally understand taking a risk with players with slight knocks and even more so when an international break is also upcoming.
    Was Ange been irresponsible or even pushing the players to hard?
    I don’t believe so and the scum will be guessing over the next few weeks hoping he has been.
    Regardless we have the best depth of squad that I’ve ever seen within Celtic and one that offers so many options with quality also.
    We are well prepared for whatever injury sernario that potentially could arise before the end of the season, can the scum make such a claim?
    We all know the answer to that one

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