Ibrox’s Players Keep Wailing About Losing The Final To Celtic. We’d Be Over It Already.

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Another Ibrox player – this time Todd Cantwell, who hasn’t been in the door long enough to get his brown brogues their first good polish – is in the papers today wailing about the pain of losing to Celtic in the cup final.

Remember the cup final? It was weeks ago. We enjoyed it, yes, of course we did, but it’s over. The title is what’s important now because that’s what’s next.

They do love their living in the past. They cannot get away from it. But the longer they focus on it, the less they are concerning themselves with the present and the future. It is crazy how they are always living either in the past or projecting themselves forward. Celtic’s success is built on taking things one day at a time, one game at a time.

“I definitely think this squad has the mentality to win things,” he says, just after they’ve lost a final. “I can only go off what I’ve seen since I’ve been here.” Which has been a months and, I repeat, they’ve lost one of the two the trophies they were competing for.

“I definitely believe it. I saw the hurt in the players and I felt it as well after Hampden. I’ve only been here a month but it really opened my eyes to how much it means and how important it is for (this club) and the players.”

Maudlin, self-pitying, navel-gazing nonsense.

Even if that’s a dressing room in mourning, what does that say about them?

Would our club respond like this? Of course not.

We would be focussed on the next challenge. We would be pushing forward with our quest to win the league and the Scottish Cup. We would not waste a minute on this stuff, we should shake ourselves off and focus again.

Most important, you don’t talk about winning mentalities, you prove it. You can’t will it into existence. You show it, you demonstrate the reality of it and then you don’t need to talk about it again. That whole club has its head up its own backside, focussed on only one thing, only one club, it’s all about stopping us.

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  • Scud Missile says:

    Lol on FF this morning they are complaining about players faking injuries to waste time hence their game at the weekend,this from the same team that their player Sakala faked an injury and went down in the box without a tackle on him and got a penalty for it.

    • Martin.H says:

      To us the league cup, is important for the treble, to them it seems life or death, these are the people that called it a mickey mouse cup when we won it last season, but they never thought for a minute where we were going.

  • Eire goCeltic says:

    It’s all grist for the media mill. Professional Football Players and Tennis Pros move on quickly, after a big loss. Could be that a few Rangers players are under immense stress from those around them?
    I think the Union Bears have difficulty managing the loss, not the Players.
    It was good to see their Club officials stop the Union Bears, before they used an inappropriate banner.

  • Tony B says:

    Todd C*ntwell? That’s what sevco are reduced to now.

    Sooooo fucking funny.

  • harold shand says:

    Everything in the garden is rosy though because Ally McCoist says that winning a trophy isn’t a necessity

    So there you go

    • Kevan McKeown says:

      Tho his garden must be in some nick, for the dosh he got from his club for it !

    • Mark fitzpatrick says:

      H..s got away with another 1..sakala blatantly diving to try and get penalty. Agaiinst Raith.!!No card..cmon surely it wouldnt affect youre love for the club.ref..

  • Jim The Tim says:

    Todd Cuntwell

  • Johnno says:

    So it’s official now that the revolution of the scum within that shithole, is going to be led by the 2 January signings of pinky and perky. ???
    Sleepness nights awaiting for us?
    Nah, far from it.

  • SSMPM says:

    Young Callum, God bless him, and Ange of course have changed everything at this club including it would appear for some our collective memory of the hurt of that unsuccessful TIAR season. The anger, rage, and disbelief was immense amongst our support; at the board, at the manager and a great many of the players whom apparently didn’t seem to care and were more focussed on getting away to the EPL or simply showed a casual indifference and sat on their hands whilst still happily collecting unearned wages. This is my reflection on their efforts and performances anyway. We all thought we would take take years to rebuild not just a winning team but pride.
    Clearly I’m not advocating empathy for the hun scum. If that club died tomorrow I’d be a happy and lucky man to see it. However I’d prefer my players to hurt like hell at such defeats, not just move on and get over it. Callum, and I’m sure he wouldn’t say it, he’s too genuine in his professionalism, must have looked around and thought you parasites have not only downed tools but don’t care.
    Maybe I’m wrong and it wasn’t an apathetic attitude or a collective failure. Maybe it wasn’t due to Lawwell’s lack of passion for the club over his passion for bonusses, or the board’s indifference or players and a manager not having the where with all and leadership that it takes to get the best out of players, as Ange so clearly shows. Once again, my recollection is that’s exactly what it was.
    Surely if your a genuine individual with pride in your work ethic then you should be prepared, like Callum, to stay and give all you’ve got, to fight for the club your at, and in Callum’s case love. You should feel shame everyday for the hurt you contributed to, for the fans that you so badly let down and ultimately then deserted, even though, don’t forget, we paid your wages for your nice houses, cars and luxury lifestyles.
    Surely you’ve got to feel the hurt, use the bad times to motivate you as an individual, not just display some get over it attitude. Callum could have walked away from the turmoil, in disgust at our club in crisis. He too could have adopted a money grabbing individual approach but we are lucky he is a true Celtic man through and through. That hurt and leadership motivated him and he used that crisis as a ladder. The board installed the right manager with the right attitude and here we are, where we should be, just Champion. HH

  • Johnny Green says:

    It was only two weeks ago James, and had we been beaten, I would not have shrugged it off by now. Let them stew in their pain of failure a lot longer than a fortnight, in fact their misery should last until the next time we play them, then rinse and repeat.

  • SSMPM says:

    That’s kind of what I meant JG though I was coming from a different angle ie the hurt it caused us and still does to a large extent. Whereas typical you in there with feck him, let the kents suffer for longer. Love it fella. HH

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