Ex-Celtic Players And Ex-Ibrox Players Can Trade Blows, But The League Table Doesn’t Lie.

Image for Ex-Celtic Players And Ex-Ibrox Players Can Trade Blows, But The League Table Doesn’t Lie.

It is always amusing when the ex-players are having a go at each other in the media.

What exactly does it mean?

It means nothing at all of course.

So when McCoist talks about The Mooch closing the gap it is easy to dismiss it as insanity. When Stubbs chips in and says that the Ibrox club aren’t in our league that makes great headlines … but changes nothing.

How does it affect our understanding of the situation? A spat between two former footballers, one from our side and one from theirs? The answer is simple, and obvious of course; it doesn’t change a damned thing, not in any way, shape or form.

We have our data points and the evidence of our own eyes. We can see that this is a great Celtic team, one that leaves theirs in the dust if it turns up for business and is on its game. We can see that Ange is continuing to tweak us and work us into something that is even better. And our data points are obvious; the form guide and the trophy haul.

Four trophies out of the last five, if you presume the league is won.

Look at the biggest data point of all, the league table.

That strongly suggests that it’s as good as over. We have nine games left. Even if we lost three of them we’d have a sufficiently strong goal difference that if we won the others we’d be champions.

Three losses in nine, when we have one in the last 29 in this campaign.

That’s the data point that matters, that’s the only thing that should be worth discussing.

The Mooch will hold up his own form since he came in; there are a lot of scrappy games in there and he’s failed in the two that matter most, the one at Ibrox and the one at Hampden against us.

That’s our argument. That’s our case. Those are the proofs of where we are as opposed to where they think they are, and the press might like the gossip that a debate between two ex-players generates but it really doesn’t change anything we know.

We know the hard numbers, and they are all that matter.

We know that our consistency is outrageous and that if they want to catch us they’re going to have to be damned good because as the boss says, “we never stop.”

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  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Tae me we should be even further ahead. As long as we’re still reasonably ‘touchable’ and goin by the way VAR favors the ibrox club constantly, ah don’t see them losin any games either, unless it’s a defeat, or draw they just cannae argue with. They’ll suddenly start losin the benefit of dodgy decisions only if, or when, we increase our points margin, tae say about 11 or 12 and the remainin games get fewer. Just tae make the officials look ‘impartial’. Thats where ah am with it.

  • Johnno says:

    The scum will be looking at the next 3 Glasgow derbies as a mini league now in trying to promote the gap is closing bollocks.
    Thing’s are currently like waiting for a volcano to explode in that scummy shithole which will happen when we win all 3 or even 2 with a draw.
    Any other sirnario will lead to the wheelbarrows of bullshit been pushed out by the Scottish media as per usual.
    Still very relaxed about the mini league outcome for ourselves and looking forward to the volcano explosion which I will say will be fantastic viewing for all celts to witness

  • John S says:

    Media games by Sideshow Bob.

  • John Copeland says:

    Do you know what else doesn’t lie ? The history books ! Especially when there is reference to administration and then liquidation of a certain football clumpany ! Those facts and figures can’t be denied under any circumstances … EVER !


      Just wish I could give you a big ‘Smiley’ emoji for that comment.

      They can lie, perform verbal gymnastics, hide behind a sycophantic media,
      live in a deludemol induced parallel universe and talk through a hole in their erse,
      but when push comes to shove, all that really matters is that in the annals of history and Legal records their fate is recorded for all time. Deid in 2012 and nothing will ever change that.

  • Dando says:

    Stats ??????

    Big Ange’s truly amazing stat is ONE defeat in SIXTY ONE league games, including last season….


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