If McCoist Thinks The Mooch Has Closed The Gap On Celtic He Has Lost The Plot.

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Earlier in the month, Ally McCoist won a broadcasting award. People down south like him, they like his personality, and he was one of the stars of the commentary team during the World Cup.

It wasn’t a great surprise that he won the award … but I still find it strange that some in England don’t seem to know that when it comes to certain subjects he is completely incapable of offering constructive analysis. Or maybe they do. Because he only very rarely gets asked to speak on those subjects when in front of their cameras.

He proved it again just the other day when he talked about “the gap” in Scottish football and how The Mooch has closed it.

As we’ve discussed here several times, the gap has not been closed at all. We are further ahead on goal difference than we were before his arrival. We have drawn at Ibrox, in their must-win game. We have won the League Cup, dispatching them with clinical efficiency in the final. Sure, their league performances are solid … but ours are better.

McCoist has watched both teams. How can he come to that conclusion from objective study? It’s bonkers. We aren’t just easier on the eye but we’re lethal and ruthless and with a manager who can turn a game with a few simple changes.

This is the most relentless Celtic side I’ve seen in my lifetime.

They play some of the best football I’ve ever watched, easily up there with the best from Rodgers and back further to Tommy Burns. But even those sides looked vulnerable in some ways and this one just doesn’t. This one is just a football machine, and if he thinks The Mooch has made any inroads into that then he’s lost the plot.

If Ange can deliver on his promise to strengthen this team year on year then the Ibrox club is going to have be near enough perfect just to stay on our heels. It doesn’t matter at all what McCoist or anyone else thinks or who The Mooch buys … to beat Celtic they are going to have to win virtually every game. And I don’t think he’s up to it.

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  • Gav says:

    He might be up to it, James. He might even be the tactical genius that the SMSM craves him to be, but the fact remains….. THE Rangers are brassic. He is about to lose two (average) mainstays of his team and has no cash to replace them. That intimates that the guys being kept out of match day squads by fat boy and Kent are not good enough, but will still require promotion to the first team squad. I predict global-warming level floods( of tears) from the tribute act before the year-end……And what a delightful New Year party that will be. Administration for this incarnation by next valentines day will be poetic justice worthy of Thomas Rymer (who coined the phrase) himself. To quote the Edwin Hawkin Singers “oh happy days ??”

  • Benjamin says:

    If you look at the table, the gap is slightly bigger – by goal difference alone. But I think he’s trying to make a different point. Since Beale has arrived, Celtic haven’t really improved – they were already winning everything every week domestically. Rangers were a mess though. They got humiliated in Europe and were dropping points like drunken flies domestically. That’s changed completely. They’re still well behind Celtic, but they’ve closed the gap completely with respect to results against other SPFL teams. It won’t be enough to win the league – this year or next – but it is a necessary precondition if they ever have any hope of securing another title, and in that sense the gap with Celtic has narrowed.

    • GAV says:

      Not sure how you are measuring improved, Benjamin? We have won every game except the New Year Derby where we suffered from the winter vomiting virus. We have increased our goal difference and have put away most teams with consumate ease. I’d posit that we have improved. We are now breaking through low block/packed defences and winning by more than one goal whereas earlier in the season we may only have won by a single score. (We’ve even pumped [by four goals each time since] the only team to have beaten us this season, in St Mirren. Progress cannot be measured by achieving maximum points, but goals scored are a different matter. Ange builds teams to perform at the pointy end of the season and that is exactly what is happening. Closer to us? The can’t even feel the slipstream we leave cis they are so far behind. It’s cold in our shadow.

      • JimBhoy says:

        I would definitely say the Celtic squad overall has improved. It’s dem pesky 5 subs that’s killing the rangers.

  • Edward Mc Graw says:

    You said it yourself” it doesn’t matter what Mc Coist says”, precisely, just stop giving him the oxygen he craves.

    • Scouse bhoy says:

      Won some award ? The radar man also wins awards which just goes to show the awful state of journalism in this country. The people down south need informed of the events in 2012.

  • michael mccormack says:

    They are picking up points and results look good on paper but they are fuckin abysmal to watch and are helped massively by their pals in black being corrupt to the core. Long ball merchants playing for free kicks round about the box and their obligatory penalty kicks, no finesse whatsoever .

  • Roonsa says:

    Before he joined they were utter fucking shite. He did have a faltering start but they still won their matches. I would say, by default, he has closed the gap because they are better than what they were like under GvB.

    Sure they get the dodgy VAR calls and they did lose to us in the Cup Final. But the fact is they are better than they were. Ergo, gap is smaller.

  • Tony B says:

    They were shite before and they’re still shite now.

    Only the Masons in black are desperately keeping them holding on to Celtic’s coat tails.

    As for fat fuck McMoist….. Lost the plot? He never had it to begin with.

    To paraphrase Hyman Roth, ” They’re small potatoes”.

  • harold shand says:

    This clown flapping his gums

    Aberdeen’s Euro team a better achievement than the Lisbon Lions

    Our players off to Southampton

    ‘ Snub ‘ headlines everywhere for our international players

    Ange off to Spurs

    Pouring over Celtic VAR decisions but ignoring other teams

    And we’re only a couple of days into the International break

  • Michael Clark says:

    Listening to Ally McCoist stating Newco have closed the gap has been said under pressure. He’s nobody’s fool and listening to the majority of his comments this season, he’s been careful of what he says and does. He’s done his best this season to sit on the fence. I mean if McCoist was telling his beloved club and supporters truth and that it’s all down hill from here, let’s be honest he has to stay in Glasgow. So only a fool would make a bad situation worse and get himself run out of town.

  • Bottle Green says:

    The gap between Celtic and Sevco f.c is almost as big as the gap between McCoist’s ears. And that’s big enough for it to be noticeable to anyone with an once of objectivity.
    Who are these people!

  • Voice of Reason says:

    Fat Swallee knows their PISH but Panders tae the SCUM just like Mutton, Boydchunko, McCunt & wee Bawwy the FUD!! It’s ALL about the Knuckodraggaz renewing their ST wae the promise of ‘World Class Starlets’ signing up nxt Season lol! I wid NOT be surprised if El Fat Bastardio stayed on wae Moonbeams of Fantasy Offers on their way!! Wance a Lying Cheating Bastard club always a Lying Cheating Bastard Club!!

  • Michael Clark says:

    If there’s any gap being closed between Celtic and Newco it’s not because the points are any closer because there not. And for all the help their getting (AND GOD THEIR GETTING HELP) every week with either an opponent getting sent off or a penalty or both and if thats not enough. Just look at their penalties awarded against(NONE). It’s so f$#$ing obvious what’s going on and yet all the corruption within the game still isn’t enough to catch us. I would be so embarrassed if this was happening with Celtic and we needed an angle but we all know that’s what they do.

  • Johnny Green says:

    Beale has maintained the gap, no more no less, and if they are content with that then good for them, for being second best to Celtic is no mean feat. Long may it continue.

  • Michael McCann says:

    They have a good try with a total of 15 including 11 players and officials including VAR

  • JimBhoy says:

    Same guys who blames no away crowds on trouble before the games. Disingenuous to a tea. He know Dodgy Dave started that nonsense cos they were getting pumped at Ibrox regularly by the Bhoys.

    • Jack says:

      They get a lot of help. I can think of at least three or four games they wouldn’t have won without dubious penalty – red card decisions in their favour. The league should be over.

  • Johnno says:

    No surprise to hear of yet more bullshit from this thick hun fuck, who would have been better off remaining on the gardening leave and talking to the daffodils.
    Say the daffs might have taken more notice and the shite he spouts could be good for the roses.
    Now I don’t watch to much of the scum but the little I’ve seen isn’t much better than what the orange midget was producing, and could have been classed as worse if the officials weren’t prepared to bail the snidey prick out of so much trouble already.

  • SSMPM says:

    He probably has at least maintained or closed the gap without gaining ground. If GVB was still there the gap would be bigger but top and bottom is if we keep winning he can’t close the gap this season thankfully, can he? But for Kyogo’s late goal in the 2-2 draw at the midden and it had been 2-1 and, God forbid, the rankers beat us in the cup semi or at Paradise then that’s not just closing the gap but beating us. No?
    Beale has an injury hit squad still stifling him with many, God knows how, EL finalist players in the squad, though increasingly ageing or on the way out possibly. Should fitness arrive with a couple of half decent signings then the league could well be closer and be left to be played out in the Glasgow derby games. Both sides should be beating this league’s other opponents as happens now.
    Next season we should increase the gap on the field, having a better fitter squad Ange’s new young signings haven’t improved us yet but haven’t had the minutes on the pitch to improve us but do have potential. This season’s new signings should be challenging for next season’s 1st team or as a minimum many more minutes on the pitch. I have high hopes that Kobayashi will at some, sooner rather than later point, replace Starfelt, who if good fortune and speculation favours us may even transfer out for incoming wonga. Iwata looks like he has a great future so needs time on the pitch and will probably move ahead of O’Riley and Turnbull to maintain a strong energetic midfield. Haksa is now ahead of Abada though I hope he stays and Oh should see more involvement too. Not a bad outlook for the club at SPL level. I don’t see but hope for CL progress to the last 16 though unless we get a weaker group but EL should be well achievable this time. A couple of quality new signings could be the difference. HH

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